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Need A Drink But Worried About the Calories? Try Tequila!

Is Tequila Actually Good for You? Science Says, “Maybe”.

Tequila Might Help You Lose Weight, and Here’s Why…

Tequila fans, you are going to love this!

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Tequila enthusiasts, rejoice!

You might have thought that this Mexican beverage is heavy on the calories, but new research has revealed that your favorite agave-­spirit may actually help you lose weight.

Tequila is extracted from the blue agave plant that’s grown mainly around the city Tequila, Mexico.

The American Chemical Society research group has studied this plant and discovered that their natural sugars, called agavins, are indigestible.

That means that the sugars don’t enter the blood to raise your glucose levels.

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The researchers put one group of mice on a normal diet and another group on the same diet, except with water containing agavins.

The second group indeed had lower levels of blood sugar and also ate less than the first group. Why did the agavin­-eating mice have lower food­-intake?

Scientists found that the agavin mice had higher levels of a gut hormone called GLP­-1, which controls hunger and makes you feel full for longer.

Agavins also cause more production of insulin, which may benefit people with type­-2 diabetes.

Though you probably shouldn’t guzzle down tequila like a college fraternity kid, if you’re deciding what to order at the bar and you’re watching your weight, tequila might be the choice for you.

And if you’re a hands­-down tequila guy or gal, keep on partying!

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