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Millionaire Pretends To Be Poor And Asks Girl Out, She Gets Last Laugh

When Stu Kenway moved out of his family’s home in Vermont, he’d only wanted to start a life for himself. Fresh out of college with a degree in culinary arts, he had his life all planned out. 

He moved to the fast-paced confines of New York City, hoping to find work in a nice restaurant as a junior chef. He had no idea what the city had in store for him.   

For Stu, life had always been easy. He came from an affluent family, which ensured he never lacked anything. But growing up in a multi-millionaire household, he saw what money could do to people. He had a brother battling drug and gambling addictions and a sister who constantly locked horns with their parents because of money. 

As such, Stu always strived to build a life outside his family’s wealth and influence. He hoped that someday, he’d be respected for being his own person.

Life in New York wasn’t as easy as Stu thought. He couldn’t find any work as a junior chef like he’d hoped and had to settle for being a kitchen porter. 

Although the job was consuming, he soon discovered that life was more than just work. This realization came after meeting a local customer he couldn’t get out of his mind no matter how much he tried. 

The customer in question was a twenty-four-year-old girl. She came in every mid-morning and order the same items – eggs benedict, roasted asparagus, and pan-fried potatoes.  

For someone like Stu, a true connoisseur of American breakfast, the combination always seemed odd but certainly welcome. He never went frontside to see who was ordering such a daring mix. But one day, he decided to put a face on this awing person.

The first thing Stu saw was her hair, straight, silky, and shimmering in the diner’s ambient light. Her smile was infectious, and her laugh a balm to his ears. He felt his palms grow wet with sweat as his heart began racing. 

Who was this girl, and what was she doing to him? He’d never had a chance to explore intimate relationships growing up, so everything happening now was a genuine shock to him.

“Why don’t you go say hi,” one of the diner’s waitresses bumped his shoulder with a grin. He gave a nervous smile. “Just go,” the waitress said and nudged him forward. But as Stu took his steps toward the beautiful girl, he remembered why he didn’t date. 

Most of the ladies he’d met were only with him because of his family status. There was never a real connection between him and these women. Could he talk to the girl without revealing his identity?

Stu approached the girl, awkwardly wiping his hands before saying hi. He asked her how she found the service, to which she said great. After sharing a few pleasantries, he turned to leave. But the girl asked something that left him out of breath. 

“When are you getting off work?” the girl asked, disarming Stu with her dimpled smile. “At six. Would you mind joining me for a coffee?” Stu stammered. He wasn’t sure what was happening, but he’d enjoyed their conversation and wanted to see her again. “I’d love that,” she said.

Stu and the girl, Kris Reiner, got to know each other more as the weeks went by. She was in her last year of nursing school and was volunteering in a nursing home a block from where Stu worked. 

Although he hated keeping such a secret from her, Stu never revealed who he was. He feared what she’d do when she discovered he was a millionaire. If only he knew she had her own world-shattering reason for being with him. 

We all love happy endings, and for Stu and Kris, such a reality seemed possible. The only problem was that Stu’s small lie had sprouted several other lies that were now a heap over his life. 

Kris constantly asked about his family, and he’d lie each time. As far as she was concerned, his parents were a poor couple from New Jersey. But one day, all the lies would catch up to him, revealing an even bigger secret that would leave him in tears.   

A few months had passed when the truth finally came out. Kris and Stu had moved into Stu’s tiny studio apartment, two stories above the diner he worked in. Life was perfect until a knock rented their door. 

Kris hurried to the door, quickly stepping out before Stu could look at who was on the other side. Lately, he’d corresponded with his mom, who wanted to visit him. Sitting on the couch now, he wondered if that was her. 

Panic flared through Stu’s body as he pondered the possibility of his parents tracking him to his doorstep. They certainly weren’t beyond it. He didn’t mind what they’d think about Kris and hoped they’d be happy he’d found someone who liked him for him. 

But he worried about what she’d think about him lying to her. With his heart racing, he hurried to the door, only to meet an older man in a sleek three-piece suit surrounded by what seemed like bodyguards.  

Stu had been around enough monied folk to know what they looked like. The man shot him a burning look before Kris stepped back and took his hand. Was she in some trouble?  

Stu knew he’d have to come clean. Perhaps his family’s money could save them from whatever was happening. For her safety, he’d go that far. He was about to reveal everything when Kris squeezed his hand and spoke.  

“I am in love with him, dad,” Kris said. Dad? Stu’s brows drew up. Was this Kris’s father? “I don’t care what amount of money he makes or where he comes from, only that he loves me.”

“You will starve out here,” Kris’s dad seethed. A muscle ticked in his jaw as his gaze settled on Stu. “I don’t mind it, dad,” Kris said firmly. “I would still love him the same.” Stu’s eyes grew wet as everything began making sense. 

Kris turned to Stu and told her who she was. She came from one of the wealthiest families in Manhattan but couldn’t find love because of all the objectification that came with her status. 

She wasn’t sure if the people she’d dated loved or were with her because of the money. With him, she was experiencing true love for the first time. Stu’s tears doubled, and he knew he, too, needed to come clean.

Stu told Kris who he was. He was shocked that his reason for hiding such an integral part of himself was the same as hers. He begged for her forgiveness for lying through the months. 

The two forgave each other and continued their relationship. They also worked hard in their respective fields, making a name for themselves. Although they often visited each other’s families, they never let their family money taint what they’d build together: a happy life. 


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