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88. They Only Helped After I Yelled At Them

When I was around 20, I had to take my mom to the ER, she’s had a variety of health problems throughout my entire life, some of them quite serious.

I had to take her to the ER because she was having abdominal pain so crippling that she could only stop crying when she passed out. I had to go with her and wait with her because she couldn’t walk by herself and kept passing out.

We sat in the waiting room for 40 minutes, then got sent through triage where all the nurse did was take vitals, then they sat her down in a little plastic chair in the middle of the hallway and left us there for another 45 minutes.

So after about an hour and a half she couldn’t take sitting up anymore and slipped out of the chair and laid down on the floor. Of the hospital. I was trying to get her back up again and listening to/watching nurses and interns walk back and forth by us like we weren’t even there and I just snapped.

I stood up (6’2, 250 lbs, hair and beard like a mountain man, dressed like a school shooter) and yelled at the top of my lungs “WILL SOMEONE GET MY MOTHER A GODDAMN GURNEY?”

Five minutes later she was in her own room with an IV in her arm and a doctor seeing to her, while I was trying to assure two orderlies that I didn’t need to be escorted out of the building and now that my mother was being seen to I was fine.



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