Millennial Disney Favorites Back On Disney+

Disney+ has come into our lives and brought us back some of the greatest shows and Disney movies that we grew up with. Who doesn't remember coming home from school and watching some That's So Raven or Even Stevens? Millennials everywhere are getting a taste of their childhood thanks to Disney+. 

Do you remember these shows? Some are coming back as reboots and others are being aired just as we know and love them. Take this walk down memory lane, then hit the couch and catch up on some nostalgia. 

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Zeedus Lapidus! She's back! Kristen Storms is back on the small screen as Zenon. The Disney Channel Original Movie originally aired in 1999 and is returning to us 20 years later. 

Look how young the actresses were! Raven is also on this list, don't you worry.... 

Smart House

Another 1999 original movie brought to you by Disney is Smart House starring Katey Sagal. A young boy wins a smart house with a robot housekeeper and all sorts of disaster ensues. 

This made 2020 look like the far and distant future, yet here we are with similar homes now. 


This 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie was sweet and heartfelt, just like Disney likes it (we loved it too). Kimberly Brown starred in this as a tween trying to handle her new status as big sister to FIVE babies. 

Adam, Becky, Charlie, Debbie, and Eddie are the quints and they answered their sister's wish of getting less attention. 

Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World is a cult classic at this point. The show originally aired in 1993 and remained on air for seven seasons. Cory Matthews and his brood of friends weave through their middle and high school life drama trying to teach a valuable lesson in every episode. 

Do you think Mr. Feeny would approve of them today?

Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire was on the air for two season beginning in 2001. Now, it is being rebooted with much of the original cast and will be aired on Disney+ for all of us to enjoy again! 

Hillary Duff will be reprising her role as Lizzie and the world is not calm at all about it. 

That's So Raven

Raven Baxter was the hilarious and clairvoyant young lady who had a silly best friend and a brother who was obsessed with getting rich and making a fool out of her. The show aired from 2003 for four seasons and is now back on Disney+! 

There were a few spinoffs from the show, but none did it quite like this one. 


Remember Doug? He's back too! The animated show was a hit then and is definitely going to be a favorite now that it's back on Disney+. 

Doug is still playing with his dog and friends, as well as fantasizing about a superhero named Quailman.

Even Stevens

Even Stevens hasn't been on the air since 2003 (if you aren't counting the movie, of course) but there isn't a millennial out there who didn't get a prank idea from Louis. His poor sister Ren was usually the aim of his pranks, but we were here for it. 

Sit back and rewatch this funny show so you can remember how to prank your siblings next holiday season. 

The Little Mermaid

Classic Disney films are also all over Disney+ too, and The Little Mermaid is one of them! Follow Ariel as she gets her land legs and tries to avoid Urusla. 

Other Disney classics such as Aladdin, Hercules, and 101 Dalmatians are just a few to get nostalgic over.