Mom Loses $10K Ring, Learns What 6-Year-Old Did

Caitlin Adkins was looking forward to her day off at the beach. She was planning to read a book by the water while her children played in the sand. 

But instead, she would spend the day crying her eyes out. 

Washing The Sand Off

Caitlin worried her children would get a sunburn, so she applied a lot of sunscreen on them. 

While her kids were playing in the sun, she decided to quickly run to the sea to wash the sand off her hands. So she took off all of her rings, including her expensive wedding ring, and ran towards the water. Little did she know what was about to happen next...

Searching For The Rings

As Caitlin and her kids were getting ready to go home, she realized that her engagement and wedding rings weren't in her pocket.

She felt her heart pounding in her chest as she searched for them in her bag. Where could they be?

Nowhere To Be Found 

For Caitlin, they weren't just some expensive rings. They were the symbol of love. 

She pulled out her pockets and turned out her purse, but the rings weren't there.


 Caitlin swore she had them in her right pocket the entire time. 

Could her children have taken it? Her engagement ring alone was worth 10,000 dollars!

Expensive Ring 

 Cailin was planning to give it to her daughter when she grew up and got married. Then, it hit her.

Her daughter was using shiny stones and sea-washed glass to decorate her sandcastle that afternoon. Maybe she used her engagement ring as decoration? 

Back To The Beach

Caitlin immediately got into her car and rushed to the beach. She hoped that the ring was still there and that no one had found it.

She was ready to dig up the entire shore to find her beautiful ring. But she wasn't prepared for what she was about to discover. 

Not Her Child's Fault

It turns out that her daughter had nothing to do with the disappearance of her ring. The rings had fallen out of her pocket while Caitlin was washing her hands in the bathroom. 

Fortunately, her jewelry ended up in the hands of an honest person who left information for her to get them. But this wasn't all. 

The Savior

Caitlin and her savior agreed to meet at the parking lot next to the beach. As she waited next to her car, she saw a little girl around her daughter's age jump out of an SUV. 

She ran to Caitlin, holding the two rings in her right hand. 

She Was Stunned 

This little girl was the one who had found her engagement and wedding rings in the bathroom. 

Then, her father explained the whole story. 

First Reaction 

The man explained to Caitlin that his daughter never thought, even for a moment, of keeping the rings. 

Her first reaction was to find the owner because they looked “special and important and pretty.”

Her Mom's Words

The girl's mother couldn't come with her, but she did leave a message. 

“It’s what we do when people aren’t watching is what makes our integrity and character," she said.

Emotional Moment 

The little girl knew immediately she wanted to return these beautiful rings to their owner. 

Caitlin burst into tears and hugged the girl. She wanted to repay her for her kindness. 


Caitlin's daughter suggested her mother give the girl a ring of her own. It wasn't worth a lot, but it was "pretty and sparkly."

So, Caitlin handed over the present to the girl and thanked her for doing a good deed. 

A Beautiful Moment

Both families will remember this day for the rest of their lives. 

It was truly a beautiful moment, and the little girl's parents are very proud of her for doing the right thing!