12 New Gadgets That the Internet is Going CRAZY About!

Hy - Hybrid wireless earphones

Technology is forever changing the way we go about our daily lives and it is always advancing. The normal means of communication and research in our present day society is evolving and as we enter a new decade, it is time for old traditions to be broken in order to make room for new and advanced ones. Technology not only propels us forward, but it connects our world in a way that would never have been possible if technology didn't exist. Technology assists us in every aspect of our daily lives, and it is something that will continue to grow and change as our society grows and changes.

Without it, we would be left at a standstill. That being said, each decade presents us with new gadgets that will help make our daily lives easier and more fun! Here are some of the coolest gadgets to look out for!

Hy is nothing like you’ve seen before. Using a mixture of traditional earphone technology (air conduction) and the newer bone-conduction technologies, Hy is a discrete bluetooth headphone that does everything you would want in a headphone.

Estream - Portable water-powered charger

Featuring a proprietary “wishbone” design, the Hy has everything from GPS and vital health monitors to an onboard gyroscope, multi day battery life, and a toggleable noise-cancelling filter. Starting at 249USD, they aren’t cheap, but they are the last earphones you will ever need.

Have you ever been camping out in the wilderness and notice that all of your electronic devices are either dead or dying? It’s a gloomy day so that solar panel won’t work, but you are next to a rushing river. Luckily there is EStream.

ChargeWrite - The World’s Coolest Pen

Using the same technology that is using in water-powered facilities around the globe, Estream can fix in your backpack. Touting a 6,400 MaH battery, the EStream can be fully charged in a couple hours.

Part pen, part 16GB memory stick, part 1000MaH power bank, the ChargeWrite is the last pen you will ever need. Coming in two versions, the ChargeWrite and the ChargeWrite+ also feature a stylus for all your touch screen devices and a screen cleaner so you’ll never be with a dirty screen.

Eon Scooter - The affordable, foldable electric scooter

Starting at $29, the ChargeWrite is a gadget everyone needs.

Touting the badge of being the most crowdfunded E-Scooter EVER, the Eon Scooter is redefining E-Scooters as we need it. Utilizing the same lithium cell batteries that power the Tesla Model S, the Eon is unparalleled when it comes to performance.

Moodo - Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser

Coming in 4 different tiers, Mini, Standard, Pro, and Ultimate, the Eon can reach speeds of up to 45 MPH with a range of 45 miles per charge, the EON is something that any city commuter could benefit from.

A smart home fragrance machine designed to enhance our wellbeing, Moodo helps you create your own unique ambiance instantly. Featuring interchangeable pods feature 30+ “flavors”, the Moodo is paired with a mobile app where you can be your own “mood DJ”, creating mixes through an intuitive UI.

Sgnl - Smart Watch Strap

If you can’t seem to find one that works, there is also a marketplace of curated scents for you to choose from.

Sgnl used a BCU (bone conduction unit) to let you take calls with your finger… literally. All you do is place your finger on your ear and talk.

Sonnet - Message and call each other without a mobile network

The watch strap fits on most watch faces, and at 149 USD is actually cheaper than most smart watches (and won’t compromise your good watch taste). Aside from being able to answer calls and listen to messages discretely, the Sgnl also contains a variety of health sensors.

  Sonnet is the 2017s answer to the walkie talkie. Utilizing mesh network technology, Sonnet users pair the sonnet with their phone’s wifi to seamlessly connect with each other. So say you and a friend are hiking up in the mountains and want to split up.

EarStudio - Studio Quality Bluetooth Receiver

There is no cell service where you are, so you each power on your Sonnet’s and instantly able to communicate with each other. Text, pictures, GPS location, you name it. And coming early next year, if one sonnet user has internet connectivity, all users on the mesh network can, as long as each node is in range (about 2-5 miles).

When you are using your headphones straight from the headphone jack on your phone, you are usually get 16 bit audio, which is alright. But when you are streaming through Bluetooth, audio quality is usually severely decreased.

Polar Ice Ball 2.0 - crystal clear ice balls for your beverages

With the EarStudio, you can get 24 bit audio wirelessly to any of your favorite headphones via bluetooth! Using proprietary technology, the EarStudio is the only device currently capable of doing this.

Other than looking absolutely beautiful, the Polar Ice Ball is actually very practical. When you use your freezer to create ice, it;s full impurities and air bubbles, causing the ice to melt faster and generally not taste too great.

Arsenal - the intelligent camera assistant

What the Polar Ice Ball does is create a filtered ice ball for beverages that, due to it’s shape, takes longer to melt, making it ideal for mixed drinks or drinking your liquor straight.

Connecting to virtually any DSLR camera, Arsenal is part remote control, part photography assistant, part siri for your camera. Allowing full control of your camera from your phone, Arsenal can do other cool things like focus stacking, HDR photography, timelapsing, and extended long exposure captures without the need for neutral density filters.

And while that is all cool, what is really nifty is that Arsenal will recognize what is being visualized in the scene and start recommending tweaks to your scene or settings.