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Then And Now: The Cast Of Magnum P.I.

Magnum Pi first aired in 1980 and quickly become one of the most beloved crime television shows to hit the screen. Its originally run came to an end in 1988, and over those 8 years, it was consistently ranked in the top 20 TV Programs by Nielson Ratings. The show follows the investigations of a PI, Thomas Magnum, living in a beachfront guest house in Hawaii. The crazy stories and situations Magnum gets into captivated an audience far and wide across America. It’s been almost 40 years since the show first aired, and the cast has changed a lot since they first set foot on the screen in the 80’s. Take a look through this gallery to see what your favorite cast members of Magnum PI look like now 37 years since the first episode aired.

Tom Selleck Then

Though he had many opportunities for a breakout role, he had to turn down Indian Jones, Tom Selleck’s big break came when he starred in Magnum P.I. Since starring in the show as Thomas Sullivan Magnum, in the 80’s Tom Selleck has gone on to have an incredibly successful career.

Tom Selleck Now

Now 72 years old he has starred in over 50 film and television roles including Three Men and a Baby, Quigley Down Under, Mr. Baseball, Lassiter and NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan in the show Blue Bloods.

John Hillerman Then

His acting as Jonathan Quayle Higgins III was so good it won him an Emmy in 1987 and Golden Globe in 1981. Higgins plays Magnum’s foil. A Sergeant in the British Army, Higgins has been described as representing “the pomposity, elitism, and stuffiness of the Old Guard.

John Hillerman Now

Since then he has starred in more than 100 Broadway shows, 20 films and made appearances in numerous tv shows including, Murder She Wrote, Around the World in 80 Days, Hands of a Murderer and The Hogan Family. He has been retired since 1999.

Larry Manetti Then

As Orville “Rick” Wright, an old Vietnam War buddy of Magnum and owner of a club, Larry was in all 8 seasons of Magnum Pi. He also starred as Maj. Pappy Boyington’s (played by Robert Conrad) pilot partner LT Robert A. “Bob/Bobby” Boyle in Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Larry Manetti Now

No longer as active in his acting career he has a recurring role as Nicky “The Kid” Demarco in CBS’s revived version of Hawaii-Five O on CBS. He has played the character since 2013 when the show aired appearing in episodes here and there.

Roger E. Mosley Then

After his stint on Magnum PI as a Magnums Friend and helicopter pilot, he also starred in Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper as Coach Ricketts in a recurring role with comedian/actor Mark Curry,  and in A Thin Line Between Love & Hate with Martin Lawrence, Bobby Brown, and Lynn Whitfield.

Roger E Mosley Now

After a long and successful career, Mosley retired from acting in 2014. And the fun fact he actually a licensed helicopter pilot in real life, though he wasn’t allowed to do any of his own stunts while in the show.

Kwan Hi Lim Then

His role as Lt. Tanaka, with a slight Lieutenant Columbo-like enigmatic quality, characterized by his casual dress and ironic sense of humor, is one he is most known for. However, he also portrayed villains on the original Hawaii Five-O.

Kwan Hi Lim Now 

Before he started his acting career he was an attorney. Sadly he passed away in December 2008 at the age of 86 years old in his home state of Hawaii.

William Lance Legault Then 

Though he played Colonel Buck Greene in Magnum Pi he was best known as the .44 Magnum wielding U.S. Army Colonel Roderick Decker in the 1980s American television series The A-Team.

William Lance Legault Now

His last role before passing away was Prince Avalanche released in 2013. It was filmed in 2012 and Legault died in September 2012. 

Kathleen Lloyd Then

She played a district attorney Carol Baldwin and before that briefly guest starred in an episode. Make more than eighty tv appearances up until 2003 and had roles in dozens of films she had an extremely successful career.  Kathleen Lloyd Now  Lloyd had since retired from acting. She has one son Sean Jenvey with her ex-husband, Peter Jenvey.

Jeff MacKay

The Role of Lt. MacReynolds, a doughnut loving NIA lieutenant, was one that MacKay was most known for in his career. He was also featured in recurring roles in Black Sheep Squadron, JAG, Battlestar Galactica, Airwolf, The Greatest American Hero and Tales of the Gold Monkey. MacKay played “Gordie Masterson” on the children’s television show Dr. Shrinker. He also voiced Fireflight in Transformers. He passed away in 2008.

Marta DuBois Then

She was the love of Magnums life, Michelle Hu. She and Magnum married in Vietnam but the devoutly Catholic Michelle had the marriage annulled after her first husband, a North Vietnamese general who was presumed dead, resurfaced and after the series ended in 1988 In 2000, she co-starred in the romantic comedy Luminarias.

Marta DuBois Now

Between 2005 and 2008, DuBois played Sergeant Roberta Hansen in ten McBride television movies opposite John Larroquette. More recently, she portrayed Dora in the television western Lone Rider and had a guest role as Maria Cordero in the Law & Order: Los Angeles episode “Ballona Creek.

Jean Bruce Scott Then

We love her as Maggie Poole, the Lieutenant who takes over from McReynolds after he dies and has a strong dislike for Col. Greene, from the latter half of Magnum Pi, but Scott actually has quite a career outside of that role.

Jean Bruce Scott Now

Guest starring in several shows through the years, she has recently returned for an undetermined stint on the long running show Days Of Our Lives as Jessica Blake a character she originally played in the early 80’s.

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