Mom Leaves Baby At Door, Camera Catches Everything

Closer Look

Suddenly, she remembered her security camera recorded footage. She needed to know what kind of woman did this. Was it someone she knew? Would she recognize her?

She grabbed her phone and watched the footage back. She watched as the woman walked up to her door, looked around, and settled her baby onto her front porch. Her heart dropped. 

 Trish Love

It was a Saturday evening and Trish Love was sitting in her living room. She was nestled into the couch and enjoying some much-needed downtime in front of the TV after a busy week at work.

With her three children grown and gone off to college, and a husband no longer in the picture, Trish lived alone in her house. She never felt like living alone was a problem though, not until now.  

 Night In

Her heart quickened as she opened her front door. As her eyes dropped, she couldn’t believe what lay in front of her. She looked around but she saw no one. 

She was watching another episode of her favorite show with a glass of wine in hand when she first heard a faint strange noise.  

Too Little Too Late

At first, she didn’t think much of it but when it started to sound like rustling feet, she muted the tv and listened closely. Was someone outside her front door? 

She hurried to access her security camera on her phone. But by the time she had it up, it was too late. She heard the feet shuffling away before she looked at the screen into the empty darkness.

A Baby

Intrigued, she gingerly walked to her front door to see if the intruder left anything behind. Her heart raced with anticipation as she opened the door.

She looked out. Suddenly, she froze. Her jaw dropped as her eyes fixated on something on the ground. It was a baby in a baby seat, and it had a note.

Acting Quick

Horrified, Trish wondered who on earth could have left a baby out in the cold on a stranger’s doorstep. Quickly, she carried the baby seat inside and popped it on the counter before she read the note. 

But Trish had no idea that her eventful night was about to go from bad to worse. 

The Note

The note from its mother read that the 3-month-old baby boy was suffering from a scabies infection and was likely very highly contagious. She said that she couldn’t take care of him anymore since his father abandoned them and told Trish to mind the baby until his father showed up.

Trish looked around the baby seat for any more information. There was nothing. Not even a baby bottle or diapers. Suddenly, Trish’s stomach flipped. 

Dark Realization

A dark realization that one of her sons may be the abandoned father of this child crossed her mind and she felt sick to her stomach. What was she to do? 

Suddenly, she remembered her security camera recorded footage. She decided her next step was to catch a glimpse of this woman and see if she recognized her. 


She grabbed her phone and watched the footage back. She watched as the woman walked up to her door, looked around, and settled her baby onto her front porch. 

She looked older than her kids, definitely not the teenage mom scenario she had painted in her mind. But just as she began to look closer, her phone rang. 

Surprise Caller

It was her daughter. Surprisingly she asked her if there was a baby dropped at her door. Confused, Trish said yes. “Do you know this baby?”, Trish asked. 

“No I don’t”, her daughter replied, “but I have heard of her”. Trish waited for her daughter to explain herself. The truth wasn’t what any mother wanted to hear!

Warning Bells

Her daughter, Kate, had been dating someone new recently. He was older and recently had a baby with his ex-girlfriend. Things didn’t work out, Kate didn’t mind. 

However, when she got a call from him earlier to let her know that his baby would show up at her mom's house, she thought he was joking. She rang her mom to see if it was true. 

Stern Advice

Kate had no idea that their relationship was that turmoil and that he had abandoned his duties as a father. Trish comforted her daughter but advised her to break things off with this man. Then she said that she was going to ring child services as she doesn’t have the means to look after it. 

Kate told her to do what she must. But who exactly was this mom that abandoned her baby? 

Child Services

Trish called child’s services and told them that the woman just left the baby on the doorstep, out in the cold, and took off. She told them she didn’t even leave any food or diapers with it. 

She pleaded with them to find the baby's mother and have the boy receive urgent care for his condition. It wasn’t long before child services and police showed up for questioning. 

 Legal Actions

Trish showed the police the footage of the mom and gave them the name of her daughter's soon-to-be ex-boyfriend. 

She watched nervously as child services took the baby away. She desperately hoped she did the right thing. However, it wasn’t long before the mother was identified and her action was validated.


The mother was 33-year-old, Melissa Grant. To Trish’s relief, she was charged with unlawful desertion of a child and child neglect for leaving him in the hands of a stranger. 

The adorable baby boy is doing well in protective custody as his parents try to resolve their perilous situation. Hopefully, they’ll rectify their issues soon and provide a caring, stable home for their baby!