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Medical Horror Stories

11. A Sailfish

I was working at an emergency room in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. This is a resort area with pristine white beaches, and sport fishing—you know the drill.

I was taking a body down to the morgue with another medic, and the shift supervisor, who had the drawer assignment and paperwork responsibility.

We pulled open the huge metal drawer, expecting there to be nothing—or maybe a body—and saw something that made our very jaded jaws drop.

Inside the drawer, there was a monstrously large sailfish. This thing was so huge that it could hardly fit without its body curved and sail pushed down.

We stood there in surprise, wondering what our procedure should be. We had no idea. The NCO said, “It would be a very good idea not to remember this. I’ll deal with it in the morning.” He then moved on to the next drawer.

Later it was rumored it belonged to one of the senior surgeons.



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