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Medical Horror Stories

40. Battery Inside Nose

The mother of a toddler came into emergency. The kid had cruddy stuff coming out of his left nostril, and a lot of redness and swelling of only the left side of his nose and the adjacent cheek.

Mom was sure he caught a sinus infection and just wanted some antibiotics. Now, I know some kids like shoving whatever will fit into their bodily orifices and that this was more than likely given the one-sided nature of his condition.

But Mom was insistent that he NEVER puts things in his nose. It took some convincing, but I finally got her to let me take a look.

Gave a squirt of midazolam in the good nostril to settle him, then dug with some tweezers through the crud until I pulled out a big ole button battery—like the kind they use in watches. It would’ve been burning his nose for a couple of days. Hopefully, he healed up well.



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