Neighbor Demands That She Clean Her Lawn, But She Gets The Last Laugh

Shenna Barry had recently moved into her new home. After two days of unpacking and unloading boxes, she was all settled in. 

As she sat down on the chair, she noticed a big van outside. Her next-door neighbors had also just moved in.

New Neighbors 

Shenna decided to introduce herself to her next-door neighbors, seeing that they were also new in the area and maybe needed help with something.

She met a middle-aged couple, Louis and Alice, who seemed sweet and friendly. Little did she know how wrong she was about them...

Summer Time

When the summer came, Shenna and her next-door neighbors started working on their yards. 

One day, Shenna left the nearly-raked leaves and grass cuttings on the lawn and went to the store. When she came back from shopping, she noticed something on her property that shocked her to the core. 

A Surprise 

All the leaves and the grass cuttings that she had left on her lawn had been spread all over her porch. 

As Shenna tried to gather the leaves, she noticed a note stuck to her front door. It was from Louis and Alice.

The Note

“If this EVER happens again and you don’t do your lawn properly from now on, there will be consequences…” the note read. 

Shenna rushed over to her neighbors' house and rang the doorbell. They weren't getting away with this. 

Rude Couple

Alice and Louis didn't apologize for the letter. Instead, they kicked her out and threatened to call the police if she ever did this again. 

It was apparent that they had a problem with her. So, Shenna decided to teach them a lesson. 


Shenna stopped mowing her front lawn but made sure to mow her backyard. She bagged all the cuttings and dumped them on her front lawn for Alice and her husband to see. 

The fight between Alice and the couple continued for weeks. One day, Alice poured an entire bottle of dishwashing liquid into Shenna's fountain. She responded by killing Alice's rose bushes with vinegar. But this was just the beginning...

Law Enforcement 

Then, one morning, Shenna woke up to a code enforcement officer and Alice chatting by her window. 

She went outside, preparing to defend herself. How dare Alice call the cops on her when she hasn't done anything illegal!

Alice's Treasure 

It turns out that she called the police on Shenna to force her to mow her lawn. Shenna was furious. 

She picked up her phone and made a call. Finally, Shenna would get revenge on her evil neighbors. 

Tow Truck

Shenna went back to her house and watched the scene unfold. After a few minutes, a tow truck had arrived and parked right behind Alice's car. 

Alice started screaming and trying to stop the driver from towing her car. But it was too late...

Illegal Parking

Soon, the tow truck carrying  Alice's car disappeared down the road. 

It turns out that Shenna's neighbor had parked in a way that blocked traffic, so she had every right to complain about her to the code officer.  


Shenna smiled as she watched her angry neighbor chase the tow truck down the street. 

She was also aware that no one could force her to clean her front yard. It was her property, after all. Alice had no idea that she had violated a code when she called the authorities on her neighbor. 


Shenna's house was a freestanding unit that wasn't policed by a homeowner's association, but Alice didn't know that. 

The code enforcement officer couldn't force Shenna to clean up her front yard, but he could legally remove Alice's car from the street. 

Alice's Mistake

Alice left her car on the street for over 72 hours without moving it. It was blocking the traffic. 

But did she get her car back eventually?

$600 Ticket

After Alice paid $600 for illegal parking, she got her sports car back. 

Ever since this incident, Shenna hasn't heard a peep from her evil neighbor.