Mom Gets Pregnant After Trying For 10 Years, 4 Days Later Doctor Calls And Confesses A Huge Mistake

Struggled To Get Pregnant

Carolyn and Sean Savage have three children and were planning for another kid. But recently they were struggling to get pregnant. Their wish to have a baby was strong but was starting to get futile.

The wife was really heartbroken because all her pregnancy tests came negative. But after several failures, she finally got a positive result!


 It was emotionally exhaustive for them. Carolyn would get pregnant against all odds and the couple would be overjoyed.

Unfortunately, their happiness would be short-lived. Each conceiving would end up with miscarriage. But they didn't lose hope and tried again. It was their last chance.

In Vitro Fertilization

They decided to go for in vitro fertilization. It was their last hope. And it was successful.

Carolyn became pregnant in a short period of time. But it seemed this moment of happiness again wouldn't last for long. Sean and Carolyn received a call that none of them expected.

Unexpected News

The couple was on cloud nine having received the news of successful conceiving via IVF. But the call they got in the following day completely changed everything.

A few days into the pregnancy came unbelievable news. Their doctor called and said that embryos had been mixed up. It couldn't be true...

Mixed Embryos

The couple was shocked. The baby in the woman's stomach wasn't her. How could this happen?

Now, Carolyn had to make the most difficult decision of her life. A decision equally challenging and life-changing. What to do next?

Important Decision

To abort the child or give birth? She didn't know. But she had to decide soon.

She decided to give the baby to his biological parents, although the doctor told her that it was her last chance and after this, she would never get pregnant.

Last Chance

“We moved from a position of a shock to a realization that this was going to happen. It’s just been difficult, but we feel we made the right decisions on how to handle it,” Carolyn said.

She had no right to make an irredeemable mistake. She knew how crucial this decision was.

Biological Parents

First of all, Carolyn and Sean contacted the biological parents of the baby. They were Shannon and Paul Morrell from Detroit.

Carolyn said that she was ready to give birth to their child. However, it was tough for her to make such an important decision. 

Heroic Decision

“He is their child. But he will always be my baby,” Carolyn said.

No one doubted that it was a courageous decision to make. Not many could do such a generous act. But Carolyn did.


Carolyn successfully gave birth to a baby boy named Logan, via Caesarean section. She hardly had a half-hour with him before handing him over to his biological parents, Shannon and Paul.

The couple was waiting in a room next to the delivery room. It was difficult for Sean to give Logan to his biological parents.

A Miracle

It was an overwhelming incident for Carolyn and Sean. They had accepted the fate but after some years they were greeted by happiness again. They were over the moon.

Happiness returned to the couple. In 2011, Carolyn and Sean announced that they were expecting twins via a surrogate mother.

Surrogate Mother

A miracle indeed. Carolyn and Sean tried again for the last time through surrogacy and their prayers were finally heard. 

The couple was in seventh heaven. They will become parents again!

Miracle Twins

The surrogate mother gave birth to two amazing twins, Isabella and Reagen. They asked for one and were blessed with two. Carolyn and Sean were surprised and happy. 

“The twins have closed some of the grief we were still experiencing over what happened with Logan. They are certainly not replacement babies, but they have been the best thing for all of us,” Carolyn told. 

Incredible News

Maybe Carolyn and Sean were truly God blessed because another shocking news came a few years later making them the happiest people in the whole world.

In the spring of 2014, Carolyn looked at the pregnancy test she took at home and burst into tears. Could this really be true? She was pregnant!

Big Family

Carolyn was sure that she was infertile, and this test was a mistake. But after nine months, she gave birth to her son, Nicholas Winton Savage.

All their dreams came true. With three beautiful girls and three handsome sons, Carolyn and Sean now have a big lovely family.