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Men Find Hidden Staircase That May Change History

Deep under Jerusalem, there lies a structure buried underground. It was forgotten once its pathways became blocked. But it would be discovered again soon enough.

It would date back to the days of the Roman occupation living in Jerusalem centuries ago. It would have experts come rushing to the site to figure out what exactly had been found.

A maintenance crew was fixing pipes in Jerusalem. They had to dig up a large pipe, this is an easy job for experts, but it does take a lot of digging, sometimes deeper than they’d like.

The men would dig and dig around the large pipe until they found something that they couldn’t believe. The stonework was so much older than any other structure around them.

They had found strange carvings that would turn out to be part of a large staircase as experts discovered.  This was an amazing discovery.

They followed the steps to find an ancient temple underground. This temple existed even before the Romans occupied Jerusalem. They thought it was much deeper and well hidden. But it had been found.


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