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Man Walking To Work Realizes Hes Being Watched

Donte hated walking in the heat, but he didn’t have another choice. He couldn’t afford to buy a car or take a bus to work. So, every day, he would walk 17 miles to and from work. 

But what he didn’t know was that someone had been watching him this entire time. And this person’s intentions weren’t good. 

It took Donte a long time to get hired, and he had almost given up his job search. So, when he got a call from the chef at Buffalo Wild Wings, he was thrilled. 

The only issue was that his house was 17 miles away from his workplace. So every day, Donte would walk three hours to work and then the same distance back home. Then, one morning, he noticed there was a car cruising along behind him. 

The Toyota Camry was driving very slowly behind Donte, which was strange. He had a bad feeling about this. Why was this person watching him? What did he want from him?

When he turned around to see who was following him, the vehicle sped past him. 

The Toyota Camry would continue to randomly appear along Donte’s 3 hours route to work. He knew it was the same person. 

One morning, as Donte walked to work, he heard a honk of the car’s horn. It was the same man who was following him. “Hey, man. I’ve seen you walking out here. It’s boiling out today. Need a ride?”

Donte was skeptical at first. He didn’t trust the man, but he could really use the help that he offered. 

He said thank you to the man and got into his Toyota Camry. He had no idea what awaited him, 

The driver introduced himself as Michael Lynn and shook Donte’s hand. He wanted to know why Donte walked every day in this hot weather. 

Donte didn’t know how to tell him that he couldn’t afford to buy a car or even take a bus. He felt ashamed. 

Donte eventually told him the truth. When he was just 16 years old, he lost his mother. After that, he became the only one who could provide for his family. 

But it was the 3-hour walk that sealed the deal with Michael. 

Michael immediately shared Donte’s story on social media. All he wanted was to help him. But he had no idea how this one decision would change both of their lives. 

His post soon went viral, receiving hundreds of likes and comments. People were just as amazed as Michael was. 

The donations poured in. $47,000 to go towards a car to get to work, a driver’s license, and whatever were left over to help Donte’s family. 

Donte was at a loss for words when he learned about Michael’s post and donation. 

He burst into tears and hugged Michael. He didn’t expect an outcome like this. A complete stranger changed his life!

But there was another surprise in store for him. 

A local bike club donated a bicycle for Donte that he could use to get to work until he could legally drive himself. 

Donte’s goal in life was to make his family happy and proud. And he succeeded! 

He no longer had to walk 17 miles to work every day, thanks to the kind stranger who offered him a ride that day. 

But why did Michael do all of this for him?

“If it can make just one person go help someone else, that’s all that matters,” Michael said in an interview. 

He wants to encourage people to make a habit of helping others. 

Donte gripped the handles of his new bike and thanked everyone who helped him. But there was one more thing he was grateful for. 

What was it?

To Donte, Michael is more than a friend now. He is family! It took a really special person to do so much for a complete stranger. 

It was fate that brought them together. 


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