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Man Buys Cabin For $100 And Now Ex Wants Him Back

He knew the expression “money pit”, but considering the dirt-cheap initial investment, he figured there was no way he could lose. However, as the real work started, and problem after problem popped up, he learned a new phrase … “time pit”, and it would soon tear apart his entire family.

Richard Aiken had already done so much in life, a wonderful career, family, and plenty of hobbies. But as retirement loomed over the horizon, he now dreamed of owning a second home. There was just one huge obstacle that he had no idea how to overcome. This is until a Missouri man made him an offer he couldn’t believe. 

In the middle of a stunning plot of land sat 65-year-old cabin, and the owner was more than happy to handoff the entire thing for free! Richard felt the stars had finally aligned. He insisted on handing over $100 as a gesture of thanks and jumped right into the project. However, he had no idea at the time that he had agreed to a disaster. 

It started with his family’s less-than-excited reaction. While Richard was brimming with joy, his kids looked at him like he was nuts and his wife shook her head in disbelief, muttering about how much work it was going to take and how he never even talked with her about it.

Richard tried to keep everything on a positive note, saying he would do most of the work and it would be a family experience to bring them even closer together. But the entire cabin needed to be disassembled and relocated … piece by piece. It was the first stressor in a long line of frustrating hurdles. 

Next was water. While Richard was thrilled they had found a natural spring on the property, his kids’ enthusiasms quickly fizzled when they found out they would have to dig the entire thing out by hand. “So much for him promising to do all the work,” he heard them mutter.

The new cabin location was beautiful. But Richard quickly found out that he wasn’t going to be able to keep the original “feeling” of the structure. An entirely new foundation had to be built, and Richard was determined to do it from local stone and entirely by hand. That’s when the real arguments started.

Richard and his wife had already been squabbling about his retirement project on a regular basis. But it was a heart-wrenching punch in the gut when she admitting she had had enough. The family was spending every spare moment of their lives on “his” dream – a dream that was still in shambles. They were exhausted and done with it all.

He sat in the middle of the unfinished structure, wondering what to do. It had been three years with barely anything to show for it. His kids didn’t want to help anymore, and his wife had told him not to come back unless he was done with the entire thing. He had a choice. He knew what he had to do next.

He had been relying on free labor. And although he was still determined to do as much as he could on his own, he finally reached out to the community as well as paid for addition hands to pull everything together. It didn’t take long for something beautiful to appear.

It was an intensive push. He desperately missed his family. But as he stood in front of the completed project, he couldn’t help but feel a rush of pride. It was totally transformed, inside and out. There were two things in particular he was totally in love with.

The cabin needed heat, and he had rolled up his sleeves to make it happen. The end result was a rustic Rumford fireplace. The open front for heat and cooking made him feel like an old-time settler. Next was the priceless wooden table.

Some of his neighbors were Amish. They were friendly and very helpful, but they were also impressed with his work. So, as a gift, they had made a long harvest table out of local walnut and oak. It took Richard’s breath away and brought tears to his eyes. But would this be enough to get his family back?

The kids wandered around the transformed property while he and his wife sat at the harvest table and had the long-awaited discussion he had be dreading. He admitted he had taken on way too much and his family had paid for it. He also had a promise about the cabin that shocked his wife.

He wasn’t going to make her retire there. They could get a normal house and use the cabin for getaways, maybe even something to rent out and eventually pass on to their children. The compromise thankfully brought a smile to her face. In the end, he thanked the universe that things had worked out.


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