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Paige Spiranac’s Most Talked About Instagram Posts

Practice makes perfect

Any talented pro knows that it takes a lot of time and training to become the competitors they spend their whole lives trying to be. In this Instagram shot, Paige is on her way to practice those swings in a very sporty getup. Paige says she loves the thrill of heading to the golf course because you never know whether you’re going to have the game of your life or having a bad game and consoling yourself over a pint of ice cream “because golf is the hardest game ever.” Whether she had a good game or not, Paige looks great in this picture.

Getting ready

A playful side

One of the things that have made fans fawn over Paige is when they get to see what she looks like when she’s most comfortable in her own home. It make her that much more relatable, another reason her following has increased so rapidly. This is where we can truly be ourselves and express it by snapping pictures for our Instagram followers to see a different and more laid back side of us. Paige is showing her followers her playful side while modeling this golfing t-shirt in the mirror of her bathroom.

On the course

Getting sporty

Paige loves showing off her new sports attire she received from Chive Golf Polos and Gear, wearing a revealing tank top, a pair of short shorts, and golf socks. One thing’s for sure, if she stepped out on the golfing course wearing this, the other players might have a hard time concentrating. We’re pretty sure this outfit isn’t meant for the course, but Paige never shies away from exchanging that traditional polo shirt for much trendier attire.

Relaxing in bed

In with the new

Paige is saying goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018 in this breezy white dress, which she wore on several of her Instagram posts. This dress definitely shows off the golf player’s long legs, especially when paired with this pair of high heeled sandals. Paige actually told her Instagram followers that she had bought these shoes to try and cover up the fact that her feet are the only part of her legs that aren’t tanned since she’s out on the golf course wearing socks.

Keeping the fitness

Santa’s little helper

It’s always exciting when that time of the year comes around, and it’s time for decorating the tree, wrapping the presents, and spending some time at home with your family and friends. Paige is looking excited as well, all ready for Christmas in her green sweater, Santa hat, and matching red lipstick. We think she looks absolutely adorable wearing it, and her smile is already spreading that Christmas joy to all of her Instagram followers.

Geek chic


Another big part of owning an Instagram page is uploading pictures from your recent holiday. Everyone loves vacation, and when you can’t go on a vacation yourself, it can be fun to look at other people having fun on their vacations (and of course, get jealous). Paige is making us particularly envious by looking stunning in this yellow wrap maxi dress, with trees in the backdrop. She looks totally relaxed and ready to have some vacation fun!

Christmas time

At home

Everyone needs some downtime in order to relax from their hectic routines – especially athletes, who go through heavy training sessions, weary practice routines, and exhausting matches. In this picture, Paige is winding down at home on the couch with a fuzzy blanket that’s great for cuddling in. She writes, “Lazy nights in are the best kinda nights. Give me a movie and snacks and I’m one happy camper.” And we have to admit that smile on her face proves that home is the coziest place of all, even when you’re a gold player and love hanging out outside in the sun. After all, what’s better than chilling at home?

All white

Gym time

Working out outdoors can be fun, but it’s also important to keep up with your gym action when you’re a golfer. Those arms won’t be strong enough for those powerful swings if you don’t lift some weights on a regular basis, right? In this Instagram picture, Paige is making working out seem so easy and effortless. Her hair and makeup are flawless – it doesn’t even look like she’s breaking a sweat. One thing’s for sure, not everyone could look this graceful in the gym.


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