Most Hated NFL Players Of All Time

Marshawn Lynch

For something that people love so much, lots of hate is born out of the game of football. Rival teams hate each other, rival fans hate each other, and fans around the league hate certain players.

For some, the game of football is less about rooting for one's team to win and more about rooting for the players they hate to fail.

Not everyone finds Lynch's free-spirit style to be funny. Beast Mode's tenure in Seattle featured his signature runs, but certain trademarks such as his Crotch Grab dive into the endzone and his refusal to speak to the media weren't look upon kindly by every fan.

Rob Gronkowski

Thank you for asking.

Like Lynch, not everyone laughs and enjoys Gronkowski's frat bro demeanor. They might look past it - Except for the fact that he's on the New England Patriots and is their number one receiving threat.

Rodney Harrison

Success, and the number 69, breeds contempt.

Harrison had already gained notoriety for being a dirty player with the San Diego Chargers - Then he joined the Patriots dynasty of the 2000s and gave his detractors all the more reason to dislike him.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Harrison was fined more than $200,000 for his playing style during his career.

After having to watch his signature catch time and time again, people began to tire of Odell Beckham Jr. by his sophomore year.

Lawrence Taylor

His diva antics, combined with the fact that his New York Giants go up against the large fanbases of the rest of the NFC East, have earned him plenty of hate.

On the field, Lawrence Taylor was completely out of control and couldn't be stopped. His personal life was much of the same.

Jim McMahon

Taylor was suspended for 30 days in 1988 after testing positive for cocaine, and has had a laundry list of issues with drugs and other legal troubles in his post-playing days. LT was hated by many outside the Meadowlands, and even Giants fans will admit that the team swept plenty under the rug for their greatest player ever.

The punky QB attracted plenty of hate during his career for his antics. He drank beer during press conferences, openly defied both coach Mike Ditka and Commissioner Pete Rozelle, and mooned a helicopter.

Richard Sherman

McMahon was even hated for things he never said, such as comments on the people of New Orleans that were attributed to him before Super Bowl XX. To this day, McMahon is still one of the NFL's most notorious characters.

The outspoken leader of the Legion of Boom, Sherman attracted plenty of hate during the Seahawks' Super Bowl run with his penchant for trash talking, which culminated in an interview after making the game-winning play in the NFC Championship Game that rubbed many the wrong way.

Ricky Williams

The backlash from that, however, has not stopped Sherman from speaking as he finds.

Most of the hate for Williams comes from Saints fans, who didn't reap the benefits of his career after coach Mike Ditka mortgaged the team's entire draft just to take him fifth-overall in 1999. Outside of The Big Easy, Williams was plenty controversial, as he became the poster child for marijuana use among NFL players.

For this transgression, Williams was suspended for the entire 2004 season - Though he finished his career with 10,009 rushing yards.