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Passerby Calls Police On 73-Year-Old Woman When He Saw What She Was Doing In Front Of Her Neighbor’s House

Everyone in this elderly neighborhood in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, knew eachother, and there were rarely any incidents in the area. Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened in this neighborhood until one 73-year-old lady moved in. 

She was frequently spotted walking around the neighborhood at odd hours of the day and looking through people’s windows. And one day, she did the unthinkable. 

Many families choose to live in elderly neighborhoods as they are considered safe and peaceful. Kids often play unsupervised in elderly communities of Canonsburg, and parents rely on the residents to watch them. 

But what happened that day shocked everyone to the core.

Canonsburg is known for having extremely dry, hot summer months. And the residents usually spend their weekends hanging out by the community pool.

The winter months, however, are always brutal. For more than four months, roads are covered with snow and ice. Most people stay at home to keep warm. However, not everyone has this luxury. 

The snowplow drivers are always busy during the autumn and winter months. They have to wake up very early to clear the snow and ice away from the roads. 

Their shifts begin at 3 or 4 AM when the streets are still empty, making it easier for them to do their job. One snowplow driver from Cannonsburg was clearing the snow from the road in an elderly neighborhood when he saw a strange woman standing outside.

At first, he couldn’t understand what was going on, but then it all made sense. 

He called the cops and prayed they would get there on time. Someone needed to stop this crazy woman.

On that fateful day, he started his shift in the elderly neighborhood. He began clearing the snow around two in the morning, hoping he would be able to finish on time.

The streets were completely empty. Not a single person was outside. But then, something unexpected happened. 

As he was driving down the road, he noticed something rather strange. 

An elderly woman was standing on a pile of snow, staring right at him. What was she doing outside at this hour? 

The woman was standing next to her neighbor’s house, holding a big metal shovel in her hands. 

When she realized the driver had been watching her, the woman turned around, pretending to shovel the snow. The man immediately dialed 911 and hoped they would arrive on time. 

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the police officers to arrive. 

The elderly woman looked visibly upset when she saw the two officers approaching her. She shared her side of the story with the police, which was quite bizarre, to say the least. 

The lady introduced herself as Nancy, claiming she lived in a house by herself in this neighborhood. 

She told the officers that she had lived in this community for more than a decade and knew everyone in the area. But what was she doing outside her neighbor’s house at 3 AM?

Nancy explained to the officers that every year during the winter months, she faced a major problem. 

The house she lived in had a 45-foot long driveway, and it took her hours to shovel the snow. However, she managed to do it on her own and never asked for help. But, there was only one problem. 

Nancy and the snowplow driver shoveled the snow at the same time every day. 

While clearing the main road, the driver unintentionally shoveled the snow back into her driveway, which the woman wasn’t happy about. 

Both Nancy and the snowplow driver were fed up with each other. ”I don’t have any room here, and I might get blocked in,” Nancy told Pittsburgh’s Action News. 

So every time the snowplow driver shoveled the snow back into her driveway, she would take a load of snow and throw it on the road. And one day, the driver decided enough was enough and called the cops on her. What did the police say?

Nancy told the police that it was hard for her to shovel all this snow alone, and no one was willing to help her. 

All of her hard work was going to waste with the snowplow driver shoveling more snow back into her 45-feet-long driveway.  

When the lady’s neighbors heard about her problem, they all wanted to help her. 

However, she says she doesn’t need any help and just wants the snowplow driver to stop shoveling the snow back into her property. 


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