Newly Married Couple Divorced Within Week, Groom Discovers Shocking Truth During Wedding Night

Regardless of the tiredness, Mason was happy - today he had got married to the love of his life. All he wanted now was to lay in bed with the woman he could now call his wife. 

However, when he tried to open the door, where his wife was supposed to wait for him, he had to make some terrible discovery. "I can't believe that... How could you do that to me? " - he said with a trembling voice while walking into the room…

An Ordinary Guy

Like most men in his early thirties, Mason had a firm grip on reality, and he had an intimidating façade. However, he does enjoy having fun and spending time with the people he loves most. He was a fun and charismatic guy, and everyone who has met him can vouch for this.

He has a son named Connor, and they live together in their beautiful home. Mason was a widower, so he had gotten used to the fact that he would probably end up alone. Although, this doesn’t seem to be the case because a night out would change his life forever.

Going to His Usual Spot

Once he got out of work every Friday, Mason would always go to his usual spot. It was a hidden bar in his hometown, and his friends would always meet him there. This was their go-to place, and they were all regulars there.

Mason loved his son, but he also cherished the time he spent with his friends. He was a very social man, and he was very respectful of everyone around him. This was probably why a beautiful girl from across the room started to get his attention…

He Met the Woman of His Dreams

The girl from across the room was blonde, petite, and beautiful. She was the dream girl, and Mason couldn’t believe that this girl was engaging in a conversation with him. He told her, “I hope you know you’re actually my dream girl.”

Her name was Julia, and she seemed equally smitten with Mason. She said, “I would really love to get to know you more if you’ll give me a chance.” Everything seemed perfect, and Mason couldn’t believe that she would land someone as beautiful as her.

She Seemed Perfect for Him

Mason and Julia went on a couple of dates after they met at the bar, and they texted each other almost daily. They seemed very much in love, and it was as if they were meant for each other. They couldn’t believe how happy they were and how in love they had become.

Julia was a very beautiful girl, and Mason still couldn’t believe that she had agreed to date him. To him, he was a mere single dad who was probably going to grow old alone. However, this new love in his life had changed his perspective about that – but were they really compatible?

A Very Loving Relationship

Mason had promised to love Julia in the best way he could, and she promised to be there for him always. It was a perfect set-up, and the couple had a very loving relationship. They were meant for each other, and they could feel that connection from the get-go.

Julia also moved in with Mason and his son, Connor. While the son didn’t initially approve of his dad’s new girlfriend because of their age gap, he was still respectful towards her. The couple had an eight-year age gap, which made Mason nervous when Julia decided to let him meet her family…

Finally Meeting the Family

Due to their eight-year age gap, Mason was a bit nervous when Julia decided that it was time to meet her family. They were both so in love with each other, so they’ve decided to take their relationship to the next level. Finally, the day arrived, and Mason couldn’t be more nervous…

Julia’s dad said, “As long as you love and treat my daughter right, the age gap doesn’t really matter to me.” This made Mason smile, and he promised her dad that he would love Julia as much as he could. Although, was there trouble looming in paradise?

An Unfortunate Setback

When it was time for Julia to meet Mason’s side of the family, they thought that everything would go smoothly. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. It was all because of Mason’s son, but they still showed how much they loved each other.

Connor told his dad, “How could you even begin to love someone who’s only a few years older than me? Don’t you find that weird?” His son was everything to him, and maybe he was wrong in loving Julia. Mason was torn, and he didn’t know what the right decision would be – should he break up with his girlfriend over his son?

They Lived Happily Together

Julia understood where Connor was coming from, and it was tough to see your dad date someone so much younger. Mason said, “I don’t know what came over him. He’s usually more polite than that.” It was a low point for the dad, but he understood his son completely.

A few days later, Connor sat down with his dad, and he apologized. He said, “I’m sorry for saying the things that I said. I can see that you’re in love, and I don’t want to get in the way of that.” Mason felt such relief when he heard his son say that.

His Son Finally Gave His Blessing

Before he left, Connor added, “If you want to marry Julia, I’m fully supporting you on that. You have my blessing, dad.” Prior to that statement, Mason hadn’t realized that marriage was still in the cards for him. After he lost Samantha, he thought he won’t get married again, but he was wrong.

So he planned the proposal quite intricately, and he wanted to surprise Julia in the best way possible. He made reservations in his favorite restaurant, and he picked out the most beautiful ring that he saw. Now, all he had to do was pop the question, but would she say yes?

She Said Yes

Mason was undoubtedly nervous when the night arrived, but he was ready. He knew that this moment was bound to change their lives forever, and this was all he ever wanted in life. Julia thought that her boyfriend was acting so weird – little did he know what was about to happen…

A few minutes after they ended their dinner, Mason got down on one knee and popped the question. He said, “Julia, you make me the happiest person in the world. Will you marry me?” Julia couldn’t help but cry at this wonderful surprise, and she said yes.

An Expensive Destination Wedding

Julia wanted such a lavish wedding, and she believed that Mason would pay for anything she wanted. After all, she was the bride, and brides were supposed to have everything they wanted for their wedding. What was supposed to be a simple church wedding turned out to be a destination wedding in Mexico.

Mason was a bit anxious that they would go way above their budget, but he didn’t mind. All he wanted was for his bride to be happy, and he was prepared to spend his savings. He said yes to everything that Julia demanded, but his friends weren’t pleased with this…

Spending His Life Savings

One of his friends said, “Dude, you’re literally trying to spend all of your money for a single wedding. Think about your son and everything you might want to do in life.” Mason would sometimes think about this, but he simply wanted to give Julia everything she ever wanted.

In the end, they did go way above their budget, and Mason ended up spending his life savings. Although, seeing his bride happy was worth it, and he always said that he would end up earning this money anyway. He said to himself, “It’ll be okay, we’ll get this money back in no time.”

He Wanted to Make Her Happy

Finally, the day of the wedding arrived, and everybody was so happy for Mason and Julia. They were such a beautiful couple, and everything seemed blissful during that time. They’ve exchanged their vows and their wedding rings, and they were proclaimed husband and wife.

Throughout the day, everybody danced and celebrated with the newly married couple. Everything seemed to be going well, and Mason hadn’t felt this happy in a long time. However, trouble would soon thwart the happiness that he had been feeling…

Then Something Unusual Happened

After their wedding ceremony, Mason was tired, and all he wanted to do was lay in bed with the woman he now called his wife. So he went up to their hotel room to look for Julia. However, things weren’t going according to plan because his wife was nowhere to be found…

All that she left was a note that said she would come back tomorrow. Naturally, he thought this was such a weird gesture – especially considering that it was their first night as a married couple. Mason ended up sleeping alone that night, but would Julia be there when he woke up?

Going Home as Newlyweds

Julia was back the next day, and she claimed that she was finally ready to go home. Mason doesn’t seem pleased with her, but he did love her, so he let it go. That same day, the newlyweds returned home to their beautiful house – but this isn’t where it ends…

When he awoke the next day, Julia was nowhere to be found again. Mason tried to call his wife to demand where she was, but she simply said that he had met someone and that she wasn’t going home again. This devastated Mason, and he couldn’t believe that this was happening to him.

She Wasn’t Coming Back

Julia said, “I’ve met someone while we were in Mexico, and I’ve decided to run away with him. Please don’t wait for me, and please stop calling me.” These words shattered Mason, and he couldn’t believe that Julia would do such a thing.

He knew that she wasn’t coming back, which seriously impacted Mason’s health. He stopped eating and could barely move, and he had been in a depressive episode for a few weeks. However, he knew that he had to get out of it to better care for his son.

He Was Devastated

Even though he was devastated, he knew that he had to get out of the depressive episode he had been stuck in. His friends did everything they could to encourage Mason, and they offered the support that he needed. His son also made his dad feel loved, which was appreciated by Mason.

Connor said, “Maybe she just wasn’t the right girl for you. Don’t feel bad, dad. I’m sure that mom would send someone that will love you unconditionally.” His son’s words made him feel loved and secure, and he appreciated it. He said he would focus on Connor and himself, but can he do it?

Mending His Broken Heart

Every now and then, Mason would still think about Julia, which would inevitably make him sad. This was why he decided to sell their wedding band, and he threw everything that she owned in his house. This was the first step of mending his broken heart.

After a few months, he was doing better than ever. He had no idea where Julia was, and he didn’t seem to care anymore. She hurt him, but he moved way past the hurt to become a better man for himself and his family – it was a great ending to this awful love story.

He Finally Moved On

Sometimes, the people we love will hurt us. Mason learned this the hard way when his wife left him only a few days after their wedding. It goes to show that sometimes, you really can’t tell whether someone loves you or not.

We hope that Mason finds a beautiful kind of love, and we hope that he opens his heart again in due time. He’s a great man, and we’re sure that any girl would be lucky to have him! If that were you, what would you do, and how would you feel if your spouse left you a few days after your wedding?