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Missing Girl Leaves Mexico After 12 Years, Dad Finds Out Ex-Wife Knew the Whole Time

An Anxious Phonecall

Greg Avery was anxious as he held his phone in a deathly tight grip. The person on the other side of the phone had just shared information he couldn’t believe, so he had to ask them if they were certain.

He had already followed false leads that led to disappointment and heartache, and he worried that this might end the same way.

He wanted to spare them any more pain. The person on the phone told him to get a ticket to Mexico but told him that the news might not be what he wanted to hear. 


A Difficult End

Greg Avery was a researcher from the University of Austin and had met Dana Llorens via an online dating platform.

The two of them instantly clicked, and it wasn’t long before their relationship led to the birth of their daughter, Sabrina. Initially, things seemed perfect.

But things soon turned for the worse. The couple went through a difficult divorce three years later, and Greg was given full custody of Sabrina. 


Getting Her Way

Dana wasn’t willing to settle despite how things ended after the divorce.

Child protective services received a call from her stating that Greg was abusive. But a thorough investigation made it clear that her mother told her daughter to lie.

This was proof that Dana would do anything to get her way. The threats from her didn’t stop. 


Returning To Nothing

It was a long while before the situation between Dana and Greg improved, and they could start being more friendly.

They decided to organize plenty of visits and sleepovers for Sabrina with her mother. Greg was dropping Sabrina off at her mother’s one day in April and felt no reason to worry.

But that changed when he returned to pick her up. No one was there.


A Worrying Father

Greg was overwhelmed with worry and began to feel sick to the stomach. His daughter’s last words rang through his head: “Daddy, don’t ever forget me.”

He hadn’t thought much of them at the time, but they were important now. He couldn’t help but feel responsible for her disappearance.

He wasted no time in calling the police, and he was greatly disappointed when they couldn’t be of much help. 



Greg had to do something, so he hired a private investigator who could locate Dana and Sabrina in a town near the Mexican border.

He did not doubt what his next move would be. He took leave from work to travel to Mexico City and was determined to learn Spanish.

He also created a website. Despite the year he spent distributing flyers and making phone calls, he couldn’t find the answers he was looking for. 


Gone Again

The school administrator called Greg one day. A student in her school spoke little to no Spanish and appeared to be in an abusive relationship with her mother – both physical and emotional.

The girl she described matched Sabrina’s description. Greg didn’t hesitate to call the police, but they didn’t respond immediately.

Mother and daughter had vanished by the time they arrived on the scene. 


Continuing With Life

Greg’s heart squeezed painfully, but he would continue to search for Sabrina no matter what it took. He was unwilling to give up.

His life continued, and he eventually married a Spanish tutor before becoming a father to three more children. No matter where life took him, he would never stop searching for his daughter. He held onto hope that he would find her.

Twelve years went by before he received another phone call. 


Leads To Mexico

The private investigator continued to work on the case. The evidence eventually led to a site near Mexico City called Papalotla.

The authorities soon approached the apartment, and Greg was close behind. Dana was apprehended after the authorities had to force their way into the apartment.

But there was still no sight of Sabrina. Where was she?


An Alternate Reunion

The reunion the father had envisioned was not what happened. Dana did not look the same as she once did after plastic surgery.

But she had also changed their daughter’s hair color. Greg and the authorities were surprised to discover that the mother had lied to Sabrina about what had happened to her father.

She convinced Sabrina that her father had committed suicide. Sabrina was not happy about this. 


Years Of Trauma

On top of the lies, there had been years of trauma.

The seventeen-year-old was returned to the States, but there was so much healing to be done … not to mention a coming trial and would rip open old wounds. 

Details started to come to light and they were beyond heartbreaking.


Intense Campaign

First, the girl was always on the run and was almost never allowed to leave the house.

She also wasn’t allowed to go to school. 

She wasn’t ready to be with a family and stayed within FBI care services and was given a therapist. She had been under “an intense campaign to hate me,” Greg said.


Plead Guilty

In December 2015, one chapter finally came to a close as Dana pleaded guilty to aggravated kidnapping and was given a six-year prison sentence.

On top of that was another two years for custody interference. 

Dana remained steadfast that everything she did was right, and for her daughter. As for the family’s recovery?


Moving Forward

Reunification therapy can take months or years – depending on the trauma, and Sabrina has had plenty.

At the time, she didn’t even remember her own name (instead, going by “Fair”). 

Greg thinks back on the years of pain and is certain of two things. First, how lucky he is.


Slow And Steady

Not all missing children are found. He might of lost years, but there are so many more years to come. 

Second, this new path is not about him.

It’s about his daughter. He will go as long as she and the therapists want. All he wants is to have her in his life, in any way.


Goodbye Forever

The last time Sabrina saw her mother, she hugged her mother tightly and promised to stay in touch. She watched as her mother walked away and disappeared into the crowd. 

Sabrina couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss as she turned and walked back home to her father.

She didn’t know this man, and now she had to live with him.


Not Prepared For This

Greg had always dreamed of the day when he would finally be reunited with his daughter Sabrina.

She had been taken from him when she was just a baby, and he had missed important milestones. For years, he had searched for her tirelessly, never giving up hope that he would one day find her. 

But when he finally did, it was not under the circumstances he had hoped for. Now that she was here, he didn’t know what to do. 


Now You’re Gone

When Sabrina’s mother was finally released from prison, she wanted to spend more time with her daughter.

But Greg was not willing to let that happen. 

He had been through too much and didn’t want Sabrina to be hurt again. He told her mother that she needed to stay away from Sabrina and that was that.


Family Is All We Have

Sabrina, however, had other ideas. She was determined to see her mother and thought about visiting her.

Greg was furious when he found out and immediately forbade her from doing so.

She had always felt torn between her parents. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing from her life.


Teenage Emotions

One day, Sabrina decided to run away from her father’s house and find her mother.

She had recently heard that she had been released on parole and was living in a halfway house on the other side of town.

 Sabrina knew this would be her chance to finally meet her mother and discover what was happening to her.


Feelings Of Regret

As Sabrina packed her bags and snuck out of the house, she couldn’t help but feel guilty for leaving her father behind.

He was there for her, and she knew he would be devastated when he found out she was gone. 

But she also couldn’t shake the feeling that she had to do this. She had to know what it was like to be with her mother again.


It’s All Worth It

When Sabrina arrived at the halfway house, she was greeted by a kind-faced woman who introduced herself as Sarah.

Part of her recovery process was to change her name to start afresh. 

Sabrina felt a surge of emotion as she looked into her mother’s eyes. She had always imagined her mother to be a hardened criminal, but Sarah seemed completely different.


I Love You, Mom

Over the next few days, Sabrina and Sarah spent every moment together. They went to the park, watched movies, and even cooked dinner together.

Sabrina couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed spending time with her mother. 

For the first time in her life, she felt like she belonged somewhere. Why was she treated so harshly by the system?


Changed Personality

But as the days went by, Sabrina couldn’t help but notice that her mother wasn’t quite the same as she had imagined.

Sarah had difficulty controlling her temper and often talked about what she had done in the past that had landed her in prison. 

Despite this, Sabrina still loved her mother and was determined to make their time together count.


Through Thick And Thin

As the days passed, Sabrina and Sarah’s relationship grew more assertive. They talked about everything and anything, and Sabrina finally felt like she had someone in her life who truly understood her.

But as their time together ended, Sabrina knew she would have to say goodbye to her mother.

He searched high and low, but when he received a tip from a friend, he finally found her. She went to her mother.


Concerned Fathers Worry

Greg was not over Sabrina’s behavior. He became sick, frantically searching for her for days, and reported her missing.

He received a tip that she was with her mother in her parole house. 

He was still worried about her, but he knew he had to trust her. He was grateful to have her back and didn’t want to lose her again.


Talking Some Sense

Greg was beside himself with anger and frustration. He couldn’t understand why Sabrina would want to stay with her mother after everything she had done to hurt her.

But his wife, Marianna, was able to calm him down. 

She reminded him that Sabrina was her own person and that she had the right to make her own decisions.


Facing The Music

When Sabrina arrived home, her father was furious. He couldn’t understand why she had run away and why she would want to be with her criminal mother.

But Sabrina didn’t care what her father thought.

She knew that she had found something special with her mother and nothing would change. Why couldn’t her father understand that a daughter needs their mother?


A Change Of Heart

Eventually, Sabrina came around. The family sat down together and spoke openly and honestly about their feelings.

Sabrina explained why she wanted to see her mother, and Greg finally agreed to let her do so, but only under strict observation. 

Greg felt he was putting her in danger, but the girl was too stubborn to listen.


Forgiveness Is Key

Sabrina was happy to be able to see her mother again, but she also knew that it was important to have her father’s support.

She didn’t want to hurt him anymore and was determined to make things right.

The family’s relationship was strained at first, but they were able to heal and move forward over time. Sabrina’s mother was able to apologize for what she had done, and Sabrina was able to forgive her.


Taking The Best From The Worst

Greg was proud of his daughter for the person she had become. She was strong, independent, and intelligent.

He knew that she would go on to do great things in her life.

Sabrina’s mother, too, was proud of her daughter. She had made mistakes in the past, but she was determined to make amends. She knew she could never fully make up for what she had done, but she was willing to try.



Sabrina’s return home had not been easy, but it had been worth it.

The family was together again, and they were stronger than ever.

Sabrina went on to graduate from law school, and she became a successful lawyer. She used her education and her experiences to help others who had been through similar situations.


A Normal Family Again

Greg was always there to support her and was proud of everything she accomplished. He knew that she had overcome so much, and he was grateful to have her back in his life.

The family’s journey had not been easy, but it had been worth it.

They had been through so much, but they had come out on the other side stronger and more united.


Maintaining A Healthy Balance

From that day forward, Sabrina visited her mother whenever she could. She was determined to build a relationship with her and to be the best daughter she could be.

And even though her father never fully understood her decision, Sabrina knew she had made the right choice.

Years passed, and Sabrina became a strong and independent woman. She had a successful career and a loving family of her own. But she never forgot the time she spent with her mother. She knew that she had been given a second chance to have a relationship with her, and she cherished it forever.


Thicker Than Water

In the end, Sabrina realized that family is not always about blood or genetics but love and understanding. She learned that people could change, and it’s essential to forgive and give them another chance. 

And even though her mother made many mistakes, forgiving her brought more happiness to her life. She could close that chapter of her life and move on with peace. 

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.    


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