Mom Posts Photo, But Everyone Is Talking About What’s In The Background

They're Everywhere

 “Embarrassing background selfies” will bring up a plethora of amusing photos. 

There are even enough that they can be sub-categorized. It’s not just cute photobombs with disapproving pet faces or someone in a hilarious mid-action pose. Some make people wish they didn’t even own a smartphone or had a social media account.

Famous On Insta

26-year old Tammy Hembrow is an Instagram queen in Australia.

 People wait for every pose and angle that lands on her feed – especially if you like curves and duck-mouth pouts. But in one particular series she posted (which became a bit of a habit), people ended up looking less at her and more at the background.

Bathroom Pics

It might be difficult for some to get past the small waist and skimpy clothes, but people soon noticed there was something else to the photos. 

First was the location – the bathroom. It might be an easy place for a pic because there’s a big mirror, but it can also catch certain details.

Toilet Kisses

The first one was an open toilet. Some people didn't think it was a big deal. Others hated it. 

But the lid is there to help keep some of the … yuckies … out of the air. There were comments of her puckering up so close to where they … you know. Next was the cleaner.

Not Alone

Yes, it’s good to know that the toilet was cleaned, but a few times the brush and bottles were left out. 

This isn’t like accidentally leaving out a plate in your kitchen or a towel on the floor. Many people commented on the background, but the pictures kept coming. Tammy also isn’t the only one to make these mistakes.

Solo Boyo

Besides the “messy room” category, another is the “you liar!” group. 

The internet loves to call out shenanigans and facades. One of which is the “my man took this.” It can be anything from “sleeping” to “surprising me in the shower,” but the background shows them solo. 

Tell The Truth

Another showed a mom complaining about the traffic with a big “ugh!” 

The reflection in her sunglasses showed a totally different story. It was to show off her kissy lips, but the road ahead was utterly void of vehicles. Why not just say “smooth sailing” and still have the lips? Then there is the award for cuteness...


Kids will always get into trouble if they can (we all did), but it’s the best when you see someone striking a fancy or sexy pose only to see a child in the background with their finger up their nose.

 One favorite is when they stand in a close circle and take one top-down. Hello, little child under there! But what about when someone else takes the snap?

Hi Granny!

Attractive bodies, flexed muscles, or a hot wardrobe is social media catnip … unless a reflection shows a grandma or parental unit holding the camera. 

One was sitting in the background just reading a newspaper. But, oh ho! The crème de la crème of “oops” moments…

Clean Up First

The selfies where someone wasn’t aware of what was in their room … or bedroom? Get it? Wink, wink. Hey, there’s no judgment!

 But maybe a little judgment if you leave dog droppings around. But maybe it’s a good idea to take a look at the environment first. Another mom was a total genius and used the background to her advantage. 

Show Me

One night, Heather Steinkopf texted her 18-year-old daughter to see what she was up to. 

The response wasn’t exactly believable – something about a movie night with a friend. This is where the “proof of life” photo came into their world. The idea was simple and went the opposite of ignoring the background.

Lights On

“Send a selfie of the two of you both giving me the thumbs up.” The girls giggled and did as requested, but Heather wasn’t “happy with it.” 

“With the light on,” she sent back. The next round came through and by then it was a hilarious game that HAD to go to the next level.

Caught Lying

“I think you photo-cropped Stevie into the picture, get on her back and take another picture.”

 After that, she was satisfied. Now, before anyone cries about crushing teen spirit, even the daughter admitted her mom’s trick had got her in trouble for lying about where she was. Other parents soon adopted the strategy. 

Trust Vs. Proof

Even if the parents know exactly where their kids are and have complete trust in them, some use it as a cute way to keep in contact and have a light-hearted conversation with their sons and daughters. 

One commenter weighed in with the best response ever…

Be Aware

“Just for the record, I'm 30, married & own my own home. I STILL get this stuff from my mom.” 

So, whether snapping pics for Instagram fame, tossing something up without Photoshop, or just having a bit of fun, the selfie is no longer a craze and will be a source of entrainment for years to come.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.