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61. She Went With The “Natural” Treatment

I was a unit secretary and nurse aide on a radiation oncology unit in the early 2000s. We had a patient show up through the ER who was admitted for emergency radiation treatment.

She had a fungating mass in her mouth that had consumed half her head. When the doctor tried to examine her and open her mouth, her remaining teeth fell out into his hand.

It had eaten through the bones of her face, invaded her eye socket, everything. Doc said it was the worst case of mouth cancer he’d seen. According to her husband, she had a small lesion on her hard palate (the top of her mouth).

Upon receiving the diagnosis of an early-stage squamous cell carcinoma, she decided to treat it with essential oils and things like frankincense because chemo was poison.

Her husband said he had tried to reason with her, but she was adamant about the “natural” treatment. She died in agony shortly after.



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