The Average American Can't Ace This Mascot Quiz

So, you think you know your brands?

Here are some tricky mascot questions - from distant past to enduring-present. Warning, some of them are harder than you think!

Which brand has these guys as mascots?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate","correct":false},{"answer":"Tetley Tea","correct":true},{"answer":"Maxwell House Coffee","correct":false},{"answer":"Hershey Cocoa","correct":false}],"answerText":" The Tetley Tea Folk were the mascots of Tetley Tea from 1973 to 2001 and again from 2010 to 2016. They were a group of small humans led by Gaffer, who was the first member of the group to appear in the adverts in 1973. He was joined by Sydney in 1975, Maurice in 1982, Clarence in 1988, Gordon in 1989 and Tina in 1990. In 1993, Gaffer's nephew Archie joined the group.

What's the Sun Maid girl's name?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Lorraine ","correct":true},{"answer":"Mia","correct":false},{"answer":"Susan","correct":false},{"answer":"Marry","correct":false}],"answerText":" The Sun Maid was actually based on a real woman - Lorraine Collett (Petersen).  She had worn the outfit while handing out raisins at the Panama Pacific International Exposition, but the bonnets were blue. An executive saw her working in the backyard in her mother's red bonnet and he immediately wanted to make her the mascot. ","answerImage":""}

Which baby food brand is this?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Earth's Best","correct":false},{"answer":"Heinz","correct":false},{"answer":"Johnson's","correct":false},{"answer":"Gerber ","correct":true}],"answerText":" Dorothy Hope Smith few this baby for a Gerber contest. Hope submitted an unfinished charcoal drawing, that was closer to a simple sketch than a professional drawing.  Smith told the judges that, if the sketch were selected as the winner, she would finish it professionally. The drawing won but, to her surprise, the judges wanted no changes to it. ","answerImage":""}

What's this banana's name?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Ms. Bassi","correct":false},{"answer":"Ms. Chiquita ","correct":true},{"answer":" Ms. Azophi ","correct":false},{"answer":"Ms. Costa","correct":false}],"answerText":" Early Chiquita commercials featured Miss Chiquita as an animated banana! In 1987, Miss Chiquita transformed from an animated banana into becoming a woman. Oscar Grillo, creator of The Pink Panther and renowned artist, was at the forefront of Miss Chiquita’s makeover. She is now a vibrant Latin woman in a bright blue dress.

What was Toy's R Us mascot's name?

{"answers":[{"answer":"George","correct":false},{"answer":"Galeazzo","correct":false},{"answer":"Gerald","correct":false},{"answer":"Geoffroy ","correct":true}],"answerText":" Did you know that Geoffroy first appeared in print adverts for Toys R Us (back then called Children's Bargintown) in the 1950s under the name of Dr. G. Raffe? He was later renamed as Geoffrey and would be seen having a wife and two children.

Who was the Noid the mascot for?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Kool Aid","correct":false},{"answer":"Twizzlers","correct":false},{"answer":"Domino's Pizza ","correct":true},{"answer":"Chips Ahoy","correct":false}],"answerText":" The Noid was made because Domino's wanted to grab some of the Claymation success that the California Raisins was bringing in. He ended in up some video games that weren't very popular. However, the company had to retire their mascot after a particular tragedy that was forever linked to the brand. ","answerImage":""}

What's the name of this cereal clown?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Krispie ","correct":false},{"answer":"Krapple","correct":false},{"answer":"Kropin","correct":false},{"answer":"Krinkles ","correct":true}],"answerText":" Krinkles the Clown first appeared in 1956 on the box of Post's cereal, Sugar Rice Krinkles, which was just a combination of Rice Krispies and Frosted Flakes. \"The audience is introduced to Krinkles as he bursts out of what appears to be a doghouse and crashes through a paper wall, growling \"I'm hungry!\" He stomps to a breakfast table to devour a large bowl of Sugar Rice Krinkles.\" ","answerImage":""}

Where were these raisins from?

{"answers":[{"answer":" Colorado","correct":false},{"answer":"California","correct":true},{"answer":"Kansas","correct":false},{"answer":"Carolina ","correct":false}],"answerText":" They were popular in the mid-to-late 1980s through Claymation TV commercials and animated specials, winning an Emmy Award and one nomination.
But the advertising plan ended up too expensive to maintain, so the company had to find a new mascot. Many of the items created for the campaign have become part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution. ","answerImage":""}

"The Cool Dot" was the mascot for...

{"answers":[{"answer":"Coca Cola","correct":false},{"answer":"Pepsi","correct":false},{"answer":"7 Up","correct":true},{"answer":"Fanta","correct":false}],"answerText":" \"In 1987, this soda company had an idea for new mascot: to anthropomorphize the red circle sandwiched in between the ‘7’ and the ‘Up’ in the logo.\" He starred in several advergames in the 1990s, as well as his own 7 Up adverts on television. Fido Dido advertised 7 Up outside the US at the time.

He was the original...

{"answers":[{"answer":"Chevy","correct":false},{"answer":"Michelin Man","correct":false},{"answer":"Captain Morgan","correct":false},{"answer":"Mr. Clean","correct":true}],"answerText":" Mr. Clean (or Mr. Proper) is a brand name and mascot fully owned by Procter & Gamble. The product's mascot is the character Mr. Clean. In 1957, Harry Barnhart[9] conceived the idea and Ernest C. Allen[10] in the art department at the advertising agency Tatham-Laird & Kudner in Chicago, Illinois drew Mr. Clean as a muscular, tanned, bald man who cleans things very well. 

What was the 9 Lives cat food mascot's name?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Coco","correct":false},{"answer":"Looey","correct":false},{"answer":" Morris","correct":true},{"answer":"Natie","correct":false}],"answerText":" Morris the Cat (voiced by John Irwin of Masters of the Universe ), is the advertising mascot for the Heinz-owned cat food. The original Morris was discovered in a Chicago animal shelter in 1968 by professional animal handler Bob Martwick. He was rescued a mere 20 minutes before the shelter was going to \"dispose\" of him. 

Which toilet paper can you find these bears?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Charmin","correct":true},{"answer":"Cottonelle","correct":false},{"answer":"Scott","correct":false},{"answer":"Kirkland","correct":false}],"answerText":" Originally, an employee at the Hoberg Paper Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin, once described their toilet paper as “charming.” Then presto, the name Charmin was created. They were later bought out by Proctor & Gamble - but the new bosses didn't know how to advertise the product's softness on television. This is where the bears came in. The country song \"Don' Squeeze My Sharmon\", which was a minor hit for Charlie Walker in 1967, was inspired by the ad campaign for Charmin.

This is the Morton's ____ girl.

{"answers":[{"answer":"Sugar","correct":false},{"answer":"Cinnamon","correct":false},{"answer":"Pepper","correct":false},{"answer":"Salt","correct":true}],"answerText":" The Company started in Chicago in 1848, then known as Richmond & Company, Agents for Ondondaga Salt - which claimed to have been around during the American gold rush. An advertising company later came up with the  Morton Salt Girl - a little girl wearing yellow with an umbrella. The catchy slogan of \"When it Rains, it Pours\" was added as well, the idea being that the new spout made for easier salting. ","answerImage":""}

What was the name of the Alka Seltzer boy?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Speedy","correct":true},{"answer":"Sparing","correct":false},{"answer":"Sprizer","correct":false},{"answer":"Springy","correct":false}],"answerText":" In 1951, the mascot \"Speedy\" was introduced.   Originally named Sparky, the name was changed to Speedy by sales manager Perry L. Shupert to align with that year's promotional theme, \"Speedy Relief.\"