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Medical Horror Stories

76. He Didn’t Believe Me

Not an MD, I’m an RN that works with oncology (cancer) patients, some of which are in clinical trials. I got a patient and, before starting his chemotherapy, reviewed some of his lab work with him.

I told him his glucose level was 73. The normal range is usually between 70-100. He got really upset at this point, so I asked him, “What’s wrong? Your labs are within range!”

And he said, “I need it to be zero.” I said, “What? Why would you want your glucose to be zero?” He said he’s trying to meet requirements for a new clinical trial that requires his glucose to be zero. I told him, “I don’t know what clinical trial you’re trying to get into, but if your blood glucose was zero, you’d be dead or dying.”

He was not convinced because I’m “just a nurse,” so I sent a message to his doctor asking them to educate their patients better.



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