Mother Gets Kicked Out Of Water Park For Her Outfit; She Acts Quickly

Water Park Nightmare

It all began off as a simple family outing intended to be enjoyed by everyone. The kids were having a good time. However, for some reason, the mother was taken entirely by surprise. No, it wasn't about the children's misbehavior.

It wasn't even about the extra expensive resort charges. It's even worse than that. She couldn't believe it when two resort staff members were looking at her not in a good way. 

Here Comes Life’s Surprise 

In the early 2000s, anybody who happened to catch a peek at Madelyn Scheaffer's lifestyle in Odessa, Missouri, would have believed that she was enjoying the American dream. She had an excellent job, two children, and a strong desire to provide them with the type of life that every kid ought to have. 

Her life wasn't perfect but she made it through day by day. Unfortunately, life dealt this young mother a cruel blow.

Unexpected Situation

Nope. It did not occur in the form of an illness or a car crash. Instead, her life was transformed as a result of something quite simple that anyone could have done. As Madelyn was going through her evening routine, something unexpected happened that caused her reality to be shattered.

This put her in a situation she had never dreamt she would find herself in before. It was a normal day but things got out of hand.

A Bad Slippery Moment

Madelyn had been subjected to several blows before the occurrence at the water park, which worsened the severity of the incident. Madelyn was getting ready for her nightly shower, and it was quite a struggle for her. 

When she was finally able to enter the bathroom, that’s when she had an accident. It was out of the blue and before she could react, she already fell.

Painful Experience

One careless move resulted in her tumbling to the floor and sinking into the tub's rough surface. While slipping and falling in the bath has occurred to anyone at some point, how Madelyn landed was particularly unpleasant. 

It felt like the whole floor was swept beneath her feet. In a state of shock, she did not feel any pain but as her adrenaline slowed, it was unbearable.

Unbearable Pain 

Madelyn was in horror when she realized that she's unable to raise herself out of the tub when she sought to lift herself out of the water. She called an ambulance, and the medics began assessing the issue. As it turned out, Madelyn had a slipped disc. 

This horrible accident required her to seek medical help. As a result of unbearable pain, she made a split decision that many would find unusual. 

Stuck in the Tub

Madelyn decided to stay in the tub because she was in too much agony to move. She was also afraid of how it would feel to be transferred from the tub to the stretcher. 

Twenty-four hours quickly turned into 48 hours, then turned into 72 hours. Madelyn Scheaffer ended up staying in the tub for three days.

Making Future Decisions

She was replaying the moments of her fall over and over in her head, and she was thinking of the struggle she had felt just going into that tub. It was out of the ordinary, let alone ideal, to have battled with a primary and straightforward function.

She soon made a difficult decision about her future in the privacy of her bathroom. This took all the courage she had to change her life!

Time for a Change

Madelyn had disregarded her well-being and health when she was focused on providing for and caring for her children. She weighed in at about three hundred pounds, and that didn't make her too happy. 

She was well aware that she needed to make some adjustments, but she didn't expect anything to come overnight. It was a long but steady process.

Waiting for Another Year to Come

That should have been her first indication that he needed to lose weight, she said in an interview about the effects of her accident. But then, it took her another year before she decided to do anything about it.  

She would uncover something within herself that made the most significant difference when she took action despite all of this. Finally, Madelyn was at a place she wanted to be.

Discipline and Determination

Achieving a healthy weight loss can be as tricky as hiking Mount Everest for some. People try and try, but they can never reach the summit that they have set their sights on. Sadly, munching away on a Mcdonalds’ value meal is far more convenient — and far less expensive — than exercising and eating a salad at a restaurant. 

On the other hand, Madelyn was different from the majority of people who have a gym membership. She possessed dedication and self-discipline.

Her New Self

She changed her dietary habits and made it a point to include physical activity in her daily routine. Two years after her life-altering accident, Madelyn Scheaffer discovered that she no longer resembled the woman she had been before the accident occurred. 

Even though Madelyn achieved her goal, her transformation into her new healthy body was far from flawless. She was on the right track but she still felt conscious.

Self-Conscious Momma

Even though Madelyn had finally achieved the fitness model figure, her confidence was still just like someone who weighed more than 300 lbs. It didn't matter that she had spent years working hard to keep herself in the most fantastic shape she was ever in.

She was still incredibly self-conscious about wearing a bikini in public. However, she packed up the courage to show her transformation one fine day!

Thrown out of the Park

Making the most of a hot summer day in Missouri, Madelyn Scheaffer went to her neighborhood water park to cool down and feel confident in her skin. However, it wasn't long before flashing lights began blinking outside the park.

Never had she imagined that her day would conclude with her being escorted out of the water park by police officers. Everyone's eyes were trailing her as she made her way out.

Ready to be Confident

Madelyn, then 43, was finally ready to show off the body she had fought so hard to achieve one summer day. Because Missouri is not exactly on the coast, she didn't have the same liberties with being close to a beach. 

She, on the other hand, knew exactly where she wanted to flaunt her new bikini body. Can you guess where they went?

Off to Adventure Oasis

On a warm summer day, Madelyn gathered her children and decided to do something about the desirable situation on one of the hottest days of the year. Wearing a black bikini that she had recently purchased, she drove to Adventure Oasis, one of Missouri's most popular water parks.

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. She was feeling so confident with her body at that moment. 

Disapproving Eyes

In this environment, she felt comfortable rocking her new figure without feeling like she was trying to draw attention to herself. She noticed many young females in bikinis that were similar to hers, so she didn't think she had anything to be concerned about.

While she was swimming around in the pool, she was unaware that someone was keeping a close eye on her with a displeased set of eyes. She didn't mind them as she enjoyed her day.

Called Out by Officers

Madelyn had worked so hard to achieve the figure she desired, and she no doubt felt so free when she was able to show it off without fear of being judged by a crowd of strangers.

Sadly, it wasn't 'til long that two female park employees approached Madelyn, and she was asked to come with them. Concerned by this, Madelyn courteously followed.

Shamed By the Staff

Rather than presenting her with any critical information, they simply said something that she found utterly unexpected and left her in a state of surprise. 

Just when she believed her days of being humiliated were over, these two staff members humiliated her in a way that makes all of her hard work appear to be a complete waste of time. This was not the best situation for a woman who had been through a lot.

Inappropriate Clothing

When the young staff members approached Madelyn, they were not friendly. They informed her that Adventure Oasis was a family-oriented attraction and that her bikini was both too tiny and improper for the occasion. 

At that very moment, her pride evaporated, and she was left with a more recognizable emotion. Her heart was starting to pound and her cheeks were beginning to flush.

The Harsh Reality

Madelyn had been highly self-conscious and ashamed of her plus-sized figure for the better part of her life up until this point. While empowerment for people of all body shapes is more prevalent today, Madelyn recalls that people were much harsher when she was young.

People were not so open-minded back then, and judgment comes all around. She didn't expect that up to this day, people were still judgemental.

It’s All Coming Back to Her

Madelyn's previous feelings of guilt and embarrassment came rushing back to her with the arrival of those two staff members. Imagine the trauma and humiliation she felt. 

While looked around the park, she became aware that something wasn't quite right. She believed that she had the right to be in this water park as anyone else.

It’s not About the Bikini

As she felt embarrassed, Madelyn took a quick look around her to ensure the confrontation wasn't drawing too much attention from those in the vicinity. While doing so, she became aware that she was one of several visitors wearing bikinis on that particular day. 

With that assessment, she realized that the staff wasn't so much interested in her bikini as they were interested in anything directly tied to her personally. Madelyn felt she was not being treated equally to the other guests.

Not The Best Approach

Madelyn was humiliated by these two staff members, and it had nothing to do with her bikini. When she recognized what was going on, she felt a surge of pride return to her body and soul. 

She has a different body than the young girls who were strolling around in their bikinis. But why should she be made to feel embarrassed of her body? 

Reasoning with the Staff

More specifically, she stated in an interview that she is a 43-year-old lady who did not have the courage or the physique to wear a bikini until she was 40 years old and that she has since achieved both. 

However, as she began to argue with the two staff members, they presented her with two options. Both of which were equally horrible.

Appalling Options

The water park service members told her that her swimsuits were too small and offered her two alternatives, both of which she found utterly unacceptable. They said she could go put on some shorts or leave the park if she didn't want to.

Shocked by this declaration,  she couldn't believe her ears when she heard it. It's as though everyone was clothed in proper attire but she wasn't and in fact, she was simply wearing a swimsuit herself.

Taking a Stand

She couldn't believe that these female staffers are singling her out. Was their employment so monotonous that they felt the need to locate someone with whom to generate trouble? She insisted on speaking with their supervisor. 

However, it did little to alleviate her predicament. As a result, she also issued an ultimatum to them.

The Arrival of the Police

She responded by saying that if she's not trying to cover up, and if they're expecting her to go, they should phone the police and have them take her out. Only a few minutes later, the red and blue lights outside of Adventure Oasis began to flash. 

The resort’s management did indeed call the cops. Madelyn was ready to express her sentiments to the officers.

A Greater Cause

The police officers walked her out of the area calmly, and while it was moderately humiliating for her, she believed she was doing it for the greater good. She was being ejected based on every woman who had ever been prejudiced against in the past. 

While one would anticipate the police to deploy the full extent of their authority in this situation, they reacted in a way that caught her completely by surprise. She did not expect what happened next, at all.

A Calm Gesture

While the officers were escorting Madelyn out of the park, they mentioned something which made Madelyn feel empowered in her emotions. They stated that they were at odds with the park's employees but that they had no choice but to carry out their responsibilities. 

At least they were people who understood what she’s feeling. This just gave her the little push that she needed to share her story.

People On Her Side

According to Madelyn, they have informed her that they cannot express themselves verbally but hope that the expression on their faces would convey how they feel about the entire scenario. She did see that they are unhappy when they took her out of the park. 

That’s when she planned to give the water resort what they deserve. After all, it’s not just herself that she’s going to fight for. 

It’s Not Over Yet

Although the Adventure Oasis staff members may have believed that their problem had been resolved, they were in for a surprise. She was gripped with rage due to what had transpired.  

Madelyn was not going to simply brush off the incident and move on with her life. She had devised a strategy that would bring their heinous actions to the attention of the entire world.

Viral Sensation

Immediately upon returning home, Madelyn logged onto Facebook and shared her humiliating encounter with her friends and family. They couldn't believe that the Adventure Oasis employees would act in such a negative way. 

With increasing attention and support, Madelyn's post quickly gathered traction and spread over the Internet, quickly becoming a viral sensation. It was only the start, as her narrative was going to reach individuals in far higher positions.

Covered by the Press

Madelyn became like a local celebrity due to the incident, and she began to be recognized by strangers. She was also called by Good Morning America shortly after, who expressed interest in covering her tale. 

This would undoubtedly be a devastating blow to Adventure Oasis, and she couldn't be more pleased about it. She felt the need to step up for people just like her.

Showered with Support

She quickly gained the support of the entire globe as several different news outlets picked up her tale. On her Facebook page with pride, she stated that she had received messages from Greece, China, Hong Kong, and other countries. 

She even received more than 500 heartfelt notes! She'd always wanted to travel the globe, and now the world has come to her, showering her with affection and blessings.

Time for a Change

When it comes down to it, what Madelyn wants out of the scenario has little to do with cash or even getting into the park in the first place. She is looking for a change.

She stated that she stands by her claim that Adventure Oasis Water Park could have handled the situation better. Furthermore, she believes it should never happen to anybody else ever again.

Moving to Hawaii

It appears that the event at Adventure Oasis was the tipping point for Madelyn and her decision to leave. Just a few weeks after the incident, she decided to leave everything behind and relocate to Hawaii.

Isn’t it incredible how some things that happen sometimes become a reason for a great decision? Now, she is living her life on a tropical island!

Her New Life

In Hawaii, Madelyn would be able to enjoy the beach at her leisure. She would always have numerous opportunities to feel comfortable in her skin while she was there. 

It’s just disappointing that some people around the world still cannot grasp this concept. Madelyn's story isn't the only one out there!

More Women Speaking Up

On another part of the globe, Yvette Harvie-Salter, a promising singer from Auckland, New Zealand, also had no idea she would be making headlines when she went to the Albany Stadium Pool on one of her routine visits. One of the lifeguards on duty approached Yvette while she was in the sauna and spa.

Yvette then shared her tale on social media, and it didn't take long for the story to go viral and become well known around the world. It went from being a famous Internet tale to becoming an international news headline in a short period. While some people agreed with what had occurred to Yvette, the majority of people were just as outraged as she was about it. As a result of the increased attention, the pool issued a formal public apology.

Standing Up for Yourself

The stories of these women are encouragement for every girl out there to speak up in what you believe in. It also serves as a lesson not to prejudice against anyone. 

Let. People. Dress. The. Way. They. Want. Do you have a story like this? Share it with us in the comments.