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Never Go To The Top Deck On A Cruise, Here’s Why

Cruises have been a popular thing to go on for vacation. Whether people just want to get away from their boring life or spend a month or so at sea. But there are things about cruises that you should know.

There are a lot of things going on on cruise ships, and now you’ll finally know a little bit more about them.

On bigger cruise ships people may notice that there isn’t a deck 13. Most ships skip it in superstition. This is the only reason why. 

Seems enough goes wrong at sea that they don’t want any extra help from bad luck and mysterious forces. This may confuse passengers, so remember this fact when going on a cruise.

A lot of cruise ships have theatres that showcase impeccable productions. These tickets are expensive and are often too much for a lot of patrons on board.

But if not every seat if taken or someone fails to show up for the show, you can actually ask for the seat gratis. This is a great way to see an amazing production at no cost to you.


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