Man Was Cheating On Wife, But Her Brilliant Revenge Made Him Regret It All

What goes around comes around. This man learned a valuable lesson when his wife found out he had been cheating on her. He underestimated her and thought he could get away with it. 

One day, he came home to a big "surprise " from his wife. He shook his head in disbelief at the sight in front of him. 

Married Life 

Some people don't take marriage vows seriously, and this man was one of them. He thought he could get away with cheating on his wife, but she knew about it all along. 

It was only a matter of time until she put her brilliant revenge plan into action. Annabelle had been working on her plan for weeks, and it was finally time to teach her husband a lesson.  

Together For 10 Years

George and Annabelle had been married for more than ten years and were planning to have children soon. She thought she had a perfect marriage, but she couldn't have been more wrong. 

Annabelle couldn't wait to start a family with her husband, and he felt the same way. This is why everything that happened came as a shock to her. 

They Met in College

George and Annabelle started going out in college and got married after graduating. They exchanged vows, promising to love each other and remain faithful. 

About five years later, George came home with fantastic news. He was offered a well-paying job which meant they could now afford a big beautiful home. 

New Job

George's salary at his new job was enough for them to live comfortably, and he even purchased a new sports car for himself and a pickup truck for Annabelle. 

Since his new job required him to go overseas for business trips, he wasn't home that much anymore, but Annabelle didn't complain. She had no idea that the heartbreak was waiting just around the corner. 

The Perfect Marriage 

Annabelle didn't mind that George went on business trips overseas. It was a great opportunity, and she was happy for him. 

In her eyes, George was perfect, and so was their marriage. But she couldn't have been more wrong with that thinking. One day, Annabelle got a phone call that turned her life upside down. 

She Always Drove Him To The Airport

Annabelle answered the phone when she was in the garage where their expensive cars were. 

Being the kind of person she was, Annabelle always drove her husband to the airport when he went on business trips. That way, his beloved sports car could stay safe in the garage. 

The Phone Call

That day when Annabelle received the phone call, she spent about five minutes in the garage. After taking a photo, she went into her room to write a letter to George. 

Since he wouldn't be home for another week or so, she decided to send him the letter. What did she say?

The Letter

The letter read, "To my beloved husband, George. Before you return from your overseas business trip, I wanted to let you know that I have a small accident with my truck when I pulled into the driveway today."

"Don't worry because I didn't get hurt," she continued. 

So It Begins

"I have a scratch or two on my wrist and my head, but that's about it," Annabelle continued in her letter. 

"I was coming home from Walmart after picking up all of your favorite snacks and supplies to clean our beautiful home." This was just the beginning of her brilliant revenge plan. 

An Accident 

"When I pulled into the driveway, I accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake," Annabelle continued.

"I think that I bent the garage door a bit. Fortunately, my truck stopped when it hit your sportscar." 


"I'm really sorry about the bit of damage that I did to the car. I know you very well, so I know that you will forgive me," she wrote. 

"You know how much I love you and how much I care for you. I cannot wait until you get home." How did her husband react?

A Photo

"I'm enclosing a picture of the accident so that you can see what happened before you come home. Your loving wife, Annabelle. P.S. your girlfriend called for you."

Annabelle sent him the letter along with the photo of the accident. As it turned out, the accident was more severe than what she said in the letter. So how did she do it?

It Was Intentional 

Annabelle intentionally damaged her husband's car after finding out he had been cheating on her.

She got behind the wheel and drove through the garage door, and hit his sportscar. As you can see in this photo, her truck is literally on top of his vehicle! How did she come up with the idea?

The Revenge Plan

When Annabelle received a call from his husband's girlfriend, she saw his bright red sports car in front of her. She knew how much he loved that car and how he would feel if something happened to it. 

So, she did what she had to do to hurt him. But when George came home, he couldn't open the door with his key. 

She Changed The Locks 

While he was still on the business trip, Anabelle had already filed for divorce and changed the locks in the house. And his beloved car was completely destroyed. 

 So when George returned from his trip, he had no car, no wife, and no place to call home. What did he do?

His Girlfriend 

His girlfriend met someone else and broke up with him shortly after he got back. 

Jennifer also taught her husband Bruce a valuable lesson when she found out he had been cheating on her for 20 years. She spent all her married life caring for him and had no idea he was dating another woman this entire time. What did she do?

They Had A Good Life

Jennifer worked as a kindergarten teacher, and her husband was a financial director. She was somewhat financially dependent on her husband, as she wasn't making enough money to cover her expenses. 

They had a daughter and lived in a safe, nice neighborhood. Jennifer had her suspicions that Bruce was cheating on her, but she tolerated it so that her daughter could have a family. But one day, she decided enough was enough and taught her husband a lesson. 

How They Met

Jeniffer met her future husband at her best friend's birthday party. They started going out and got married. 

By that time, Bruce had already owned a house. After Jennifer moved in, she got pregnant, and everything changed.  

Difficult Pregnancy 

Jennifer had a complicated pregnancy and couldn't be intimate with her husband.  Soon Bruce started cheating on her with another woman. 

Jennifer found out about his husband's affair when their daughter was five months old. Bruce's mistress showed up at their house while he was away. She was devastated. 

The Mistress 

The girl was young and very beautiful, as if she was a fashion model. She told Jennifer that she was pregnant and the baby was Bruce's. He had been ignoring her ever since she told him about her pregnancy. 

Jennifer was at a loss for words. She closed the door in front of the girl's face without saying a word. What did it mean for their marriage?

A Big Fight 

That night, Bruce and Jennifer had a big fight, and he confessed to cheating on her with the young woman that showed up at their door earlier. 

As they soon learned, she wasn't pregnant. 

She Lied

She knew Bruce was a married man and thought Jennifer would divorce him after learning he was cheating on her.

She wanted him all to herself, but her plan didn't work. Jennifer wasn't planning on divorcing her husband just yet. 

She Forgave Him

Bruce begged her to forgive him, saying he would never do it again, and she gave him another chance. 

She forgave him but feared he didn't love her anymore and would eventually cheat on her again with another pretty girl. On several occasions, she smelled someone else's perfume on Bruce's clothing. Was he cheating on her again?

Her Worst Fear Was Confirmed

One day when Jennifer was unpacking her husband's suitcase from a business trip, she was shocked to see that most of the items were beachwear. 

She decided not to confront Bruce about it as she didn't want her daughter to be in the middle of a big fight. So she waited until evening to tell him when their daughter was already asleep. 

The Confrontation

Jennifer told her husband that she didn't understand why he needed beachwear for his business trip. 

Bruce came up with a believable story of how the conference he attended was next to the beach, and he couldn't resist swimming after work. He said he threw most of his office shirts away as they were very dirty. Did Jennifer believe him?

She Believed Him

Jenniffer fell for it again and believed her husband. But, after a while, she found out Bruce had been cheating on her again. 

That day at work, Jennifer felt sick and asked to go home. But what she saw in front of her house left her at a loss for words. 

His New Mistress

She watched her husband leave the house with a pretty blonde woman. When he realized Jennifer had been watching them, his face went pale.

After this time, Jennifer decided she had had enough and wanted to divorce her husband. But there was one problem. 

She Couldn't Afford To Live On Her Own

Jennifer's salary was too small. She couldn't afford to buy a house and provide for her daughter on her own. 

So she decided to let it go and move on. Besides her daughter and husband, Jeniffer had no family or friends to support her in this difficult situation. But it wasn't long before she came up with a perfect plan. 

Her Parents Passed Away

Jennifer's parents passed away when she was thirteen years old. She was raised by her grandparents, who were also no longer alive. 

Jennifer had a small house that she inherited from her parents, but her husband insisted on selling it. She was completely dependent on him. But things got even worse when their daughter went to college. 

Waiting and Waiting 

Jennifer was waiting for their daughter to move out before she could finally teach her husband a lesson. 

She wasn't going to let Bruce abuse her anymore. Shortly before the divorce, Jennifer got revenge against her selfish husband. What did she do?

He Didn't Care About Her

It was evident that Bruce was seeing another woman, possibly even more than one. She knew he had a notebook where he wrote down all his passwords and logins.

That's how Jennifer gained access to his social media profiles.

Reading The Conversations 

 She had been reading the conversations between her husband and the new mistress. 

On the first night, he told Jennifer he was going on a fishing trip with his friends, but she already knew from his social media that he was lying to her. And that's how she came up with her revenge plan.  

The Skin Rash

When they first got married, it took their doctor a long time to figure out what was causing Bruce's allergic skin rashes. It turned out to be an allergic reaction to lavender.

Jennifer used to wash their clothes with a lavender-based detergent, but she stopped after learning about her husband's allergy. 

20 Years Later

She decided to add some lavender oil to a water sprayer and used it to spray Bruce's underwear. When he returned from his trip, he looked upset. 

When Jennifer asked him what happened, he told her he developed a rash and pointed out exactly where. He was horrified.


Jennifer couldn't stop laughing and told him how disgusting of a person he was for manipulating and cheating on her. 

Jennifer told him he was bringing diseases into their home. Bruce looked so upset and embarrassed that she even felt sorry for him for a moment. 

He Deserved It

Then Jennifer remembered how he treated her for the past 20 years and told him she was going to divorce him.

Bruce tried to change her mind and get her to stay with him, but it didn't work this time. She didn't care about saving the marriage anymore. 

Moving Out 

Their daughter had moved out already, and there was no point in staying with him anymore. So Jennifer packed her suitcase, called a taxi, and left. 

She met a friend who kindly offered her to stay in her big house until she found a place to rent. Then, a few months later, something amazing happened to Jennifer. 

She Met Another Man

As it turned out, she didn't even need to look for another place because shortly after the divorce, she met another man and moved in with him. 

The friend she stayed with had a single brother who often visited her. That's how he met Jennifer, and the two fell in love. What happened to Bruce?

He Broke Up With His Mistress 

Shortly after the divorce, Bruce broke up with his mistress. When their daughter found out about the divorce, she said she had been aware of her father's affair for years and hoped they would get divorced. 

Jennifer wishes she divorced Bruce earlier instead of putting up with his behavior. But she is happy she finally taught him a lesson. Now he is all alone.