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28. Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

I used to work as an STNA in a nursing home. Worked third shift throughout the university. During the night, we turned half the lights off, so it was darker in the evening, and didn’t get a lot of light in the residents’ rooms.

We had one resident who was younger (70s) and was mostly in for mental reasons. She had long, dark hair and was very thin.

I was sitting at the nurse’s station at the top of the hall and heard a call light go off. I stood up, looked down the dark hall, and on all fours—straight out of The Ring—this resident was crawling up the hall toward me. The other STNA had forgotten to put the bed rail up, and the resident was VERY good at climbing out of bed.

Needless to say, I needed some new britches, and my heart was racing a mile a minute.



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