Caregiver Won't Leave Patient's Side, This Is What The Camera Recorded

A New Procedure

She was busy making her way to the hospital, as usual. Her mother's doctor prescribed a new procedure that was riskier than what they previously did. However, it appeared to be just what she needed to stabilize her condition.

When she arrived to her mother's room, her daughter immediately rushed in while she stayed behind to speak with the doctor. In that moment, she heard something that sent shivers down her spine. 

Taylor Hawk

Taylor Hawk was your average young mom living in San Fransisco, California. Living with her mom and daughter, she’d worked hard to ensure her life was perfect. 

Taylor owned a bakery on the city’s outskirts – a little slice of happiness that paid her bills while simultaneously allowing her to live her dream of being a baker. But it wouldn’t be long till trouble brewed in her paradise.

Growing Up

Taylor grew up a single child under the vigilant eyes of her loving parents. But as she neared puberty, she lost her dad to a road accident. Although she was still young, Taylor knew life would never be the same again. 

But her mom raised her by herself, taking the role of mom and dad and doing her best. Before they knew it, Taylor was graduating from culinary school with dreams of opening her bakery. She’d dedicate every ounce of energy to seeing this dream become a reality. 

Three Pillars

For Taylor, three pillars held every piece of her life together. The first was her daughter, the girl who meant the world to her. The second was her mom, the woman who’d given her everything.

The third was her bakery – a dream turned into reality through sheer determination and hard work. Everything was going great for Taylor and her family when out of the blue, disaster struck. 

The Call

Taylor was at work when she received a call from her mom’s hospital. Her stomach clenched as she listened to the doctor’s news. This would be the start of a very dark period for her family. 

Taylor’s mom had been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. The news caught everyone in their family off guard, disrupting the peace they’d enjoyed for years. 


Taylor enrolled her mom in the best cancer treatment program she could find. She pulled all the profits from her business and even took loans to ensure she’d be able to cover whatever her mom’s insurance wouldn’t cater to.  

The following weeks were painful for her, seeing her mom’s body react to the various cancer treatments the hospital subjected her to. But one day, Taylor discovered something that would send her rushing to her mom’s room.

New Routines

Taylor’s daily routine changed after the hospital diagnosed her mom with breast cancer. She would spend fewer hours at work, opting to stay by her mom’s side, especially during the treatment procedures. 

She’d made a habit of going to the hospital. Although her business took a bit of a hit, she was okay with making the sacrifice. She had no clue what her mom was going through every night after Taylor left her. 

A Harrowing Time

“We had always been close,” said Taylor in tears, recounting the experience. “After my dad passed, she assumed the role of a father, raising me all by herself.” 

She shared how her mom was her best friend, father, and sister. She’d do anything to ensure the woman knew she was there for her. Her mom was on her way to recovery when out of nowhere, her condition took a negative turn.

Going To See Her

Taylor drove to the hospital as she always did in the afternoon. Although riskier, her mom’s doctors had prescribed a new procedure, which would prove helpful in stabilizing her worsening condition. 

With her daughter by her side, Taylor reached her mom’s room, letting her daughter go in while she remained behind to talk to her mom’s doctor. That’s when she heard something that had her rushing into the room. 

The Sound

The sound was soft, a man’s voice humming Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love.’ Taylor entered the room to find her daughter in her mom’s arms. They were rocking to a caregiver who was slowly humming the tune. 

He turned to Taylor with a broad smile, and she found herself nodding at him even though she had no clue what was happening. 

Listening To Elvis

“She really likes Elvis,” the man whispered. He seemed to be in his late fifties, his umber skin shining beautifully under the afternoon sun that shone through the room’s window. 

“I do,” Taylor’s mom mouthed. “His voice takes me back.” The man began singing to Taylor’s mom, and even Taylor found herself swaying to his voice. She’d have to ask what was happening once the show was over. 

Singing To Her

When the man finished singing, he asked Taylor to join him outside the room. “He told me mom was losing hope after all the procedures the hospital had put her through,” Taylor said. 

The man had sung to Taylor’s mom for almost a week, soothing her whenever she felt down. But Taylor should’ve known that the man had his own agenda.

The Surgery

Taylor’s mom had her surgery as scheduled. She woke up to find her daughter and granddaughter by her side. Although she was elated to see them, she asked for the man who had been singing to her. 

Taylor saw that her mom’s bond with the man was more than a simple friendship. The two had been bonding for a while now, and as Taylor’s mom put it, the man was “her angel from above.” Taylor would cry when she found out what his intention was.  

Who Is He?

Taylor talked to the man at length, discovering he was a Jamaican by birth but had lived in their city for more than two decades. He was the friendliest person she’d ever met, with a penchant for music that blew everything she knew out of the water. 

He’d been singing for the sick people in the hospital and was even thinking about taking up singing as a profession. But that was just the tip of the iceberg of who he really was.

Giving Back

The more time Taylor spent with him, the more she liked who he was and what he was doing for the patients at the hospital. Apart from his easygoing demeanor and welcoming smile, he was also fun to talk to. 

As the days passed, Taylor became his frequent visitor. She’d look for him whenever she was at the hospital, hoping to snag a few words of wisdom or a song from him. She was beginning to understand why her mom enjoyed his presence as much as she did. But there was more to him than what met the eye.

Jamaica To America

The man, Eric, had been singing since he was a teenager. After a few concerts in Jamaica in his younger days, he moved to America, chasing the ever illusive American Dream. 

For years he played his guitar and sang in bars, diners, and restaurants all over California. He'd hoped to have his big break soon when the unexpected happened. 

She's Beautiful

Eric was done playing on one fateful night when one of his fans came to congratulate him on a successful performance. "She was beautiful," explained Eric, touching on how enamored he'd been at first sight with the fan. 

The woman's name was Jacky, and although Eric didn't know it at the time, their life would be forever intertwined. 

A Good Life

Still in his twenties, Jacky and Eric started going out. Their dates were terrific, ranging from walks in the park to nights at the cinema and diners at their favorite restaurants. 

Eric continued chasing his musical dream as the two dated and married, and Jacky did everything she could to support him. She came to his shows, helped him find and book places to play, and acted as his rock whenever things got hard. 

A New Development

Eric's life was great, and his dream of becoming a national superstar seemed within reach as the months went by. But one day, it all changed.

One of Jacky's friends called him, requesting his presence at home. Eric had been prepping for a performance alongside a number of his friends but put everything aside and rushed to see what was happening.  

Rushing Home

It was on that morning that Eric's life changed forever. He found Jacky kneeling in their bathroom, her friend holding her hair back as she threw up in the toilet. 

She turned and smiled at Eric, jutting her chin at a home pregnancy test that had hued blue. "You're pregnant?" Eric stammered, not knowing what fate had in store for him.

A New Life

Jacky was pregnant, and Eric was beside himself with joy. He'd always wanted to be a dad and was thrilled that the mother of his kid was the woman of his dreams.    

The two began their trimester together. Although the pregnancy changed much in their daily dynamic, some of the things they did remained the same. 

Chase Your Dreams

Jacky still pushed Eric to pursue his music career even though he insisted on taking a break to care for her. She still went out of her way to find and book events for him, finding better deals than before. 

The American Dream was now closer than ever, with big record names requesting Eric to feature in some of their songs. But good things rarely last forever. 


Jacky was in the middle of her third trimester when she started complaining about stomach pains. As any concerned husband would, Eric rushed her to the emergency room. 

After hours of medical exams, the doctor came out with her findings. Her words would be the beginning of a never-ending nightmare. 

Premature Delivery

The doctor shared that Jacky needed to deliver her and Eric's baby within the next few days due to a pregnancy complication. 

She laid out a number of procedures that would ensure that premature birth had a higher rate of success. But although the delivery would be successful, Jacky would lose her life in the process.

A War Of Emotions

Eric found himself lost in waring emotions as he drove home with his newborn daughter a few weeks later. He'd lost his wife but had received the best gift a man could ask for. 

He didn't know what to do but knew he'd have to make Jacky proud. She'd trusted him enough to create a life with him. He'd ensure their daughter, Renee, grew up as caring, resourceful, and loving as Jacky. But what about his music?

His Music Career

Before going to the hospital, Eric's career looked promising. As he waited for the delivery process to begin, he'd talked to Jacky about it, telling her he needed her to make it as a musician. 

But now that she was gone, even humming a song or holding up his guitar summoned such pain that he stopped himself from indulging in music altogether. Although he raised his daughter well, seeing her through college, a master's degree, and a lucrative job in Los Angeles, he'd never quite bounce back to music. That was until he met Taylor's mom. 

Sharing Experiences

Taylor's mom listened to the many stories Eric had to share. She laughed and cried with him, sharing her stories of raising Taylor. The two bonded on this familiar base of being single parents who lost their beloved partners. 

The urge to sing slowly came back, especially after Eric realized his and Taylor's mom's music tastes were the same. But it didn't stop there.    

Sing For Them

Taylor's mom also encouraged him to sing to other patients. Then, Eric realized his music empowered the patients to fight through their pain. His smile and words of encouragement made them look forward to a better day. 

But Taylor's mom, having listened to Eric's story, pushed him to pick up where he'd left before losing his wife. Yes, she asked him to take up professional singing as he'd once done! 

Close Friends

By now, Eric and Taylor's mom had become close friends. Eric had even had her daughter fly into San Fransisco to meet Taylor's mom. 

He took up singing again and would play in restaurants all over their side of the city whenever he wasn't singing at the hospital. Life was finally starting to look up again. 

Going Home

Talking to Taylor, Eric revealed that there was a fire within her mom's soul that reminded him of Jacky. As much as his songs helped her heal, her words helped him find himself again. 

Taylor's mom beat her condition, going home to her family. But her friendship with the ever-caring Eric didn't end. "Every cloud has a silver lining," she joked, chuckling next to Taylor and her granddaughter.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.