Military Wife Gets A Makeover To Surprise Soldier Husband, But He Surprises Her First

Another story of a fabulous makeover touched the audience’s heart. Lori, a military wife and mother of three, suffered from a serious periodontal infection about 10 years ago and lost not only some teeth but her gums and bone in both top and bottom jaws.

Through it all, her military husband and three children stood by her side.

Loss of teeth and jaw affected Lori's confidence and the way people saw her everywhere she went.

“Losing my teeth changed everything,” she explained. People assume all sorts of negative things about you when you have no teeth. They assume you are uneducated.

She had even heard people whispering about her being a meth addict when she passed them in the street. Lori had never done drugs in her life.

"Everytime I looked into the mirror, I see an old woman. I see someone who isn't pretty," Lori said sadly. Eating delicious and healthy foods challenged her as well.

Her diet consisted of soup, boiled vegetables like beans, and pureed potatoes. Biting down on anything harder causes excruciating pain throughout her mouth and jaw.

The condition worsened as the years went on, but her husband Matt stayed by her side. When he was deployed to Kuwait, Lori decided that it was time for a change.

She decided to surprise her loving spouse with a new look.

So, she contacted the TV show, The Doctors, hoping they could provide some assistance with her makeover dreams.

They agreed and began making arrangements for her to come on the show and get help from the professionals.