Mom Finds Toddler's Room Door Open at Night, Hears Noise From The Door

A Nightmare

A young mother of two woke up to what seemed like a nightmare. She was positively in shock and confusion.

The event of the night would leave a long-lasting effect on her and perhaps teach her a good lesson.


When a parent discovers that their child has gone missing, the first emotion that comes to mind is usually dread. At that moment, they can only picture the horrific things that could happen to their child.

This young mother, a Redditor with the username 'dangerous', experienced a very similar horrific incident and shared it on the social media platform.

No Baby Cameras

The woman, a wife and mother of two girls, relocated her family to a rented property over the weekend. Unfortunately, their home, like many others, lacked a Wi-Fi connection.

This prevented her and her husband from purchasing baby cameras for their two-year-old and six-month-old children. And this would later prove to be a big mistake.

Open Door

The lack of baby cameras made the mother concerned about her baby's safety and care. She began sleeping in her six-month-old baby's room a few days after the family of four moved there. 

One night she woke up at 2 a.m. to one of the most terrifying sights: her baby's room door was wide open.


The mother attempted to make sense of the situation, wondering if she had left it open while going to the bathroom. But she recalled, she hadn't. She had closed the door as usual before going to bed.

Still, she shrugged the matter and proceeded to lock the door when she noticed something strange: her two-year-door old's was open.

Assumptions And Second Thoughts

She initially assumed it was the toddler's typical habit of sneaking into her parents' room in the middle of the night. But she started to get second thoughts. 

It wasn't making sense because her husband would constantly bring back the two-year-old, close the door, and occasionally fall asleep in his daughter's room.

Loud Noise

She was trying to figure out what was going on. It seemed so out of blue but then she heard her husband snoring from their room. This convinced her that he had forgotten to close their daughter's door at that point. 

She moved towards the door to close it when she heard a loud noise. It came from the front door. Who could it be at this late hour?

Open Front Door

When she turned to her left, she found her older daughter standing in front of the open front door. Fear and confusion overtook the mother of two. 

She couldn't tell if the kid was preparing to leave or had just returned from outside. So she asked what the small kid was doing.


In response to her mother, the youngster stated, "I go outside! It's too loud! I cover my ears!"

The woman was stunned and perplexed when the small girl removed her slippers. Even during the day, it took the child ages to put on her flip-flops on a normal day, so it was clear that the toddler had been awake for a long time and had had enough time to put on her footwear.


OP was still unsure if her daughter had left the house, so she asked the toddler if she had, to which the kid replied affirmatively. 

The mother asked the toddler what did she saw outdoors, to which the kid gave a one-word reply, "Dark."

Previous Apartment

She had various questions running through her head for a few hours, one of which was, "Why was our front door unlocked?" 

She was the last person to enter the residence and she did so quickly. 

Absence Of Childproof Lock

In her previous apartment, she and her husband had installed a childproof lock on the front door, and the small girl had never attempted to open the front door on her own.

The front door in the rented home, on the other hand, was already locked, preventing the youngsters from opening it. However, leaving the door unlocked was a severe mistake.

The Next Morning

OP spoke with her daughter later that morning. She was upset and instructed her older sister not to open the baby's door if it was shut. 

The small girl immediately showed signs of sorrow for her conduct, and OP spoke to her about it further, stressing that she had forgiven her.


Despite admitting her mistakes and speaking with her daughter, OP felt terrible. She was on the verge of losing her daughter. 

What if the toddler becomes stranded outside? What if she was bitten by an animal? What if she's been kidnapped? These were some of the thoughts that crossed her mind.


Should the mother be held accountable for what happened to her daughter? Being a nursing mother has a number of drawbacks, including stress, forgetfulness, and others.

But this sure taught her a great lesson. One can never be cautious enough when taking care of kids.