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20. Sitting On A Couch For An Entire Month

My dad’s been a volunteer EMT/Fireman for as long as I can remember, and generally, the worst stories I’ve ever heard have come from him.

One that comes to mind right now deals with a lady, not unlike the ones who have been mentioned in a lot of these other stories. She was highly obese and apparently had gone for a sit down on her couch.

That was a month before the call to head out to her residence was put in. When pop and the crew arrived, this lady was still on her couch. This woman had not moved from that spot for an entire month.

For anything. She was GLUED to her couch with a mixture of feces, urine, and her own skin. They had to cut the fabric around her because both were so embedded with each other. And she was ANGRY that they had to cut her couch.



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