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My Boss Stole My Super Bowl Tickets, So I Made Him Lose A Major Client

Emotions Arise From The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl has been an event that millions of American football fans have looked forward to since its start in 1967.

There is more to the game itself. Eating snacks, hanging out with friends while rooting for your favorite team, and hoping they come out on top adds to the appeal.

However, if you were to imagine that your opportunity to watch your team play in person was taken away from you, how would you feel?


Losing Tickets And Feeling Devastated 

The Super Bowl is the year’s peak for those who love the NFL, and everyone eagerly tunes in to see which team will be victorious.

The excitement of sitting right in the thick of the action on the 30-yard line, watching your team fight to the top, is something best experienced in person.

It’s a thrilling time. But what would you do if your precious tickets for that prime seat were taken from you? There’s no doubt that you would feel devastated. 

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What Price Are You Willing To Pay?

It’s no easy task to get your hands on tickets for NFL games, especially if you want to get prime seats on the 30-yard line.

That’s if you can afford the $5,000 per ticket. Many fans are unable to reach this dream, but Roger got his golden opportunity.

Unfortunately, his boss pried it from his hands. 


Meet Roger

Roger Williams worked as a dedicated consultant at a company and managed several key accounts.

He took pride in his job and was dedicated to what he did. But Roger’s boss, Tim, had his head wrapped around results and bringing in new clients.

His own position was essential to him, and he wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice anyone to keep it. 


Football Friends

Tim should have made himself more aware of how he handled Roger because he had no idea where his actions would lead.

Roger was a die-hard 49ers fan, and his love of the sport made him a friend to others who shared his passion.

But one of his friends was someone who should never be crossed. 


An Important Client

One of the key accounts that Roger worked with was Edmund’s Incorporated, where the CEO was Anthony Edmund.

Roger knew he was one of their most important clients in his portfolio, and the company depended on him. But the business wasn’t where their relationship ended.

Anthony, too, was a die-hard 49ers fan and knew more about Roger than just his professional dealings. They had developed a friendship over their shared love for the sport. 


A Token Of Appreciation

None of his coworkers knew it, but Roger and Anthony had a strong relationship outside of work and knew each other personally.

They often didn’t stick to formal meetings and enjoyed having dinner and drinks together. Both parties enjoyed their professional relationship, but Roger had proven his skills in his job.

Anthony saw how much he had done for the company and wanted to thank him for his hard work. He decided to present him with a special token of appreciation. 


Unintended Consequences

Anthony purchased two Super Bowl tickets, tucked them into a plain envelope, and decided to go to the consulting firm to give Roger his gift.

As he made his way through the front door, he spotted Tim and asked him to pass the envelope on to Roger.

He asked that he express his gratitude for all the hard work he had put in. Anthony had yet to learn what Tim would do next. 



Tim didn’t hand the envelope over to Roger immediately as he wanted to sneak a peak at what was inside.

When he glimpsed the Super Bowl tickets, he realized this was a rare opportunity he would likely not get again.

Tim was struggling to secure a client and thought it would be a good idea to offer the tickets to them as a gift. He hoped that the gesture would sway them to reconsider his proposal. 


A Well-Intended Plan Gone Wrong

Roger had no idea that the incredible opportunity that had been awaiting him had just been taken away.

You might wonder why Anthony hadn’t given the envelope to Roger himself instead of asking Tim to play middleman. Wouldn’t that have been easier?

He had thought his decision through carefully, not expecting his plan to backfire. 


It Was Meant To Be A Surprise

Anthony didn’t want to give Roger the envelope in person because he didn’t want everyone at the company to know what he had done.

He wanted to surprise his friend but not jeopardize their professional relationship. And he had no idea Tim would be dumb enough to steal from a client.

But he would find out soon enough.


Watching The Game At Home

It was Saturday, and Roger was prepared for the big game. His snacks were prepared, and a few of his friends had come over.

As the introduction started, Roger wished he had the $5,000 to spend on a ticket. It would’ve been fantastic to see the 49ers up close and personal.

But he had to make the best of what he had.


Sad Loss

Sadly, the 49ers lost that game, but that didn’t mean Roger didn’t enjoy the show. The 49ers had just managed to get back into the Super Bowl, and that in itself was worth watching.

Even though the loss stung a bit, he still had a great time watching them.

If only he knew that it could’ve been a million times better.


Confusing Question

A few days later, Roger met Anthony for drinks, and Anthony asked him something that caught him completely off guard.

“Hey, by the way, why didn’t you go to the game? I heard someone else was in your seats.” Roger’s brows furrowed at Anthony’s words, and he told him that he didn’t have tickets.

That was when everything came out.


He Had No Idea

Anthony told Roger that his company had tickets for every Super Bowl game, and they weren’t just any tickets. They were 30-yard seats.

He also informed Roger that he had given up his two seats for Roger. Anthony told Roger about the surprise he had planned and that Tim was told to give him the tickets.

Roger was speechless for a moment.


The Truth Comes Out

When Roger told Anthony he never received the tickets, his friend was visibly boiling.

But being the composed businessman he was, he needed evidence before he said anything else.

Anthony told Roger to do a little digging and see what he could find, which Roger agreed to. But neither of them knew what Tim was really up to.



Over the next few days, Roger kept his ears wide open while at the office, but nothing popped up.

There was no gossip about the Super Bowl or the tickets Anthony gave to Tim.

If they wanted answers, Roger would have to up his game. He’d need to start asking questions, and he knew exactly who to go to.


A Lead From The Secretary

The secretaries knew everything, and that was where Roger would start.

He asked around a bit, but none of them were willing to reveal anything,

Roger was about to give up when Emma pulled him aside and told him that Tim had given the tickets to a potential client he was trying to win over.



Roger was used to office politics and didn’t usually let it get under his skin, but this time his blood was boiling. He loved the 49ers and would’ve given his right arm to be in those seats. 

Roger wished he could take revenge, but Tim was his boss, and if he did anything wrong, he would lose his job.

But that didn’t mean he would back down. He’d just have to be cautious.


The Life-Altering Text

Once Roger calmed down a bit, he sent Anthony a text with everything he had discovered. This time Anthony wasn’t as cool as he was before.

He replied with, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME??” A few seconds later, another text came through saying, “Pretend I never told you. Let me handle it.” Roger smiled.

That was exactly what he needed.


His Plan

Over the next few days, Anthony kept Roger updated about his plan, but he was vague when it came to what exactly it was that he planned on doing.

All Roger knew was that Tim wouldn’t get away with what he did and that Anthony expected both Roger and Tim to be in his office the following week.


A Week Later

A week later, Tim and Roger were boarding a plane to New York, where Antony was waiting for them. During the flight, Anthony’s plan was all Roger could think about.

He wondered what his cunning friend had up his sleeve and how it would affect their business relationship.

Would he terminate his contract with the company?


Line Of Questioning

When Tim and Roger arrived, Anthony introduced them to a woman called Angelica. Roger was confused, especially when Anthony told Angelica she must’ve met Roger already as he was at the Super Bowl game.

It was only then that the trick started sinking in.

Angelica said she didn’t remember Roger and that two people from Olpharia Inc. were sitting in the seats he mentioned.


Tim Was Uncomfortable

Tim swallowed the lump in his throat and motioned for Roger to cover for him. Roger shook his head, at which point Tim started stumbling over his own words.

Anthony turned to Tim with a look of utter confusion.

He then told Tim that he had personally handed him the envelope containing the tickets and asked him to give it to Roger.



Tim was trapped in a corner and did everything he could to cover his own behind.

He even went as far as to say that Roger couldn’t make it, and then he accused Roger of giving the tickets to someone else.

And after that, he had the audacity to turn to Roger with pleading eyes. Anthony smirked as he gathered Tim’s things and handed them to him.


The Real Plan

But that was just scratching the surface of Anthony’s plan.

He now had all the evidence he needed to prove that Tim had indeed stolen the ticket, and he was furious about that.

He would make the man pay for deceiving him like that, and he would make sure his friend didn’t suffer in the process.


Trying To Cover His Tracks

Barely containing his fury, Anthony said, “Tim, those tickets were a personal thank-you gift from me to Roger. Did you give them to another client?”

“Oh, uhm, maybe something got mixed up in the office?” Tim said, even though it was clear that he wasn’t getting out of this.

Anthony remained quiet for a moment and then turned to Roger.



“Apparently, I need to show my appreciation in another way,” Anthony said. “Would you like to join us for lunch?”

Tim immediately accepted the offer, obviously wanting to do damage control, but he was in for a surprise.

“I need to evaluate our relationship. Please go back home and expect to hear from us next week,” Anthony said, his tone as cold as ice.


Unexpected Turn

On their way to the restaurant, Roger received a text from Tim, pleading for his help. And that was when Anthony revealed his true revenge.

He replied with his demands. He wanted to be reimbursed for the Super Bowl tickets as well as the lunch they had at a very expensive restaurant.

He wanted Roger to receive a direct apology, and he wanted the company to apologize to Edmund’s Incorporated for what they considered to be theft. And Tim was to be removed from their project. But things didn’t end there.


In The End

The news spread through the company like wildfire, and Roger came out looking like a hero. Tim was removed from the project and lost all his profits, and he was forced to pay back all the invoices related to the case.

Roger left the company a few months later, and shortly after his departure, Anthony terminated his contract with them. They lost their biggest client because Tim wanted to steal a couple of Super Bowl tickets.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.


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