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Medical Horror Stories

34. Holding Hands

I’ve had a couple of weird calls. One was a major MVA-head on many, many years ago when we played M.E. as well.

We had 2 DOA (husband and spouse) that were killed instantly in a head-on collision. They had a 12-year-old daughter that was in between them, and they actually took the impact, saving her life.

While en route, we noticed the husband’s arm had come loose, so I went back to re-strap it. As I was doing that, the wife’s arm suddenly fell out as well, and her hand fell into her husband’s. My boss was watching in the rearview mirror and helped clear the way as I ran back into the front.

It spooked both of us. Apparently, the couple (mid 30’s) had just found out he was cancer free after his last treatment.



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