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OMG! These 25 Celebs Are Aging Horribly

Lindsay Lohan started out as a child actress but has had a roller coaster of a life. The child actress shot to fame as a freckle-faced kid in classics such as The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Much has happened in Lohan’s life since those innocent days. The now 28-year-old began to experience regular run-ins with the law and started appearing on headlines for the wrong reasons. After a few rehab stints, DUI charges and parole violations it seems like Lohan’s fast-paced lifestyle is finally catching up to her. The star has recently began showing rapid signs of ageing, including lines and over-plumped lips.

Brigitte Bardot – Then

Brigitte Bardot - Now

Matthew Perry – Then

Matthew Perry – Now

Madonna – Then

Madonna – Now

Val Kilmer – Then

Val Kilmer – Now

Pamela Anderson – Then

Pamela Anderson – Now

Joan Van Ark – Then

Joan Van Ark – Now

John Travolta – Then

John Travolta – Now

Barbra Streisand – Then

Barbra Streisand – Now

Janice Dickinson – Then

Janice Dickinson – Now

Haley Joel Osment – Then

Haley Joel Osment – Now

Donatella Versace – Then

Donatella Versace – Now

Al Pacino – Then

Al Pacino – Now

Christina Aguilera – Then

Christina Aguilera – Now

Jack Nicholson – Then

Jack Nicholson – Now

Carrie Fisher – Then

Carrie Fisher – Now

Lindsay Lohan – Then

Lindsay Lohan – Now

Leonardo DiCaprio – Then

Leonardo DiCaprio – Now

Tara Reid – Then

Tara Reid – Now


Vince Vaughn – Then

Vince Vaughn – Now

Kirstie Alley – Then

Kirstie Alley – Now

Mickey Rourke – Then

Mickey Rourke – Now

Goldie Hawn – Then

Goldie Hawn – Now

Melanie Griffith – Then

Melanie Griffith – Now

Macaulay Culkin – Then

Macaulay Culkin – Now

Liza Minnelli – Then

Liza Minnelli – Now


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