Mother Buys This At Thrift Shop, Finds Out True Value After Looking Inside

“Mom, listen, you can’t let this thing inside your house. It’s not what you think it is.” - Kat told her mother with a shaking voice. She just figured out what was inside the ornament that her mom loved so much. 

"What do you mean by that?" - Mother felt confused. What could a tiny piece of decor do to her or her daughter? However, it seemed like Kat was right. Now they had to act quickly as every minute counted.

Her Newfound Treasure

The ornament that Priscilla Bailey was obsessed with was a USD 2 purchase she got from her local thrift store. It was a beautiful blue glass ornament that was shaped like a heart. From the moment that Priscilla saw it, she knew that she had to get it.

Her daughter, Kat, was also with her when she took this ornament home, and they didn’t notice anything weird about it. Kat said, “You should get that, mom. It’s cheap, and it’s blue, and it’s very much something you’ll like.” The pair laughed at this remark, but Priscilla knew that her daughter was right.

Was It Hollow?

Upon looking at it for the first time, this blue ornament seemed hollow – after all, ornaments were usually hollow. However, it didn’t feel like it because of its weight. If this ornament was hollow, how does it feel heavier than usual?

For days, Priscilla had left her heart-shaped ornament hanging in her kitchen without thinking much of it. Then one day, Kat noticed something odd and eerie about it, so she decided to inspect it herself. What she found was horrifying, and she knew they needed to get rid of it as soon as possible…

Who Was Priscilla Bailey?

Priscilla Bailey was a well-loved figure in her community, and she had been living in Plymouth for as long as she can remember. This was where she met the love of her life, and this was where she raised her daughter, Kat. She was a much-beloved figure, and everybody seemed to be smitten with the old lady.

Now that her daughter had long moved out, Priscilla had more time to spend for herself. So she would go out for walks around her neighborhood while talking to her neighbors and petting various dogs. This was her routine, and she couldn’t think of living someplace else.

A Plymouth Native

Plymouth was where Priscilla grew up, and she always said that this was where she ought to die. Kat would often tell her mom that she was overreacting every time she said this, but she knew that Priscilla was serious. She loved this city, and every memory in her life was made in this place.

Even her daughter loved the city, and she found a house a few minutes away from her mom’s. Plymouth was a beautiful place, albeit a bit smaller than most cities in their state. Still, it had everything that Priscilla ever wanted, and it had a local thrift store that seemed to be her happy place.

Thrift Stores Were Her Happy Place

Whenever the old lady felt a bit down or felt like she wanted to do something fun, Priscilla would always go to her local thrift store. Sometimes she would even call Kat, and the pair would go whenever Kat was available. According to Priscilla, thrift stores were her happy place.

All the staff in her local thrift store knew Priscilla and Kat – after all, they were always there. So whenever the old lady would make her way through the aisles, wonderful smiles would always greet her. Then one day, Priscilla would find a treasure that would change her life forever…

Finding an Inexpensive Treasure

Priscilla loved anything blue, which was evident once you saw the decorations in her house. One day, she was roaming around her local thrift store without looking for anything in particular. Then she heard her daughter say, “Mom, come here! You’re going to love this piece.”

She tried to find her daughter in the sea of inexpensive treasures, and she was eager to see what Kat was holding. Once she found Kat, she saw a blue ornament shaped like a heart – her daughter was right; she loved this piece. Priscilla said, “I wonder how much this is.”

She Loved the Ornament

Upon looking at the price, the pair was stunned to see that the ornament was only being sold for USD 2. This was such a steal, and Priscilla knew that she wanted to take it home with her. Kat also encouraged her mother and said, “You should get it. It’s beautiful, and it’s blue, and it’s going to add a beautiful touch to your house.”

Priscilla took the heart-shaped ornament home, and she hung it in her kitchen. Every single time that she would spend in this space, she would simply admire the blue heart hanging from her ceiling. It was, indeed, a steal, and she was so happy that she made the purchase.

Her Daughter Found it Odd

One day, Kat decided to visit her mom to make sure that she was doing okay. This was something that she did quite frequently ever since she moved out. Although, upon entering the kitchen, Kat was stunned by the image of the blue heart hanging from her mom’s ceiling.

While waiting for Priscilla to come into the kitchen, Kat took the blue heart and decided to inspect it herself. She thought that it was a bit too heavy for something supposed to be hollow. So at that point, various questions and thoughts have started to come into Kat’s head – what was this ornament that her mother picked up?

What Was Inside?

Kat said as her mother entered the kitchen, “This ornament feels weird, and I think that it’s not hollow at all.” They had no idea what could be inside of the ornament, but Kat was so sure that there was something inside of it. After all, no ornament should weigh that much.

Priscilla started to become curious at that point, and she started inspecting her beloved ornament herself. She said to her daughter, “This does feel heavy for something that’s supposed to be hollow. What do you think could be inside of it?”

They Decided to Investigate

The mother-daughter duo decided to do a bit of investigation on their own. Kat often told her mother, “How cool would it be if we found some kind of treasure inside of this tiny ornament?” Her mother would simply laugh at her daughter’s remarks.

Even though the ornament they found was beautiful and elegant, Priscilla still couldn’t help but feel worried about its contents. She told her daughter, “Sometimes I feel like I never should’ve brought this ornament home. It just feels so weird to have it here.” Upon hearing her mother talk like this, Kat knew that she needed to get to the bottom of this mystery…

Calling a Local Journalist

In the next few days, Kat decided to call a local journalist from Plymouth. She explained what was happening, and they let him into the mystery they were trying to figure out. The journalist thought that this was such an interesting story, and he decided that he was willing to help the mother-daughter pair.

The journalist started to inspect the heart-shaped ornament, and he did think that it was eerie from the get-go. What could this mean for Priscilla? Then he did ask something that even he wasn’t prepared to know the answer to, “What do you think might be inside of this ornament?”

Unraveling the Mystery

Upon hearing the journalist’s question, Kat knew that she might have the answer to their mystery. She was just a bit scared that her mom would freak out when she found out what had been hanging in her kitchen. However, she knew that it was finally time to unravel the mystery.

Kat said, “I think I know what’s inside the ornament, and I don’t think it’s a fun one.” Both the journalist and her mom looked at her eagerly, and both were waiting for the answer to their question. Kat added, “I think this ornament is an urn, and there are someone’s ashes inside of it.”

It Wasn’t a Treasure

As soon as she heard what her daughter had to say, Priscilla felt a bit faint. She had no idea that it could’ve been someone hanging on her ceiling. It wasn’t a treasure that they found that day, and all she wanted to do was get rid of it.

Priscilla asked the journalist, “Do you think you could help us locate this ornament’s real owners? I would hate to know that my loved one was hanging on someone’s house.” The journalist took photos of it and broadcasted it on their local news. He also urged the pair to post their findings on social media.

Who Was Inside?

The mother-daughter duo tried to honor the ornament and the ashes in any way possible, and they finally took it off the ceiling for good. They hated the thought that someone would’ve donated this in the first place. Priscilla told her daughter, “I hope you don’t donate my urn when I die.”

Kat laughed at her mother’s remark and said, “Of course, not. Although I do wonder what this person did to their family for them to donate their urn.” This was another thought that Priscilla thought about in the days to come. Finally, they uploaded their story on social media – now, all they needed was to wait.

The Story Spread Like Wildfire

As soon as Kat posted their story on social media, this went viral, and it spread quickly like wildfire. Quite a few people shared their posts, hoping that they could find the ornament’s real owners. Although, this mystery would prove to be a whole lot trickier than the mother-daughter duo expected.

While the story spread like wildfire, nobody could point out the real owners. Sure, a lot of people have been sharing their posts. However, if they won’t find the ornament’s true owners, it still would’ve been a fail.

Finding the Real Owners

In the following days, Kat invited more journalists over to her mom’s house to write a story or a profile about the urn. The pair told their story repeatedly, and they hoped that even one of these journalists would help them in their search. This went on for weeks.

Finally, all the media attention would prove to be quite harsh for Priscilla – after all, she was an old lady. She told her daughter one day, “I don’t want any more journalists or reporters in my house. Let’s just find the owners and be done with it.” Kat took her mother’s wishes to heart, and she went to the place where all their troubles started in the first place…

It Only Could’ve Been Local

Kat had an idea that maybe her local thrift store would have a logbook of everyone who had donated. So she went to where they got their hands on the ornament and went on with her business. She was hopeful that she would find her answers there – but did she?

The manager of the thrift store said, “We don’t have any logbook because we have a policy that everybody could just drop whatever they wanted in our donation bins all over Plymouth.” This shattered Kat’s hopes of finding the real owners of the ornament. Then the manager added, “The owner must’ve been local, that’s all I can say.”

Where is it Now?

The weeks of searching turned into months, and today, the mother-daughter duo still don’t have their answers. Priscilla started to stress herself with the search, so Kat thought it would be best to hide the ornament somewhere secret. She said, “My mom now calls it ‘her creepy best friend.’”

Priscilla and Kat are still hopeful that they will find the real owners of the ornament. They want the ornament reunited with its family to give the ashes a proper burial. Although for now, all they can do is wait.

A Thrilling Discovery

Priscilla thought she found an inexpensive treasure in her local thrift store, but it was far from that. Little did she know that this would’ve turned her life upside down in the weeks and months that followed. It’s safe to say that we should always inspect our thrift store finds before purchasing them.

Still, this didn’t stop Priscilla and Kat from going to their local thrift store. After all, they believe this was the best mother-daughter bonding time. What about you? Would you go to your local thrift store in search of a hidden treasure?