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Mom Receives Internet Hate After Adopting Child At 49

Being a mom was among the best things in her life, even if many observed that she was late to the party. At forty-nine, she still wanted to enjoy the joys of motherhood.

Wishing to share her happiness with the world, she posted a harmless video detailing her story on TikTok. She had no idea how much hate such a gesture would send her way.

When Kerry Woods decided to adopt her daughter at forty-nine, she’d only wanted to be a mom. For years, she’d tried to get pregnant only to fall short.

But although she’d finally get what she wished for, the aftermath of sharing her story with the world would threaten to ruin the only thing that mattered in her life.

Kerry was your average forty-nine-year-old New Yorker living in Manhattan. She’d only ever wanted one thing in her long life — to be a mom.

A few years ago, that dream had been obliterated by a doctor’s report, which showed her body couldn’t conceive. The blow came at the worst time, to make matters worse.

Kerry had married the love of her life when she received the heartbreaking news. They’d been dating for the last five years, always talking about having kids and being the best parents.

But a few months after their honeymoon, the two realized they were having a hard time conceiving. Of course, the people around Kerry told her sometimes it took a bit of time. But deep down, she knew something was wrong.

Kerry asked her husband to accompany her to the doctor’s office for a check-up. He obliged, and it wasn’t long before the doctor shared his findings.

Regardless of the sad news, the doctor told the couple there were always exceptions to the rule, and they should continue trying. But he also shared something that would change their lives forever.

The doctor shared that there were multiple ways to get a child in today’s world. He offered the couple several of these methods, urging Kerry to consider them.

But it would be years before Kerry and her husband finally gave up on trying to get pregnant and finally tried one of the methods the doctor had proposed.

Kerry was forty-eight when she and her husband finally looked into adoption. She was thankful that he’d braved an entire decade beside her and would do anything to raise a child with him.

Additionally, she still wanted to be a mom and had several things she wanted to do with her kids. She’d always dreamt about watching her kids grow up and being there to guide them. Would her age allow her to do this when she adopted a child?

The adoption process took a year, and by forty-nine, Kerry and her husband were parents. The two led comfortable lives at their age, with everything they could ever want.

They had a big beautiful house and were at the peak of their careers. Being parents also came easy to them, as they’d spent years preparing for everything. But there was one thing that the two hadn’t foreseen. 

Being a mom was among the best things in Kerry’s life. After all the years of yearning, she could finally enjoy what so many women across the globe felt.

Wanting to share her happiness with the world, she posted a harmless video detailing her story on TikTok. She had no idea how much hate such a gesture would send her way.

Kerry was sleeping when she heard her phone buzz. Thinking it was the alarm waking her up on a Saturday, she wholly ignored it. But the gadget continued buzzing. Several notifications were flooding in.

Still lost in the throes of sleep, she clicked it open. Her brows drew close as she realized what was happening. She shot straight up, quickly unlocking her phone.

The notifications on Kerry’s phone stemmed from her TikTok video. The entire world had read her story, and everyone was shooting their views her way.

The only bad side to everything was the sheer amount of negative comments that Kerry was skimming through. Her stomach knotted as she scrolled through them. Her eyes teared, and an ungodly heat took her stomach. How could people be so cruel?

“Maybe adoption would have been better. She’s gonna lose you early,” the first comment read, highlighting that Kerry’s daughter wouldn’t be with her mom in her later years.

“That’s disgusting and selfish,” another comment, a more blatant one, read. “You risk messing up your child’s life like that.” As Kerry continued reading, she couldn’t help but shed tears. She needed to stop reading but couldn’t.

The harsh comments continued pinging in. Some of the users called her out for not thinking about her kid’s future, and others stated that she wouldn’t be around to watch her baby have her own kids.

Kerry was about to put her phone aside when she spotted something odd in the sludge of hateful comments.

At first, Kerry thought she’d imagined it, but as she scrolled back to it, she realized it was an existing comment. The sentence was a positive one, commending her on taking the step to be a mom and choosing to give such a beautiful girl a wonderful life.

But as she read the comment, another positive one came. It would start countless heartwarming comments that would turn her frown upside down. But it wouldn’t stop there. 

“No amount of time is promised between any parent and child. However, being the best parent you can be while on this earth is all that matters,” a person wrote.

“Motherhood at any age is beautiful,” another user said. The painful tears streaming down Kerry’s cheeks turned into tears of joy. She was glad some people shared her view on this matter. She wouldn’t be leaving her little angel’s side anytime soon.


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