Mom Gets Strange Photo From Teen Niece Babysitter, Her Social Media Post Goes Viral

Any parent ends up in a situation where they badly need a babysitter for their kid. It’s not as easy as it seems finding the right person to care for your child. You must have complete trust in that person. This is why Claudia Sorhaindo was worried she couldn’t find the right person to leave her baby girl with. The working mom had to take a plane for a business meeting outside town and the only babysitter she found was her teen niece.

What turned a single photo into a viral story? The worried mom’s reaction and the creativity of her niece! A Protective Mother Claudia Sorhaindo always takes her baby daughter with her wherever she can, but this time she had to leave Ava with someone. She was going to a business meeting and had to take a plane. She badly needed a solution and had no choice but to leave Ava with a stranger…

Having a full-time job and being a mother can be tough.

With so much time spent at home during the maternity leave and then taking more days of leave to care for Ava when she had been sick, Claudia knew she had to go to that meeting or else her job would have been on the line.

She talked to her sister, voicing her worries about Ava and wondering if she could recommend someone to care for Ava over the weekend. Her sister had a solution for her.

Her teenage girl J’Ann had already taken care of other children before and she could do that for Ava too. Claudia had her reservations…

Aside from doubting a teen would be able to care for a child, Claudia knew her niece very well. She was a sweet kid, but leaving a toddler with her still made the protective mom worried.

What Claudia didn’t know was that her decision would really change not just her life but also J’Ann’s life as well!

Claudia had to either cancel her trip or leave her daughter with a 15 years old girl. She knew she would probably regret this decision.

And she did…

With a heavy heart, Claudia waited for J’Ann to arrive and then took a cab to the airport.

She tried to focus on the day ahead and on her work, but something inside her told her she would be sorry…

Before leaving Ava with the niece, Claudia showed J’Ann the places where she put the formula, the diapers and a list with emergency numbers and her phone number.

Later that day, J’ann sent Claudia a terrifying message, but the mom was way too far away to come back and save the day… What could have been this bad?

Claudia was on her way to the business meeting. On the plane she had to put her phone on flight mode, hoping nothing bad would happen during those hours when she couldn’t be contacted.

Hours passed and the phone touched down. All the while, Claudia kept asking herself if Ava was okay.

It was the first time Claudia left the city without Ava, and you can imagine she was pretty nervous. She couldn’t wait to finally turn off the flight mode on her phone and call J’Ann to see how Ava was doing.

She then received the weirdest message ever, which apparently was sent just minutes after the plane took off!

The thumbnail photo looked extremely wrong. Claudia’s stomach churned, fearing for the worst. Something was wrong with Ava’s legs.

She couldn’t make much of the photo until she opened the message. She was angry at her 15-year old niece and was prepared to call her and yell at her. But then she saw the entire photo!

In the message where J’Ann sent the photo, she also wrote she was hungry and went to make herself a sandwich. She couldn’t leave Ava alone, so she had to improvise.

You see, at first, it all seemed as if Ava had a strong allergic reaction and her legs got so swollen that it looked as if they would pop!

Instead, when Claudia opened the photo and saw the full version, she realized that those were not Ava’s legs! Claudia’s heart skipped a beat before realizing that those were J’Ann’s legs and the kid was placed in her loose shorts.

It looked as if Ava was inside a kangaroo’s pooch! But this is just the beginning of their story…

Claudia’s mood changed from being deeply angered to laughing at the sight of this strange invention! She had to admit that her niece was quite smart to find a way to free her hands while making a sandwich.

So, without any second left to waste, Claudia shared these two photos on Facebook and that’s how they became viral!

On social media, Claudia wrote: “So… I asked my niece to babysit Baby Ava… later I received a text saying that J’Ann wanted to make a sandwich but didn’t want to let baby Ava out of her sight. Lord send help this was her solution…creativity at its finest.” The post went viral and even changed J’Ann’s life!

How was that possible?

Since J’Ann’s incredible idea went viral on Facebook, many people appreciated the creativity of this teen.

Claudia was relieved about leaving Ava with her niece and then hundreds of comments told J’Ann to patent her idea!

J’Ann’s incredible idea was a perfect alternative to baby carriers which can be pretty expensive. The viral post gathered over 300,000 likes and shares and people asked J’Ann to tell them where she bought those pants from.

That’s when J’Ann decided to begin a business of making pants that would hold a baby…

Claudia was so thankful of her niece that she created a GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds for J’Ann’s idea.

The prototype was called “J’Pants” and it even raised some money!

Some people on social media said it was a brilliant idea and were envious they couldn’t think of it back in the past when there were no baby carriers and they had to carry the kids around their hips. Someone else suggested J’Ann to “make maternity pants that turn into this after!

Get a patent on that!” And she decided it was a great idea!

J’Ann proved to be a great babysitter, taking her job seriously and never leaving baby Ava out of sight. Claudia supports her niece’s idea and is grateful for having the best babysitter in the world.

Here’s what she wrote on GoFundMe…

“My niece J’Ann is so excited to design a working model. Let’s encourage her to use her creativity to design something wonderful that will help caregivers everywhere,” wrote Claudia.

People began donating and praising the teen for this great idea: “You are a very smart and intelligent young lady, don’t you ever forget that sweetie,” said one of the people that backed her project.