These maps will give you a new perspective


Cartography has been a profession for thousands of years. Ever since man has been curious about what's out yonder have they been trying to path out new places.

Here are some fascinating maps that don't just show boundaries or states. They really do put things into a new perspective. Here are some truly amazing maps.

Small, Isn't It?

Here's a map that really puts the continent of Africa into perspective. Texas may seem like a big state when it's in America, but when compared to the countries of Africa, it doesn't seem so huge.

Even though Texas still looks bigger than a lot of countries in Africa, the sheer size of the continent shows how many countries fir into it.


This map is of America, but not the traditional one you're thinking of. This map shows something that people don't normally think about, the different regions and how they've been split up.

This map shows where farmland, timberland, housing, and even wilderness are. The largest by far is the cow pastures, which makes sense with how much meat is processed every year.