This Mom Was On An Outing But There Was Something Hiding In The Water

Lurking In The Water

A heavily​ pregnant woman and husband set out for a photo shoot. But bliss quickly turns to disbelief when greeted by an unexpected creature of the deep.

Maternity is an amazing thing, and everyone wants to capture such an incredible moment. What better way to do so than a maternity photo shoot! Being pregnant is a hardship all by itself, but imagine having to pose to get a perfect shot while carrying such a load? A heavily pregnant woman and her husband decided to get the perfect pictures at a beach.

Something Was In That Water

Dan and Angeline Mozer had searched for the best times and other interesting facts about where they wanted the moment to be captured. 

They decided that since the ocean was close by, it would make for a great background! But as he started taking the pictures, he couldn’t believe what was lurking in the water.

Happy Parents-to-Be!

The happy couple wanted to welcome their baby with an awesome maternity photo close to the baby's term. 

But they had some problems that led to Dan takin one of the most memorable photos in his life. And believe it, or not, the baby bump wasn't the one that drew everyone's attention...

Maternity Shoot

Dan and Angeline were expecting their son with immense excitement. They wanted to commemorate that moment by keeping the memory of it alive forever – with photographs. Dan had some idea of photography, but in no way would consider himself a professional. 

The couple researched perfect locations for the shoot until they found just the right one. But of course, Angeline was in her third trimester, so they would have to find something easy enough so that​ she could get around. Never did they expect this to be such a problem.

It Was Supposed to Be a Piece of Cake...

The plan was to go take a slow walk on the beach and find a great spot. Dan and Angelina planned the photoshoot for the weekend, but the weather didn't agree with them! 

They had their heart set on a beach location and went ahead for their first attempt. They headed out onto Atlantic beach, but they didn’t think the plan out thoroughly enough. The couple had just moved to the area, ​and they were completely unaware of the weather patterns.

Failed Attempt

Sadly for them, their first attempt was met with a massive thunderstorm that left the couple retreating back home, explained Dan in an interview later with the media when his photos became viral: “We had tried to take maternity photos the week before, but it started raining.”

They knew they wanted the photographs to be taken right there, but they would have to research the weather for the near future. Little did they know what was waiting for them at the beach.

The Perfect Photo Proved to Be a Challenging Task

Both Angeline and Dan were saddened by the occurrences of that day. In the end, they did not get the photographs they were so excited for. 

They began to realize how difficult this task really was, but they couldn’t ponder on the thought long. Their baby was to arrive soon, and they needed to get their perfect pictures soon!

The Next Weekend, The Photoshoot Was Going to Be Perfect!

The young couple had to reschedule their photoshoot for the next weekend. Dan began to research the weather and found out that just the weekend after their failed attempt, the sun would be shining with no interruptions. 

Fortunately, the weather was perfect and Dan was ready for the photo session when something strange started to happen. People were looking and gathering towards a spot, making the couple curious. They had the camera, so they headed to the crowd...

The Creatures Beneath

Jacksonville, Florida, is home to the sunny life of beach-goers. But those are not the only inhabitant s. There have been a number of conspicuous creature sightings in the past. 

Dan and Angeline did not know much about the beach or the surroundings; they had just moved there. But still, they wanted the perfect picture on the sandy shoreline. They would definitely not try to get into the water, and here's why...

Dangerous Waters

While Dan did his research, two things, in particular, stood out: Atlantic beach was home to sharks and stingrays. But what were the coincidences one of these two would appear right when they were there? 

Dan didn’t think it would be an issue. Was he underestimating the curious creatures of the sea? He would soon find out on his own.

Infested Waters

Even though both knew about the shark infested waters, they were determined. The shoot had to get done before their little boy was born into the world. So as the weekend came, off they went towards the beach. 

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the sun shone high in the sky, ​and the waves were beckoning. The water seemed so inviting that Angeline wandered into the water. Without thinking twice about the consequences, she found herself in a terrible state.

Beach Boomed

The beach that afternoon was full of people. The weather was terrific and a plan at the beach seemed like the best thing to do on a sluggish Sunday. But suddenly, people started rushing to the shore to look on. What could it be? In the distance, an ominous figure emerged from the water. 

The beach erupted in chaos, with people scattering, fleeing and chattering nervously. Both Dand and his wife were curious about the commotion...

Angeline Was Left Behind

Dan’s attention was drawn to what people were staring at, not paying attention to the most important person – his wife. Angeline was trying to walk on the sand while balancing, this of course was incredibly difficult due to her heavily pregnant state. 

She couldn't keep up, but Dan still hadn’t noticed. Soon enough, Angeline was left behind.

Safe Shoreline

Angeline continued to move around the beach sand. People around her were jogging while she was still trying to rush out of the soggy earth beneath her. 

Luckily, Angeline was safely on the shoreline before chaos emerged. Then, Dan turned around to look for his wife.

Going Through With The Photoshoot

As people gathered away from Dan and Angeline, they decided to continue with their initial plan – the photoshoot. It was much more important to get it done, and whatever was inside the water, they were at a safe distance. 

But the crowd was looking at something that was lurking close. Fortunately, it would soon show up to awe Dan!

Thrashing Waters

They continued the photo shoot, and Dan got a couple of great pictures showing off Angeline’s baby bump. But still, he wanted to get the “perfect” shot. He was content with his images, but he wanted something spectacular to commemorate the day. 

Angeline ventured closer to the waterline once more, determined to get the perfect shot and not considering the recent commotion. That's when Dan noticed some movement in the background!

Taking the Perfect Photographs

As Dan snapped away, he looked at his camera and saw the latest image he had shot. Something was there in the water right behind Angeline. 

Get ready to learn why his photos became viral and made headlines around the world!

A Memorable Photo

Dan raised his camera to his eye to get a better look. There it was, right behind his wife a huge creature lurked, and it was swimming straight towards her. 

She was on the shoreline, water nearly reaching her feet. In his mind, Dan knew his wife was safe, but he was still a bit worried. That's when Dan realized he's going to remember that day forever!

Danger Strikes

The creature was fast, faster than what Dan could have ever expected. Shivers immediately went up and down his spine, could it be a shark? With this thought, his breath became shallow. As he managed to get closer to his wife to prevent danger from striking, he saw it. The creature had surfaced and he snapped three perfect photos, later saying:

"When I took it, I was like, 'Oh, my God!' Unfortunately, she totally missed it."

Majestic Mammals

Dan was taken aback! In a careless but majestic motion, an incredible dolphin arced out of the water. He knew he could only do one thing – snap more pictures! 

He positioned his camera perfectly but still, could not get the right shot. The animal was too fast for Dan’s mere photography skills. But then, he had a fantastic​ idea.

Perfect Timing

The dolphin breached once more, and Dan knew his chances were slim. But as soon as he was losing all hope, he remembered his camera had a setting that took several images back to back. 

The setting called “burst” would essentially let him capture the amazing moment. He set his camera on the “burst” setting and waited for the magnificent creature to show itself once more.

Once In A Lifetime

As Dan waited with bated breath, things were looking bleak. But then, the water broke, and the dolphin arced his body out of the water. Dan clicked the camera in desperation and lucky for them, the photograph could not have been more incredible. 

He knew he had captured something good, his camera’s shutter kept on going and when he finally looked at the image, he knew he had it: “The dolphin actually jumped twice, but I liked the first jump picture best.”


Dan was thrilled. His shot was absolutely incredible and captured the dolphin in mid-air perfectly posed like if someone had photoshopped the magnificent creature into the photograph. Angeline couldn’t turn around in time to see the incredible dolphin, but still, she will always have the precious memory of it. 

Dan had to share the photos, and as soon as he did… They went viral! Dan was just about to take up photography as more than a hobby when another incredible thing happened in their life.

Courtland Thomas

After just a few months, Angeline gave birth to an incredible baby boy. The family had now become a trio as they introduced Courtland Thomas Mozer to the family. Wait until you learn his nickname! 

Dan said his son had probably "summoned the dolphins, but explained that "we’re not changing his name, as some have suggested, to Dolph Finn.”


The Mozers have a happy and healthy baby boy that has been given the nickname of “Aquaman”! 

A fitting name to commemorate their maternity photoshoot, and to never forget the amazing experience with the photobombing dolphin!