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New Dog Won’t Stop Waking Her, Look What Mom Finds On Camera

Poco had always been a quiet dog. However, recently, something was definitely bothering the pet. Emilia, its owner, wanted to know what triggers him every night, so she installed a camera in her living room.

When the following day she saw the recorded footage, it sent chills down her spine. The horrific discovery made her leave home immediately. She wished she had known the truth much earlier…

There are multiple reasons why adopting a dog is way better than buying one. Still, not many people go ahead and adopt an old dog. 

Poco had a similar case as he was a 10-year-old dachshund. But for Emilia, it felt just right to adopt the old pupper. She had no clue that one day Poco would play a crucial role in their lives.

It didn’t take long for Poco to become an integral part of Emilia’s family. Her children used to absolutely adore this four-legged sausage for his cute antics. 

Since Poco was 10-year-old and only had a few years left to live, Emilia used to try with all her might to provide him with a comfortable life. This selfless behaviour would soon yield results that would shock everyone!

Emilia specifically used to love nighttime. All her children used to be asleep by then and she often found Poco snoring with them as well. Before heading upstairs in her own bedroom, she always used to pat Poco for one last time.

 One fine night after performing the same regime, Emilia went to sleep. An unusual sound made her jump out of her comfortable bed. What was it?

Just when she was about to get engulfed in deep sleep, Poco started barking very hysterically. Emilia got worried and rushed down to find Poco barking on top of his voice. 

It wasn’t his usual bark and it didn’t take long for Emilia to figure out that something was terribly wrong with her beloved puppy. It was like Poco had lost his mind completely!

What surprised Emilia, even more, was the fact that Poco had always been a quiet dog. He was playful, full of joy but when it comes to barking, that wasn’t his forte. This is what made Emilia worry even more. 

Poco had never barked with this intensity ever before. Emilia scooped him up and turned on all the lights to find out what was wrong with him.

Emilia started her investigation to find out what had sent Poco into such a frenzy. To her surprise, there wasn’t any animal or people passing by. 

Not only this but Emilia also made sure that all the windows and doors were shut. She stood in the middle of the living room and put Poco down. He was still shaking and barking continuously.

Emilia already had a long day and now, her peaceful sleep was disrupted by Poco who forgot to stop barking at that time. She couldn’t understand what was happening! 

Emilia was once panicked about Poco but soon, she started getting annoyed by Poco’s loud barks. She just wanted to put him to sleep somehow so that she could head upstairs and do the same.

It wasn’t just one night when Poco displayed such erratic behaviour. It soon became a regular affair and started annoying Emilia even more. Every night, Poco used to bark on top of his lungs as if to alarm someone. 

Emilia used to scratch her head every night, trying to decipher the reason behind her dog’s unusual behaviour. She was wishing for something that would put her and her family at risk.

At first, she thought that it might be rats that might be troubling Poco at night. Emilia remembered that her neighbours recently faced vermin problems. However, she didn’t have enough money to hire an inspector.

 But she knew that she would have to do something to deal with this problem. Soon, she came up with a solution that would finally enable her to solve the mystery.

The next morning, she rushed to the market and purchased a spy camera. Emilia installed that camera in her living room where Poco used to sleep every night. 

The same night, she started recording on the camera, gave Poco a hug and went to bed. It was now time to wait for the next morning so she could finally put this issue to rest.

The same night, Poco started barking again. His barks were louder and angrier than ever before. It felt as if the whole thing came alive with his barks.

Although she wanted to pick him up and hug him, she decided to stay put and wait for the next morning. She was determined to solve the mystery behind her dog’s strange behaviour every night.

As soon as Emilia climbed down the stairs the next morning, Poco came running towards her. He was shaking. Emilia didn’t waste any time and connected the spy camera with her laptop to closely inspect the footage. 

It was surprising for her to learn that there was absolutely nothing unusual in the footage. This led her to believe that it might be Poco’s old age that was taking a toll on him. She was wrong. Dead wrong.

Just when she was about to close her laptop, Emilia noticed something. She saw something moving in the video and when she figured out what she was, she felt cold. 

A stone-cold chill ran down her spine as her hands got filled with goosebumps. She was terrified by the sight of it. So much so that she grabbed all her children and ran away from her home!

Emilia along with her three children sat in a huddle, shaking to the core. They were constantly praying to the lord almighty to put an end to the ordeal. 

Things had happened so fast that couldn’t make any sense of it. As Emilia pulled her children closer, she realized that someone was missing – her beloved dog Poco. Where was he and what had happened to Emilia’s family?

After safely reaching her neighbour’s place, Emilia decided that she would have to call the police. She called the cops and patiently waited for them to arrive. 

Emilia still couldn’t believe what she saw on the screen. That is when one of her children asked her a question that made her situation worse – ‘Where is Poco, mama?’

This question was enough to screw her head even further. Accidentally, she had forgotten to take Poco out of their home. The poor little dog was still stuck inside the home but he wasn’t alone. 

The thing that terrified Emilia so much, was that ‘the thing’ was stuck with Poco as well. But what exactly was it that shocked Emilia so much that she legit ran away from her home?

The cops arrived and started searching her place thoroughly. Moments later, the cops were seen leaving the house with a huge man that they retrieved from Emilia’s place. 

He was huge, powerful, and had ‘dangerous’ written all over him. But who was he and what was he doing in Emilia’s home?

Just when the cops were putting handcuffs on the man’s hand to arrest him, Poco ran out of their home. He instantly charged towards the man and then …

He was ready to bite him down but some cops intervened to not let it happen. Despite his size, his strength was unmatchable. 

Emilia too arrived at the scene and hugged Poco. Later on, when they saw the news, they got to know that the man who was retrieved from Emilia’s place was a wanted criminal. 

He had been staying in the attic of their apartment night by night, to hide from the authorities. No one would have known about him, if not for Poco.

This incident was enough to make Emilia realize that Poco wasn’t just another pooch. Even when she used to yell at him for barking so much, he wouldn’t stop. 

This is what forced Emilia to get the camera which further lead to the terrifying discovery. If it wasn’t for Poco, Emilia’s family could have fallen victim to theft or even worse!


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