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Mom Left 1 Year Old Alone With Dog For Seconds When She Returned, She Witnessed a Horrific Scene

Catherine took her eyes off of her child for a few seconds because she thought that everything would be alright. Her dog Khan was there, so the kid was supposed to be safe. Suddenly she screamed at the top of her lungs, “No, Khan! What are you doing to my baby?”

Panic had possessed Catherine’s body, and she couldn’t feel anything. The horrifying scene had made her weak, and it was as if she was frozen in time. Was she wrong to leave her child alone with their dog?

Catherine and her husband, Mike Svelasik, were the happiest couple – their friends would also swear to this. They had a great life, and they both worked hard to get to where they were. Living in Australia wasn’t easy, but they made it look effortless.

The Svelasik’s knew that they wanted a new addition to their family, but it took them quite a few years before they fulfilled it. A few years after they got married, Catherine suddenly told her husband, “Mike, I think I’m pregnant. We’re finally going to have a baby!”

Catherine and Mike were both delighted with the good news that they had received. They both had wanted to start their family for the longest time, but they were both just a bit busy. Now they were finally getting the child that they had always wanted, and they couldn’t be happier.

Mike told his wife, “We’re going to love this child, and we’re going to be the best parents.” Catherine simply gave her husband a smile. They were both very excited, and their dreams were slowly coming true.

Finally, the day they had been waiting for had arrived; their newest family member was here. The couple named their daughter Charlotte, and they knew that this girl was special from the get-go.

Charlotte’s parents were smitten with her – her father, especially because he treated her like his little princess. The Svelasik’s had everything they wanted, and the arrival of a newborn baby was the cherry on top. Although, was this really everything that they ever wanted in life?

A year has passed, and the couple had raised Charlotte to be an assertive and intelligent toddler. They could see the life and love in her eyes, which made her parents love her even more. She was the perfect baby, and both Catherine and Mike thought so too.

One night, Catherine told her husband, “I think something is missing. Maybe our daughter needs a playmate.” Mike asked her, “So you’re saying that you want another child to keep Charlotte company?” His wife shook her head and said, “In the future, maybe, but now why don’t we adopt a dog?”

The Svelasik’s thought about the idea of adopting a dog – they wanted Charlotte to have a playmate, but would a dog do the trick? Mike was a bit uneasy with the idea, especially if they were to adopt a full-grown dog. Although, they were pretty open to it.

Catherine particularly wanted to go to a breeder, but Mike knew it was best to adopt from a rescue shelter. So the couple frequented their local rescue shelter to see if a dog there would fit their family. Every trip had been unsuccessful, but this all changed when Khan entered the scene…

One day the Svelasik’s thought that it would be a great idea to visit their local shelter. They had been there the week before, but Catherine had a feeling that the dog they were looking for would be there now. So they drove anyway.

Upon arriving, the couple was soon attracted to a dog named Khan. He was a rescue dog, but he had been sold by a breeder, so Catherine and Mike hit two birds with one stone. His previous owners abused this dog, so the Svelasik’s were eager to give him the home he needed – but was this the right choice?

Sure, the couple were keen on adopting Khan, but there was one problem: he was a Doberman Pinscher. These types of dogs were bred and trained to protect their owners, and they’re usually used by the police force. As most people know, Doberman’s could be aggressive.

However, the Svelasik’s had grown attached to Khan, and they knew that it was the right choice. So they’ve decided to adopt the rescue dog even though he had aggressive tendencies. They just hoped it wouldn’t attack their daughter, but maybe that was wishful thinking…

Khan finally arrived at his new home, and he was a bit hesitant at first. You could see that he had been abused because it took him a few days to actually get settled into his new home. Catherine and Mike had shown love to Khan, and he loved them in return.

Although Khan seemed sweet, the couple still managed to keep an eye on the Doberman. They were starting to love Khan, but they were also quite protective of Charlotte. So it was a sight to behold when Khan showed compassion tendencies towards the toddler he was protecting.

Whenever the dog and the toddler would play, Catherine would always be on the lookout. People said they did the wrong thing by adopting a Doberman, but the pair could see how affectionate Khan was with Charlotte.

It was also vice-versa because Charlotte grew fond of her dog by the day. She loved Khan, and she would always give him a hug whenever she could. It was a match made in heaven, but this wouldn’t last because a fateful day would soon change everything…

It was just another morning, and Catherine decided that Charlotte could play outside. Naturally, their dog would also be there to look after the toddler. So the mother proceeded to wash the dishes inside but still keep an eye on her daughter through the kitchen window.

Everything seemed to be going well, but Catherine took her eyes off her child for a few seconds. This would prove to be a bad decision because she could see Khan nudging the toddler away from him. It was a horrifying sight, but much more so when the Doberman decided to do something else…

Catherine started to freeze because of what she was seeing – the Doberman decided to grab the child by the diaper and throw her into the air. Charlotte seemed to be loving the adventure, but of course, she didn’t know what was happening. It was terrifying.

The mother felt faint, but she knew that she had to save her daughter from the dog. Why was Khan doing this? Maybe their friends were right when they prevented them from adopting a full-grown Doberman. She thought that they had been naïve – what was she thinking?

The mother rushed to her daughter’s side, and she grabbed Charlotte as her life depended on it – because it did. Catherine inspected her daughter, and she checked whether she had any wounds or bruises. She was so scared, but she was glad that the toddler was fine.

Catherine hugged Charlotte tightly, and she promised her that she would never let her play with Khan again. Although just when she was about to scold the dog, she could see that Khan was growing weaker by the minute. She asked, “Khan, what’s happening to you?”

Catherine realized that Khan was breathing heavily and that he was deteriorating. She had no idea what was happening, and she was starting to get confused. She asked again, “Khan, why are you like this? What’s happening?”

Right then and there, Catherine caught a glimpse of a venomous snake. They lived in Australia, so this was a common occurrence, but she only realized what happened when Khan gave her his swollen paw. Would the Doberman survive?

As she took the dog’s swollen paw, Catherine realized what had happened. Khan must’ve seen the venomous snake approaching, so he acted quickly by tossing Charlotte out of danger. Catherine was overwhelmed, and she was crying because their dog was knocked out of consciousness.

There was nobody at home with them that day, so Catherine had to secure Charlotte in her car seat as she carried the dog into the front seat. She knew that she had to drive Khan into the nearest veterinary clinic if she wanted to save his life. Would they make it in time?

Catherine drove as fast as she could, and she didn’t even care whether she passed the speed limit. All she could think about at that time was Khan. This dog had saved her daughter’s life, so she had to save his life by taking him to the veterinarian.

It was no easy feat, but the people in the veterinary clinic saw what had happened, and they helped the mother, who was clearly panicking. She waited and waited, and the doctor finally gave Khan an anti-venom shot. However, they all had to wait until the very next day to see if the Doberman would react positively to the anti-venom shot.

Catherine and Charlotte returned home, and they saw Mike waiting for them. The mother told her husband what had happened that day, and she cried on Mike’s shoulder. Naturally, her husband comforted her and said that everything was going to be alright.

She said, “I just want Khan to be alright so we could show him how grateful we are to him. He deserves to live and be loved. I hope he survives.” Mike gave his wife a massive hug. He told her, “I’m sure he’ll be fine. We’ll drive there first thing in the morning.”

Once they all woke up, the Svelasik’s immediately drove to the veterinary clinic where Khan was admitted. They prayed and prayed that their beloved dog would survive. They didn’t really feel comfortable until they saw the dog that saved Charlotte’s life.

Upon seeing them, the doctor said, “I’m so pleased to say that Khan made it through the night. He would have to stay for another day so we can monitor his progress, but he’s in the clear now.” Catherine couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and she was relieved.

The Svelasik’s gave Khan a true heroes welcome, and they promised to love the dog for the rest of his life. They realized that they did the right thing by adopting Khan, and they knew that he loved Charlotte too. They were going to grow up to be the best of friends.

Catherine and Mike loved Khan, and they showed him the love that he didn’t get with his previous owners. Khan knew that the Svelasik’s were his family, and he couldn’t be happier for his second chance.

As the toddler grew up, Khan knew that this was the person he would protect for the rest of his life. Charlotte and Khan grew up to be the best of friends, and they had grown inseparable.

Their story shows that loyalty is important, and dogs will always have your back. The parents might’ve judged Khan at first glance, but he has proven that he was simply doing the right thing. What would you have done if that were you?


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