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Navy Officer Refuses To Live Near Enlisted, Gets Fired

Compelled To Pay Respect


Another user actually had experience with superior officers like Fredericks.

“The sad part is that though this a particularly egregious example, it isn’t an uncommon attitude among the officer corps of our armed forces. It’s a product of the outdated, centuries-old, classist, and grossly undemocratic practice of regarding someone with a title or college degree and a commission as some kind of higher life form.”

He continued, “I played the game, did my duty, and never complained about it, but there I was near the end of my career, an SCPO with 25 years of service, pushing 50 years old and yet compelled by oath to make obeisance by saluting an officer right out of school and less than half my age and addressing them as sir or ma’am.”


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