Mom Returns After Weekend Away, Opens Bedroom Door And Is Lost For Words

Coming Home

The moment she stopped the car outside her house she knew that something was up. Kate’s husband, Miles, was standing outside the house waiting for her. However, she could tell from his face that something was up. 

She got out her car and with each step she took her heart quickened. Where were her kids? Miles was just their stepfather but he loved them like his own, right? She got closer to her husband and a terrible feeling hit the pit of her stomach. 

Happy Family

Miles and Kate Boyer are a happily married couple from Springfield, Missouri. Although they have no children of their own, they live with Kate’s three children, James, Camille, and Lawson. While Kate knew that she deserved a vacation, she was a bit worried about leaving her kids and husband alone for a weekend. 

However, she really got worried when she saw his reaction to her plans. When she told her husband about her plan and concerns, there was a look in his eye that was hard to define. It was happy, but why? Was he glad that she’d be gone?

Something Up His Sleeve

Miles smiled and waved his wife goodbye as she pulled out of the driveway and headed off to her destination. The smile on his face and the glint in his eye just grew stronger as he watched her go. Then he turned to his step-daughter Camille, and a sinister grin crept on his face. 

They went inside and Miles immediately dropped the to-do list his wife had given him onto the counter. Now that she was gone he was free to do as he pleased, and he planned on doing just that. But first, he would do something else. Something he had been waiting for years to do. 

Deep In The Night 

It was late into the evening and Miles had fed, entertained, and bathed the two younger kids. Camille, a typical teenager, had spent the evening tucked away in her bedroom. 

After putting the two younger kids to bed, he kissed them goodnight and left the room. As he made his way downstairs, Camille suddenly emerged from her room and both her and Miles’ eyes met. Just as Miles was about to say something, a knock on the door pierced the silence in the air. “Stay there,” he said, smiling to his step-daughter. 

 Not What He Wanted

Miles answered the door and to his surprise, a crowd of teenagers was at the door. “Oh hi Mr. Boyer, is Camille ready?” said one of the youths. Suddenly, Camille appeared. “I was just about to tell you, I’m off out,” she said, putting on her leather jacket. “Oh ok, be back for 11:30,” he said, in a forceful tone. 

Miles watched his step-daughter walk away and hop into the car of one of her friends. With a grunt, he let out a sigh. His plan that he had been waiting to execute for several years was just going to have to wait. Tomorrow would be the day. And Miles was counting down the minutes.

Today Is The Day

Miles woke up and rubbed his tired eyes. He checked on the two younger kids and headed downstairs to start the breakfast routine. Pancakes, cereal, toast, orange juice, and fruit. Couldn’t be that hard, right? 

As he poured the orange juice into the glasses, his fist clenched and anger burst through his body at the thought of missing the chance to execute his plan last night. However, today was going to be the day. But before he could finally do it, he needed to go to the store. 

Getting Supplies 

Miles wasted no time in bundling the two kids, Lawson and James, into the back of the SUV before heading to Walmart. Camille was at home but Miles knew she would be fine. Once there, he led them inside and grabbed a trolley and started to wander through the aisle looking for what he wanted to get. 

Lawson was bewildered and confused by what was happening as he watched his dad pile more and more into the cart. However, when he tried to ask his dad about it, all he received, in turn, was a smile and a finger to the lips, shushing him. 

What’s The Big Secret? 

Lawson couldn’t understand what was happening or why his dad would be needing all the strange things he was loading into the cart. He couldn’t understand why his dad was keeping a secret and he hoped that James, his brother, might know. 

Lawson turned to look at his brother but realized that he’d find no help there. Miles meanwhile, was a man on a mission. He marched through the aisles, a clear purpose in his mind, however, he avoided the toy and food aisles. All he could think about was his plan and whether or not he could go through with it. Most of all, would he get away with it?

According To Plan

Miles looked down at the shopping list he had compiled and the things in his cart. So Far, so good. Kate must have been exaggerating about what it was like taking the kids shopping. They’d been on their best behavior the whole time.

Any time the children asked a question he’d just wave it away or shush them. His plan depended on him keeping it a secret. He kept going and picked up a hammer. As soon as he tossed it into the cart, things took a turn. 


Suddenly, James started to cry inconsolably and Miles felt his heart sink. He knew what this was. It was the tantrums Kate had told him about in the past. It was as bad as she claimed.

He immediately ran over to James, trying to quiet and hush him. He knew that the other shoppers were all staring at them. Miles was mortified and tried everything in his power to calm James down. That’s when he reached into his pocket and tried something desperate. 


“How about a snack…?” Miles asked as he pulled a twinkie from his pocket. He’d made sure to bring some along in case but he didn’t expect he’d need it. James smiled happily and reached for the twinkie. At least, for now, everything was ok. 

Having avoided the crisis successfully, Miles went back to what he was doing. Satisfied that he had everything on his list, Miles led all three his kids up to the checkout and started to place everything on the counter. He smiled to himself knowing his perfect plan was about to be executed. He had been waiting for years for this. 

Worried Mom

As any mother would know, leaving the kids and hubby at home for the weekend could have disastrous consequences. Kate was fully prepared to have to clean more than a few messes when she returned from her trip. She hoped that Camille, her daughter would be ok. You see, recently Camille had been quiet and reserved, often not speaking that much; a far cry from the bubbly girl she once was. 

If only Kate knew just what Miles was doing in her absence, she may have rethought her weekend trip.

Let The Plan Begin

You see, Miles had a grand idea as he diligently got to work on the master bedroom. He dismantled all the furniture that Kate had so carefully picked out and moved it away.

Then, he started to tear up the carpet. The children watched in awe as sheets of the concrete floor began to expose themselves. What was he doing?

Forging On

Miles was growing worried now, but it was too late to change his mind. So with a reckless tenacity, he continued on with the plan. Foolhardy as that plan may have been, he was determined.

Any minute now, Kate could walk through the door. What would she think about what he had done to their bedroom?

Finishing Touches

The next morning, Lawson, James, and Camille walked into the room and were beside themselves with the result. What will their mother say about this? The two brothers looked at one another and said, “oh no.” But Miles wasn’t finished yet.

Before letting out a sigh, he picked up a hammer and carried on with his plan. The children started to yell, and from the outside of their home, it could have sounded like the sound of children playing, having fun, and being young. 

Job Done?

Miles stood back and admired his handiwork. But the most important judge was still to come – his wife. But would she appreciate what he had done while she was away?

Late on Sunday afternoon, he heard her pulling into the drive and could barely contain his nervous excitement. He dashed to the door, preparing for her arrival.


Kate’s sixth sense kicked in the minute she saw her husband waiting to greet her. Miles had a look on his face that she couldn’t quite read. “Where are the kids?” she asked, a terrible feeling hitting the pit of her stomach. Miles put his finger on his lips and lead her upstairs to the bedroom. 

Kate stood in the doorway, dumbstruck. When she had left she had thought that her husband could keep the house in one piece, but now she had come home to this.

A New Bedroom

Miles had done the impossible. Kate squealed and threw her hands to her face. The camera recorded every emotion as it showed, from bewilderment to awe, and then to happy tears. The bedroom had been completely transformed!

And it looked absolutely stunning. Gone was the outdated and stained carpet, replaced with new hardwood floors. The walls were a freshly painted shade of cream and gave off a new warmth that made Kate exhale with delight. “What the heck…?” She asked in amazement.

Farmhouse Of Dreams

The complete bedroom makeover had been a longtime dream of Kate’s. The Boyer’s had bought a beautiful old farmhouse with all of their savings, but because the house had originally been built in 1891, there was a lot of work that needed to be done.

Unable to afford a contractor, Miles resolved to renovate the old house himself. But with full-time jobs and children to look after, Miles and Kate’s bedroom renovation found itself on the bottom of the list.


So, when Kate went away for the weekend, Miles grabbed the opportunity with both hands. He had gone to the store and gotten all the supplies he needed, then he'd gotten to work.

First, he slowly and painstakingly pulled the old and wrinkled pink carpet up, revealing the white concrete beneath. But Miles' work was just beginning. 


Once he had removed the dusty and damp-smelling carpet that he knew Kate hated, he got out his hammer and nails. 

Carefully transporting the beautiful planks of Oregon pine he'd just purchased, he laid them down flat, making sure that all the tongues and grooves were locked in place. Then, he hammered in nails to secure the new floor.

New Coat Of Paint

After putting the kids to bed for the night, Miles stayed up late into the night painting the walls of the room. He decided on the same color -- but a fresh coat of paint was sorely needed.

Once he had finished painting all four walls, he turned his attention to the new hardwood floors again. 

Sanding And Sealing

Miles sanded the gorgeous new wood down. Now, it was ready to be sealed and varnished.

After hours of work and five coats of lacquer, the hardwood floors were gleaming. Miles couldn't wipe the smile from his face as he imagined what Kate's reaction would be. But he was far from being done yet.  

Finishing Touches

Miles looked at the remaining pieces of wood left from the flooring and had an idea. After all, what bedroom makeover would be complete without a brand-new headboard?

He nailed the pieces together and covered the whole thing with some material he'd bought for this very purpose. It was perfect. So, what did the finished room look like now? 

A Multi-Tasking Dad

By the end of the weekend, Miles had replaced the old and wrinkled carpet, laid down a beautiful new floor, replaced the curtains, repainted the entire room, replaced the wall sockets, and built a trendy new headboard from scratch.

Not only did he have a complete remodel to contend with, but he also had three children to look after – what an amazing feat!