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People Are Sharing Harmless Things That Creep Them Out

“Family channels. Imagine having to live your entire life on camera, with little to no privacy, without being able to consent to it. Also, to my knowledge, there are no current laws that protect child influencers’ income like child actors have. If your content can’t exist without your child, it’s their job, not yours.” -Reddit user Dove-of-Valinor

“Advertising. Especially target advertising. The constant attempt to manipulate you psychologically to make you believe you need something that’s only a want. Creepy af.” -Reddit user zah_zen

“People making Instagrams for their babies and making captions as if the baby were writing it.” -Reddit user fuma_puma

“People standing next to or behind you when they can just wait or give you a bit more space. I hate going to airports or any other public line and trying to leave space in front of me, and the person behind me just shuffles closer, trying to get me to move. Trust me, you pushing me to move forwards isn’t going to make the line move any faster. It just makes it more congested, and it’s weird, IMO.” -Reddit user chasethekt

“When people document (video record or take a photo or write an article) themselves or other people when helping the impoverished, especially those videos of influencers on Youtube vlogging and ‘helping’ the homeless, showing their faces and stuff. BS and creepy for me. If you help, just help, no need to let others know.” -Reddit user infj_rbs

“Forcing your kids to hug people. If they don’t want to hug someone goodbye — even if there’s no reason — teach them that you’re going to have their back.” -Reddit user beaufosheau

“Employers rewarding us with an 8-hour staff retreat at work where we are expected to share personal info with each other all day. Staff bonding.” -Reddit user anon0987654321anonn

“There’s this sales technique called “mirroring” where the salesperson mimics the body language of the customer to gain rapport. I think a lot of people also do it subconsciously to some extent. Anyway, this really creeps me out.” -Reddit user heelspider

“The various poses from Instagram models. It’s so cringy it actually creeps me out. Especially when their eyes are slightly squinted, and their mouth is half open like it’s some sort of seductive sexy thing, but it’s just way off.” -Reddit user stykface

“Asking a couple when they plan on getting pregnant, or a couple’s unsolicited sharing they are trying to get pregnant. I feel gross every time.” -Reddit user ice_cld

“I don’t even know how or why this started, but anytime my phone rings, I get the worst feeling of dread, even before I’ve looked at the number! Even worse when I’ve put it on vibrate only, and it goes off.” -Reddit user shatmoanskank

“The whole “we’re all family here” at the workplace. It’s like some weird brainwashing to get you to enjoy your job more than you should. Like, no, you’re not my family. I’m here to do work and get paid, and that’s the only reason I’m here.” -Reddit user Ok_Tax7195

“Very straight, very white teeth. Decent teeth are fine, buck teeth are fine, crooked teeth are fine. But when it looks like you’re sporting a brand-new toilet bowl rim in your mouth? It creeps me out.” -Reddit user NotMrMike

“It does not creep me out, but I get very uncomfortable when I meet a new person, and they hug me instead of just shaking my hand.” -Reddit user KindPhilosopher6233

“Overly firm handshakes from older males and the weird shoulder squeeze shit they do. I don’t know you don’t touch me like that. As for the handshake, what are you trying to assert?” -Reddit user alj8002


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