Big Screen Fails: Movie Mistakes That Were Surprisingly Missed

Some of the most important aspects of the movie-making process are time, dedication, and a sizable budget. But sometimes no matter how much money is thrown into the film some mistakes are bound to happen. Sometimes they even make it onto the final version of the film from very obvious to small mistakes.

Some films on the list include Pirates of the Caribbean, Pretty Woman, and Dallas Buyers Club. This list might make you never look at your favorite films the same again.

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ – Modern Extras

A lot of people love Indiana Jones, so you might be upset that we're picking up on it, but it's not without reason. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, there's a scene where we see Harrison Ford sitting at a bar, trying to enjoy some liquor. 

But if you pause the scene at just the right moment, you can see clearly in the background that there's a man wearing something slightly different than everyone else. That's right, he's wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

‘Dirty Dancing’ – Magic Gearshift

Dirty Dancing is a beloved film and merely saying Patrick Swayze's name is enough for some girls to fall to their knees. But there's a particular scene where Baby is changing in the back of Swayze's car.

If anyone's watched the movie they know the scene. While in the film they're driving right? Well if you look at the gear shit you can see it's actually in park. Awkward!

‘Dallas Buyers Club’ – The Lambo

Everyone who's watched Dallas Buyers Club has fallen in love with it. It won multiple awards as you'd know and some call it a masterpiece. But the movie has a huge oversight that you'll never unsee.

So we have an issue with what sits in Ron Woofroof's office. If the movie takes place in the year 1985 we're very curious as to how the poster of a Lamborghini Aventador from 2011 found its way into the office.

‘Reservoir Dogs’ – Changing Handcuffs

We didn't know that Marvin Nash was talented in the art of magic. He's a pretty good magician in Reservoir Dogs. In the scene, he's been dragged to a hideout in handcuffs.

So after he's roughed up a bit you'd expect his hands to stay cuffed behind his body right? Wrong, somehow he managed to get the cuffs in front of him while he's on the chair. It probably wasn't actually magic though.

‘The Dark Knight’ – Newspaper Typo

The Dark Knight was a great gritty film that showed the darker side of the DC Universe. In the film, there's a scene where there's a newspaper onscreen. You may think they did a good job at first glance but look a little closer.

You'll find that someone made a grammatical error on the heading of the newspaper. The word "heist" is most definitely not spelled that way. We wonder how this got past both the editors and the producers!

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ – The Cowboy Crew Member

The Pirates of the Caribbean is full of scenes that will have you laughing and entertained with its high budget and great stunts. But if you think back to the first film, can you think of any errors in the scene where Jack yells, "On deck, you scabrous dogs!"

Couldn't think of what was wrong? well, if you look closely when the entire crew is scrambling to get to there workstations, you'll notice that there's on crewmember with a hat Jack would probably be jealous of.

‘Gladiator’ – Motorized Chariot

Russel Crowe was the perfect fit for his role in the film Gladiator. It's a great movie but remember the action scene in the coliseum where you'll see the chariot topple over?

There's something on the undercarriage of the chariot that we're pretty sure didn't exist in the Roman Empire, be sure to correct us if we're wrong. If you hadn't guessed by now the thing underneath the chariot is a gas canister!

‘Grease’ – The Magic Lightswitch

Grease is a beloved film that epitomizes the '70s. It has Mr. John Travolta and a great soundtrack. But even so, this movie has its mistakes and they could have been fixed easily.

A lot of films so far have had items that don't belong in the era, but this film has something else. There's a scene where the waitress unsuccessfully flips the light switch when she walks into the kitchen, even though she misses, the lights come on. Surely someone could have fixed that.

‘Pulp Fiction’ – Bullet Holes

Here's another Tarintino film on the list. Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest films ever made so you'd think it wouldn't have any flaws? Well, unfortunately, we found one. But don't worry, it's not the monologue that Jackson recites or the "English, do you speak it?" scene either.

But having bullets holes in a wall before the shooting even begins is a bit of an oversight, don't you think Tarintino?

‘Pretty Woman’ – Transforming Breakfast

Here's a very prominent 90's romantic comedy. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were amazing in Pretty Woman but there's a mistake that we can't forgive. It's when she's eating breakfast, can you guess what the issue is?

So she's eating a croissant, nothing unusual. But then suddenly when you look again it's a pancake. She must be taking pages out of Marvin Nash's book and performing magic. We think this is one mistake that shouldn't have gone unnoticed.

‘North by Northwest’ – Mount Rushmore Shootout

Remember the Mount Rushmore shootout in North by Northwest? While you know how we can tell that prop guns are loud? Look at the child in the background of the scene.

So he obviously doesn't like the sound the prop gun will make so he covers his ears in anticipation. This may have helped his ears but it certainly didn't help the seen. Maybe they had done this scene a few times and he really didn't like the noise that it made.

‘Bad Boys’ – The Camera Man

No, no, we don’t mean the one starring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, but rather the one with Sean Penn.

So there’s this huge fight scene in the film, and you see the camera man in every close up! Smooth. Oh wait.

‘Matrix’ – The Pre-Broken Pillars

Think back to the first Matrix flick, specifically the fight scene in the warehouse between Neo and Agent Smith. There’s a shot shown where a stone pillar gets punched clean through by Agent Smith’s bare fist.

However when Neo goes to duck under Smith’s blow, it reveals said stone pillar but it’s already busted before the punch makes contact. Nice one.

’10 Things I Hate About You’ – The Archery Scene

We won’t spoil that particular heartwarming scene (you know the one we mean) but instead the one when Bianca shoots her gym teacher with an arrow. Immediately the teacher sends another student to go get her some help.

Of course said student sprints to “get help” but they make the mistake of stopping short of the exiting frame. So she just assumed that she was out of shot but she wasn’t – and it stayed in the movie!

‘Braveheart’ – Watch for Cars

There are actually so many Braveheart editing and technical mistakes but our favorite has got to the car. Yes, we said car. 

Just take a look at the photo below, in the messy fight scene, there’s a car which can clearly be seen in the bottom left corner.

‘Lord of the Rings’/The Hobbit – Legolas’ Eyes

Yup, not even Orlando Bloom can escape the list. During the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, it is 100% know that Legolas’ eyes are a crystal clear blue. 

However in The Hobbit, his eyes are magically a dark brown. Despite the fact that it’s the same actor playing the same role under the same director.

‘Tombstone’ – Fake Rain

Turns out that creating fake rain is much harder than we imagined. Take a close look at how the rain pools right when the camera moves along farther down the street. 

Typically, the farther away you get from the camera then it means that the set should be drier, as that means that this is where the rain was hosed in. However that’s not the case here.

‘Back to the Future’ – Marty McFly’s Guitar

Sorry to pick on the brilliance of Back to the Future but it’s necessary.

Marty travels to the year 1955 and he’s in high school, jamming a killer tune on a wickedly sweet guitar, however the ES-345 didn’t actually debut until 1959. Whoops.

‘She’s All That’ – Tattoo

Another 90’s rom-com makes the list! This time, it’s the witty She’s All That starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook. Anyways, if you recall Taylor, played by Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, gets a heart tattoo.

However by the time the epic prom scene comes on later on, it seems to have disappeared. What a humdinger.

‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows’ – Lily Potter’s Eyes

As a H.P. fan, it hurts to include this in the list but alas, it must be done. All throughout the book series, Harry Potter is constantly told that he had eyes just like his mother’s. 

They were a beautiful shade of green; however, we have to mention that in the final film, the actor who portrays Lily Potter has brown eyes. Way to go, guys.

‘Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls’ – Chess

I have lost count how many times I’ve watched Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and laughed like a hysterical hyena, thanks Jim Carrey. 

Anyways, there is a scene where Carrey is “playing” chess with the bad guy however, when the scene cuts back to the chessboard seconds later, it’s empty.

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ – Reflection

Yikes, Raiders of the Lost Ark makes the list yet again! Here, and in the film obviously, you can clearly see the snake’s reflection. How is this possible? 

There is glass separating the actor from the snake, but we weren’t supposed to know that and yet, we do.

‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ – Pointer

Welcome to the list, Daisy Ridley, aka Rey. A little advice for you? 

When you’re doing the same scene over and over, be sure to remain consistent. Ergo, the photo below.

‘Frozen’ – Hair Through Shoulder

Either take our word for it or just re-watch Frozen for the millionth time. Whatever floats your boat. So when Elsa is singing the classic ‘Let It Go’, you can see her hair go ~through~ her shoulder.

Through it. Now that’s just creepy.

‘The X Files’ – Blank Papes

Not gonna lie but I’m a huge fan of The X Files, but even I didn’t see this one. Although it’s clear as day.

Special Agent Fox Mulder is reading a newspaper that has nothing on it, it’s completely empty!

‘The Lord of the Rings’ – Clean Axe

We hate to say that a picture is a worth a thousand words but in this case, the picture below explains way better than I possibly can. 

Axe’s don’t just clean themselves and not that fast.

‘Jurassic World’ – Nice Watch

When Hoskins first approaches the raptor cage, his watch shows that it is about 2pm.

After the intense rescue of the staff member who happened to fall into the pit, we see the shot cut back to Hoskins but uhh, his watch shows that it’s 1pm. Time traveler? It’s not that kind of film, sorry.

‘Fast And The Furious’ – Tire(s)

Fast And The Furious is up next – in one shot, we see the truck has two tires in the back but immediately after, there is just one and it didn’t explode or anything.

Wow, what a miss!

‘Titanic’ – Mole Moved

Sorry Kate Winslet but you’re up next! Now this mistake, this mistake is infuriating! If only for the reason that it could have been so easily avoided.

A main character’s mole cannot have CHANGED places, that’s just amateur but that’s what happened. Yikes.