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Medical Horror Stories

98. Such A Shame

I’m a medical physicist. 12 years ago, I was asked to look at and give advice to a lady who had a very slow-growing tumor on her nose. A Basel cell carcinoma.

It’s usually not much of an issue if caught early. It could be removed with surgery or a short course of radiotherapy, and that’s it. Well, that’s not it. This lady was quite vain.

As soon as the lump had started to grow, she hid it under a scarf. She ended up hiding it for 20 whole years. By the time any medical professional saw it, the tumor had taken over most of her nasal cavity, crushed one eye, deformed her whole face, and grown in between all the nerves and blood vessels. It was absolutely inoperable.

There was very little you could do with radiotherapy without doing a lot of damage to everything else. Such a shame, as it would have been so easy to fix 20 years ago. Please get lumps and random bleeding checked out.



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