My Partner Turned Out To Be A Psycho

I had seen this guy for a while and believed things were going well. Everything seemed normal when we arrived at my house after he took me to see Aladdin. We were talking when he got this strange look in his eyes. Then he said, "We can't see each other anymore. I'm scared I might hurt you." I thought he meant to hurt me psychologically, like he was scared he might cheat on me. I laughed as I reassured him that I was an adult and that we could try to work it out no matter what happened. His face darkened, and his tone changed.

"You don't understand. I have been dreaming of hurting you. I mean, seriously hurt you," he continued. Suddenly, he jumped to his feet and sprinted out the front door. I never saw him again, and I was too shaken up to try and call him. Nothing seemed wrong with him up until that point. Story Credit: Reddit/spacednlost

I dated a slightly crazy hippie for a month. He had a good heart and loved spontaneity and bike adventures.  Then, one day, while I was in the shower, he told me something that shocked me. He casually mentioned that he had two children. He also mentioned that he had lied about being five years older than me; he was actually 14 years older.

Also, the mother of his children had a restraining order against him. He ruined my door by splashing patchouli oil on it, left cursed voodoo eggs on my doorstep, and sabotaged my bike. I discovered the last one while going down a steep slope, and the brakes failed, and the bike crashed. Story Credit: Reddit/hhHolmes09

I brought my date and her four-year-old son to a carnival once, where the kid won two goldfish. They were in a transparent plastic bag similar to the ones in pet shops. The boy was ecstatic. As we silently made our way to the car, my date did the unthinkable.

She threw the bag onto the pavement, causing it to burst, and then she stomped on the flailing fish. The boy immediately burst into tears. When I asked her why she did that, she merely said, "They would have died later anyway." A few weeks later, she called me to ask why I hadn't called her. Story Credit: Reddit/MB51

After a fight one night, my girlfriend fell out of bed as I was lying down. Perhaps she rolled out, but it looked like she fell. At that point, she got to her feet and started running into the walls. I stared in disbelief. She severely hurt herself, and I could not get her to stop. The downstairs neighbor heard the ruckus and dialed 911. When the police arrived, they saw her on the couch covered in blood. It's only natural that they developed a strong interest in me. I attempted to explain that she was running into the walls herself, but they didn't believe me—who would?

Luckily for me, she got to her feet and ran straight into a wall across the room, nearly knocking herself out. The officers escorted us to the hospital. The hospital staff let me into the back room after taking her into the back alone to ask her if I was hurting her, I'm sure. While I waited, she got out of bed, grabbed some gauze from the cabinet, and began sweeping the floor.
I asked what she was doing. She gave a crazy response. She stated that she was mopping the floor so the fish could see. Story Credit: Reddit/QuinicAcid

He texted me to explain that this was just how he was and that no therapy was likely to help after two extremely violent outbursts. One in which he wrecked half the house and the other in which he smashed my car with a hammer. So, if I wanted to be with him, I needed to accept him and all of his quirks, as well as the fact that he sometimes gets angry.

I left after realizing he had utterly brushed aside his crazy behaviors and that he would eventually justify hurting me. Story Credit: Reddit/SendRamenNoodz

I dated a girl for about a month when I was 20 who told me right away that she absolutely loved it when guys "just go for it." I assumed she was joking because I am an inexperienced, clueless boy, and I made no attempts after our next date. She scolded me for not taking her advice when I took her to my house. We kissed, and she told me I should do it again the next time. We spent our second date stargazing in my car with the sunroof open. Things started to unravel when I tried to make out with her. "What are you doing?" she pushed me away.

"Do you genuinely think I'm the kind of girl you can force yourself on anytime you want"?  I'm not sure if she was trying to test me, even to this day. Perhaps she really did have a kink and was hoping I'd keep trying to "go for it" while she "struggles." If she did, though, she should have been very upfront about it because after being told no, there was simply no chance that I would try anything. When someone says "no," it's final. I was so puzzled by everything that I never saw her again after that date. Story Credit: Reddit/Vandelay222

I worked alongside my ex because we were both correctional officers. I assumed he was a safe bet because our work requires background checks. I was utterly wrong. I dated him for a few months before moving in with him. He changed drastically after I fell pregnant about a year into our relationship. "Momma, I see the devil in his eyes," my oldest son from my previous marriage said one day. We had noticed a change in his personality; he began saying stuff that worried us about his mental stability. The first indication I observed was his ability to switch personalities based on the situation. Then, while making room for the baby, I came across a box of "verbal judo" books. I'd never heard of anything like it before, but then it dawned on me.

When I started figuring things out, he threatened me with what he'd do if I ever left. He warned me about the bullet with his name on it that he would show me or leave lying around for us to see. He hung a noose on the back deck, swinging in the wind for weeks. I managed to get my boys and myself out of the situation. The nightmare didn't end there. His sheriff buddies started following me around whenever I left the house. I'd never gotten into trouble before, not even a speeding ticket. When I stopped at Walmart once, he had a security friend who worked there accuse me of stealing. The charges were ultimately dropped, but I had to battle for the custody of my son. Story Credit: Reddit/ThaUnKnownOne

I dated a guy who wanted me to text him my work schedule, and then he would call me on my office phone and wait for me to leave work in the parking lot. It didn't end there, though. He constantly asked me how much my salary was. I once texted him my work schedule, but he misread it and spent six hours freaking out nonstop trying to find me.

He was about to call the police after calling every family member of mine. It was his fault for misreading what I had texted him. He could not accept when I broke up with him privately, so I broke up with him in front of everyone. It   had reached the point where bystanders told him, "You just got dumped." Story Credit: Reddit/babeyribs

After we split up, I finally realized how toxic she was. About a week later, she went on to key the side of my car because she thought I had already begun seeing other women. She used Facebook to find every single person I knew, including my family and the CEO of my business, and sent them an obscene and provocative photo. Along with the picture, there was a long story explaining why I shouldn't be trusted because I had mistreated her and stolen from her.

She tried to ruin my life and career, so I had to get a restraining order and take her to court. It was truly messed up, and I sincerely hoped she got help. Fortunately, I haven't heard from her in nearly four years, and now I live on the other side of the country. Story Credit: Reddit/Dpg2304

I was sitting on the toilet with a terrible stomach ache. I had my laptop with me because I was gross and needed to finish some work. "You're cheating on me," my boyfriend said as the bathroom door burst open. He took my laptop and bolted out. Since I wasn't cheating and had no reason to rush to handle this latest incident, I finished what I was doing. When I entered his bedroom, a terrifying sight awaited me. He chuckled and stated that he had disassembled my laptop and hidden each component in a different place around the room. I asked him to get my things for me, but he refused.

This went on for roughly 15 minutes, and I was giving in. He handed me his phone as some sort of power move after I threatened to report him to the police if he didn't return my laptop. He jumped up and gathered my laptop as soon as I flipped it open because he could tell I was serious about calling the police. He then threw it out of his bedroom window and down onto the street. I smashed his phone, threw it against the wall, and then turned to leave. He visited my home the next day and claimed I owed him $30 for the phone. I laughed before shutting the door and moving on. Story Credit: Reddit/syndikatie

I dated my psycho for about eight months. She liked to role-play and had a thing with being tied up. One night, she asked to reverse roles, which I was OK with. Except after she handcuffed me and tied my ankles to the posts, she gagged me with a bandana, got dressed, and left me there. But that was only the beginning of the nightmare.

She came back an hour later with two guys and got busy with them right in front of me several times. When she finally untied me, and I was able to speak, I asked her, “What was that?" She said she knew I was cheating on her with a girl at work—I wasn’t—and that was her way of paying me back. I moved out the next day. Story Credit: Reddit/rekab1231

I married a man who was maybe not a psychopath but certainly a sociopath. In order to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen, I had to walk through the living room. This involved me walking in front of the TV. I always did it very quickly, but I always got screamed at. Sometimes I would have to wait 20–30 minutes before I was allowed to walk past. One day, while my husband (now ex) was out, I decided to rotate the entire living room. I put the TV on a different wall and moved the couch so it faced the TV. The living room was exactly the same, just rotated 90 degrees. The living room was a square, so it functionally made no difference, except now, when I walked from the bedroom to the kitchen, I didn’t have to walk between the couch and the TV. When my husband got home, he saw the living room and said nothing about it. We ate dinner, and he watched TV as usual. Then, we went to bed. The following day he refused to get out of bed or talk to me. He refused to leave the house, go to class, watch TV—or anything. He didn’t say one word. I kept trying to get him to tell me what was wrong, and he wouldn’t. For three solid days, he only got out of bed to grab food or use the restroom. He would not talk to me, would not make eye contact, or acknowledge my presence.  I was panicking, thinking he was having some sort of episode.

I had no clue what I had done wrong. After the third day, he said he felt like I had adequately been punished for re-arranging the living room without asking. He even told me to keep it that way, that it made more sense, and that he liked it better. However, he still had to punish me for what I did. Although he was never diagnosed with anything, something was indeed wrong with him. When I caught him cheating on me for the seventh time, his response left me speechless. He wouldn’t let me leave the house because he was afraid I would revenge cheat or leave him. One day, we had no clean clothes, so I left to wash them at the laundromat. While I was gone, he called me and told me if I didn’t come home, he would leave the baby alone, so I rushed home. The next day, I went to the laundromat and took the baby with me. He called and said if I didn’t come home, he would take his life. I told him to go for it and hung up. Then I dialed emergency services and had the authorities do a welfare check on him. He was taken into custody for warrants due to unpaid speeding tickets. While he was in the pokey, I changed the locks and never let him back in. Then, he found another woman to mooch off of and mistreat. Story Credit: Reddit/halfwaythere88

My friend found a psycho. He met her at a bar and ended up taking her home. She decided it should be more than just a one-night stand and suggested a date the following weekend. He obliged. Their first date was meeting her parents. It was a recipe for disaster.

To his horror, she told them how they were going to spend the rest of their lives together, where they were going to buy a house, the names of their two children, etc. He dated her for about a month, and after they broke up, she started stalking his friends. Not him—his friends. She would somehow find out where we would be and threaten us with lawsuits for “ruining her life”. Story Credit: Reddit/hmfiddlesworth

I dated this guy who told me he was a NY firefighter. After a few months, I realized he’d lied to me. He was NOT a firefighter and was actually a psycho. When I tried to break up with him, he told me I couldn’t because he was in the mafia and said if I left him, his guys would get rid of my family and me. He said he had a whole file on my father and his business and knew everything about him. I realized he was truly deranged when he got in my car bleeding, told me he’d been jumped, and asked me to take him to the hospital. We got to the hospital, and the doctor pulled me aside and told me he suspected that he had punctured himself. I realized he made it all up to manipulate me into feeling bad for him and to take him to the hospital.

After that night, he held me captive in the relationship for a few months. He held a piece on me once and didn’t let me go to work because “Tony was coming over, and he wanted to meet me”. Obviously, “Tony” never showed. He left me voicemails threatening my life. I called the authorities, but they said there was nothing they could do with that information. I went to get a restraining order on him and found out he had NINE OTHERS, mostly from his parents. I got out of it when I moved to a different state. Story Credit: Reddit/021718bride

My first boyfriend in college was nuts. We had only been exclusive for one week before the psychosis started. First, I noticed food was going missing in my house. We didn’t live together, yet he was throwing out my food that he didn’t want me to eat. Next, a boy from my class who didn’t know I was dating called to ask me out.

My boyfriend answered and accused him of being a homewrecker. Finally, we were walking, and I was almost hit by a car, but he pushed me out of the way. Later, I found out the dark truth. His friend had been driving the vehicle, and he had orchestrated the stunt so I would feel I owed my life to him. Story Credit: Reddit/PlasticPictures

It wasn’t one incident; it was multiple in a very short span of time. Everything seemed to be going perfectly between us. In fact, I was feeling pretty good about myself. She was out of my league, and I was playing it really smooth. We had been hanging out all day, and finally, I made a move. I kissed her, and it was great. We sat around all night and just talked. Everything seemed normal. The next day, it took a dark turn. she told me her ex forced himself on her, that he was stalking her and following her everywhere. I was just a teenager, so I didn’t really know what to do or say or if I even believed her. I went along with it. She started saying she had seen him in the bushes when we were walking around when nobody was there. She had a male friend who really liked her, and he was socially awkward. He seemed like a sweet dude, so I did my best to be respectful because I knew he had a crush on her, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

All three of us were hanging out, and for no reason at all, when the dude and I were talking, she straddled me and started making out with me while he was sitting right next to me. I stopped her and asked her what she was doing because she knew very well he liked her. I felt terrible because I could see the pain in the guy’s face, so I forced her off of me. Then, as we were walking, she fell behind, so it was just the guy who had a crush on her and me hanging out. After a few minutes, we saw she wasn’t anywhere near us, so we went looking for her. We found her, and she told us her ex harmed her and punched her in the ribs. At that point, I knew something was definitely up. I didn’t like being in the situation I was in at all, so I broke it off. A few hours after breaking up with her, I got a chilling voicemail. A few of her female friends and a few of her male friends were calling me gay while also screaming other incomprehensible insults into the phone. Years later, her newborn baby passed, and she was under investigation for the child’s demise. I thank my lucky stars that I left her when I did. I could be a grieving father at the age of 20. It’s absolutely horrifying to think about. Story Credit: Reddit

He had a very particular way he liked his noodles cooked—al dente, but just a hair soft. He was obsessed with it and always told me I needed to make the noodles because I tended to hit closer to his desired texture than he himself could. One time, I had gotten off from work, and he had been home all day. I had worked 12 hours and commuted almost an hour to get home. The first thing out of his mouth was, “I’m hungry. Make some noodles”. He had thrown temper tantrums in the past, and I was too tired to deal with it, so I just quietly went about making his noodles. I don’t know if it was my exhaustion or something else, but I didn’t get the noodles out quick enough, and they were softer than what he normally liked. I plated some, seasoned them, put them down in front of him, and went to the bedroom to take a shower and go to bed. I had no clue that I was in danger. I was halfway through undressing when a plate full of noodles suddenly exploded against the wall next to me. Then, I felt something on the back of my head, and the next thing I remember was seeing the bathroom tiles staining red and the world turning gray.

He had his hands wrapped around my neck. I remember him saying, “I will end you if you ever make me soggy noodles again”. When I regained consciousness, he was sitting in the living room again, watching TV as if nothing had happened. I tried to go to the hospital, but he caught me before I got out the door. He blocked the door and said with the most frightening smile that still haunts me, “You’re not going anywhere until I get my noodles”. I snuck out later that night and went to the hospital. I had a concussion and a cracked rib. The authorities were called, and I got a restraining order. I had some friends at work get my stuff from the apartment—at least what little was left, as he threw out and destroyed most of my possessions. But that was the moment I knew that this man was psychotic and he would end me. Story Credit: Reddit/Turinggirl

I was with some guy for about two to three months. He kept trying to pressure me into telling him I loved him. He would cry because when we discussed children, I was always an adamant “No” on the subject, and he would cry about how we could compromise. It was not something I was willing to compromise on. I eventually got a nice incentive to end it because I wasn’t that invested, and he clearly was. The psycho in him didn’t come out until after I ended it. He kept texting me that he was going to “Fight for me”, whatever that meant. He also said he wasn’t going to give up because he had “basically become [her] dad”—referring to my cat—after three months. He would switch between begging me to come back and threatening me. I blocked it, and when I didn’t respond to his texts, he would message me on Skype. So, I blocked him there, too, then on Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Eventually, he started getting nastier and nastier. He began calling me fat, ugly, and promiscuous and claimed that there was someone else.  I changed all the combinations and passwords in my house because I didn’t know if he had watched me type my pin over my shoulder. He then started to harass mutual people we knew. He would message my best friend and talk about how he was going to put a restraining order on me and that I should expect something in the mail. He spoke of suing another girl I knew for slander and lashed out at a bunch of people in the same circle. Everyone ended up blocking him as well. Apparently, his behavior wasn’t that abnormal because a few other girls came out of the woodwork stating they had a similar experience with him. It all quieted down after a few months, until not too long ago when he tried to add me on Instagram. I immediately blocked him, and he found my super old Flickr account.He messaged me on that, saying how he was sorry about the way he acted and if I didn’t want him on Instagram, I didn’t have to delete my account, yadda, yadda. I never responded; I just deleted. Story Credit: Reddit/madstxrdust

I came over before he got home from work as usual. I opened his computer—which I did all the time as I had the password—and he had left Plenty O’ Fish and Cougar Life open and was logged in. I was like, “Dude, what“? I looked at the messages, and he’d been trying to meet up with women near us for a while. I called him, and he freaked out. He told me he set up the account for a friend. Of course, I knew it was baloney, but I wanted closure and stuck around until he got home from work. This was a bad move. I broke up with him; he took my phone and keys, slammed the door in my face, shoved and restrained me, and did everything he could to keep me inside the house with him. It was the most terrifying thing because he was way bigger than me, and I had never been so powerless in my life.  He was screaming at me at the top of his lungs with the veins in his neck standing out, holding my arms as tightly as he could. I eventually ended up curled up in a ball on the couch, dissociating.

I hadn’t realized until then how bad he was. I finally talked him down, and he let me go. I didn’t go to the authorities because I was in shock, but I had bruises on my arms and was shaky for days. I found out way later that he’d been charged before and had confined another woman. I wish I had gone to the authorities when it happened to me. If I had, I have no doubt that he’d be behind bars now after his second offense. The worst part was that I GOT BACK TOGETHER WITH HIM and stayed with this guy for a few more months until things escalated even further. We finally broke up for the last time, and he tried to contact me for YEARS. I still have panic attacks when I hear a man yelling at a woman, and I’m still wary of unknown numbers. I check his name in the court records every once in a while, hoping he’s deceased or locked up. Story Credit: Reddit/RangerRudbeckia

On 9/11, my ex and I heard about the planes hitting the towers on the radio while on our way to a coffee shop where I was going to work on my thesis. After the second report, I said, “That wasn’t an accident”. He proceeded to call me “stupid” and rambled on and on about how dumb I was to say that and that, of course, it was an accident as nobody would do that on purpose. We got to the coffee shop, where they had wheeled out a TV on a cart in the middle of the restaurant so patrons could watch what was going on. We sat and watched. As we were watching the live footage, we saw one of the towers come down. I immediately burst into tears, as I knew I had just witnessed innocent people lose their lives. I was wondering, “Oh my God, how many people were still in that building”?! Plus, my brother was on a flight when it happened—he was fine—and one of my friends worked in the financial district in NYC. I was distraught. Anyone with any sense of humanity would have been so.

He leaned over and put his arm around me, thinking he was trying to comfort me. Then he said something that made my blood run cold. He hissed in my ear, “You’re embarrassing me and making a scene. Stop crying or go sit in the car”. That was the moment I knew I was done. We lived together, so I was biding my time and planning to leave. A few weeks later, I wanted to go out with my friends, and he didn’t want me to go because he would get irate when I had any fun. We had an argument, and he pinned me against the wall and said, “I wish I could punch you in the face right now”, and then laughed. The next day I packed my stuff while he was at work. He was broken; the part of him with empathy just wasn’t there. Story Credit: Reddit

My friend’s girlfriend had been taking trips to a specific city for months because her mother had been diagnosed with lupus and apparently needed a lot of care. One day, before leaving for another trip to go see her, she broke up with my friend because she felt she “was being a bad girlfriend and couldn’t devote enough time for him”. My friend took it like a champ and wished her the best. She even left the door open for a possible continuance of their relationship once her mother got better. She spent that weekend texting him about how hard it was to take care of her mother and how she had gotten no sleep because she had spent the night at the hospital. The whole time my friend was being incredibly supportive and texting her studies on lupus and all this other stuff. A few days later, my friend was randomly checking his Facebook and saw one of those 360-degree panoramic pictures posted by someone he knew who also had a fling with this girl. The picture was taken at a popular music festival that happened to be around the city where his ex’s mom lived.

My friend panned around, and there was his ex, partying it up. Instead of visiting her sick mom, she had gone to this music festival and hooked back up with this guy. He found pictures of her there all weekend which means she was at the festival the whole time. All that texting about being at the hospital was complete nonsense. He wasn’t even sure if her mom ever had lupus, or if she was just hooking up with this guy for months instead. He immediately confronted her, and her response was just to ghost him. She could have just broken up with him instead of launching a massive campaign of lies so that she could eat her cake and have it too. Story Credit: Reddit/DepressedBard

One evening, my boyfriend invited a bunch of people over to hang out by his fire pit so I could meet his friends. I hit it off with a few of his guy friends as we had the same taste in movies, etc. There was no flirting whatsoever. As the last person was leaving, he and I were standing in the backyard by the gate. He grabbed me by the belt loop and pulled me towards him. I thought he wanted a hug—he didn’t. He was unhappy that I hit it off with his friends because now they might “steal me from him,” and this was all my fault.

I was confused. He had a large stick he had pulled from the fire in his hand. He wasn’t pulling me close. He was trying to “brand” me with the still red-hot stick in a place no one would see. I still have the scar, but I don’t have him. Story Credit: Reddit/TheDreadedLorax

I dated a psycho for nine months. He was lying about his career, past life, and even that his parents weren’t really biologically his. He would flip out and cause a scene for the slightest issues. If I were three minutes late to his in the car, he would start shouting. If we were at a nice dinner with his family and chatting more than he felt I should have with his sister, he would make a scene at the table that was so loud the neighbors would complain. I had money in my room, and shortly after he moved in, I found it missing, along with some jewelry.  I discovered he had pawned them when I found the receipts behind some furniture. He claimed to have cancer in order for me to not go away on business for two weeks.

Meanwhile, I was the sole breadwinner and wasn’t doing anything to give him any doubts, and we needed the money. I found out later that the clinic he was being dropped off at didn’t offer any treatments for anything he claimed to have. After he moved out, I found yellowish makeup, which he applied to look ill. I put up with it all for longer than I should have and cracked seven months in. I had a fair number of therapy sessions to process everything and had trust issues with future dates and partners. Story Credit: Reddit/chokingcolours

My boyfriend had called the authorities and reported me for things he had actually done to me. It was a very interesting and unpleasant situation for the detective and me to work out. The monster popped the ignition in my car and caused it to catch fire while driving down the interstate. He knocked me unconscious, then accused my 90-pound, extremely sickly self of hurting him, a 300-pound wannabe linebacker.

He stalked me on campus, had his friends call my phone constantly, and generally made my life a nightmare until I could switch schools. But he had the audacity to try to say I had done all of this. Story Credit: Reddit/kiwitathegreat

My first long-term boyfriend had some weird little quirks. Once he got into doing something, he would ignore me, even if he had asked me to be around. Then, when I had plans, he’d guilt me into canceling them and doing something with him. He would try to isolate me to the point that I was almost always with him, and he would monitor what I was doing. He would also look through my phone. Once, my friend kissed me on the cheek in front of him. He laughed at the time, only to shout at me later.

He had different faces for different people. It was a slow build-up; he went from attentive boyfriend to my sole keeper. Luckily for me, one day, he just seemed to lose interest. It was like a switch had been flipped. It hurt at the time to be suddenly dumped without reason, but I’m glad in retrospect. He was later diagnosed as schizophrenic. Story Credit: Reddit

He sent me to pick up a present he got for his friend’s baby shower. I went to the store and asked for it, but they said they didn’t have an order. I called him and gave my phone to the cashier. After a moment, she gave the phone back to me, saying, “I will not be talked to like that”. I was so confused. She said he was very rude to her and refused to help me, so I left.

When I came home, he denied being rude to her and got mad at me for taking her side.  Later, he told me I had ruined everything, we wouldn’t be going to the baby shower, and that his friend was very upset. I was confused and felt awful, so I called his friend to apologize. She had no idea what I was talking about. He had lied about the whole thing to make me feel like a bad person, and it made me realize he was gaslighting me during our entire three-year relationship to make me feel crazy. Story Credit: Reddit/wittysnhere81

I was married for 23 and a half years. He was as nice as could be, and an every-day-a-wonderful-day-kind of guy until he got taken into custody for pleasuring himself in an AMC movie theater parking lot—at matinee hour—with children present. What really came as a shock was that he used his company’s mailing address on the official report. With a little digging, I discovered that not only had he been taken into custody before and during our marriage—and never brought it up—but he had been detained by immigration twice, with officers inquiring where his son was.

We had no children. I filed for divorce the very next day as soon as the office opened. He ghosted me after that, forever. Story Credit: Reddit

For a while, I saw a girl I thought I had hit it off with. We were into the same stuff, but something in my gut was telling me she was off, so I broke it off and tried to remain friendly with her. I found out later that she was playing a long con with me and was only pretending to be into everything I liked in an attempt to domesticate me. I also learned that once I broke things off, she got so angry she smashed a glass against her door, and when her roommate went to sweep it up, she said, “No, leave it.

Those are the shattered pieces of my heart”. Safe to say, I have no regrets and have never doubted my gut instinct since. Story Credit: Reddit/FishoftheNorth

Not sure if this is psychopathic or sociopathic, but towards the end of my two-year relationship, my boyfriend threatened to throw himself out of the window. We were 11 flights up, and he opened the sliding glass door, with the railing waist-high. I spent what felt like an eternity physically restraining him from going over the edge, or so I thought. Both of us were screaming and crying.

I was finally able to pull him away, and we both fell back, with me crashing into the TV and him falling on top of me. After that, he just stood up, brushed himself off, and said he was never going to take his life; he just needed me to prove how much I loved him. That’s when I realized he was a psycho and was finally able to break things off. Story Credit: Reddit

It started out with little things like comparing me to his exes, but it was always favorable at first. He seemed overly enthusiastic about wanting to join me in activities and hobbies I did without him. He would force his way in, then pout or make fun the whole time, but it was subtle. He would make legit jokes about my hobbies that I’d laugh off, but it kept getting worse and more frequent. He’d then put me down, giving me back-handed compliments, and if I caught on and got upset, he’d say, “Joking” with this smile that never met his eyes. One night we were lying on the couch, drinking, watching a game, and just relaxing. We were having a good time when out of nowhere, he said he no longer wanted to live. I took him seriously and started asking more questions. He shook his head back and forth in a daze and claimed he didn’t say that. Things got much worse after that.

They finally came to an end when he choked me in a rage. He said he was sorry, called me, and sent me flowers. Luckily, my sister helped me out. I hadn’t mentioned too much of what was going on to my family because he had slowly been isolating me, but also because I felt crazy. I thought I was reading too much into his comments, suggestions, etc. When he choked me, I ran straight to my sister. I left him and everything I had at his house and moved on. It took years and dating some more grounded people to get over it. Story Credit: Reddit