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Medical Horror Stories

93. He Was Always Kind

I worked as a doctor’s office assistant. A regular patient, who was very sweet but unfortunately had an ongoing battle with drinking, was brought in by his roommate, and I knew instantly that he would be gone soon.

I’d seen some jaundiced humans in my time there, but the man was a yellow I never knew could be possible. His roommate said, through tears, “I’ve been telling him to come in for weeks!” The patient kept telling the roommate to relax and that he was fine.

I helped him into the exam room, and when the doctor entered the room, he immediately asked me to go call an ambulance. A few weeks earlier wouldn’t have helped him that much.

He was gone seven days later in the hospital. It had hit me very hard because I’d known the guy for a few years. Sometimes he would be sober when he called, and sometimes he would be slurring and completely incoherent, but he was ALWAYS kind.



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