Neighbor Writes Strange Note To Woman, She Moves Out After Reading It

Morgan DeCairos DeBoer walked over to her mailbox and took out the contents. Inside was a letter from one of her neighbors. Confused, she opened it and began reading it. 

Morgan couldn't believe what she had read. She was so angry that she immediately wanted to share it on her social media.


Morgan and her family have been living in the Woodland Hills neighborhood of Newmarket, Ontario, for several years. They loved the area and wanted to raise their children there. 

Everything was perfect for Morgan and her family until one day, she received an odd note from her neighbor. 

A Routine

Morgan and her husband had four sons under the age of 6. So, it was important for them to live near an elementary school. Every day, Morgan would walk her children to the bus stop and wait for them to get on the bus.

She also loved playing with them in the backyard after school and helping them with the homework.

Active Kids

Morgan would do her best to ensure her children didn't spend all their time in front of their phones and computers. She and her husband had set up all sorts of things in the backyard to play with, such as scooters, toys, and slides. 

Her children always had a blast. But everything would change on that day.

On Good Terms With Everyone

Morgan and her husband got along with all their neighbors. They knew her children by name, and there were never any issues. 

It was a peaceful, safe neighborhood to raise children in.

Anonymous Letter

One day in 2018, Morgan found an anonymous letter in her mailbox with no return address. A signature at the bottom said, “Your Neighbors (sic).”

What was it about?

The Issue

“This is a friendly request which I felt is better done through the mail,” the letter read. 

“I am one of several neighbors (sic) who are frustrated with the frequent screaming and shrieking your children make while playing in your back yard.” It was just the beginning, however.


"This is very disruptive whether we are outside or inside and interrupts whatever we are doing, be it TV, reading, or napping," the person continued. 

"Having the windows closed does not keep out the sound." Morgan was hit with a wave of anger and sadness.

In Shock

“I was disturbed. Every little sound the kids were making, I was like, ‘Is that what they feel is too loud?’ Morgan told  

She started to overthink every moment when her kids were "screaming and shrieking." Were her boys too loud?


Morgan couldn't stop thinking about the haunting note she had received. She and her husband felt a little uncomfortable whenever they saw their neighbors outside. 

On the one hand, they wanted their sons to enjoy the nice weather in the backyard. But on the other hand, they didn't want to annoy their neighbors even more. Then, one night she decided to take her frustration out on social media. 

Sharing It With The World

It was 2:30 AM when Morgan decided to share her bizarre story on Facebook.

“I couldn’t sleep. I had to get it out. This coward didn’t even come to my door, and I can’t defend myself,” she wrote.

She Shared The Letter

Morgan then uploaded a photo of the printed-out-note her neighbor had written, sharing it with all her Facebook friends.

So, what did people think of the note? 


People were equally as appalled as she was. Some even offered to bring noisy party gags, drums, and their own loud kids to her backyard for a fun little revenge gathering.

One Facebook user wrote: "Kids need to be outdoors more, not less."


People were encouraging Morgan and her kids to be even louder when playing in the backyard. 

“Scream louder, play harder, boys,” another person wrote. Some people went as far as saying that her neighbors should move out if they can't handle kids.

What Do You Think?

 “Dear Morgan’s neighbors, maybe suburbia isn’t for you,” wrote another supporter. No one, not even one person, has defended the author of the note.

Do you agree?